Brighton Jewelry

Brighton is one of, if not, the most recognized brands in fashion accessories. During the lines introduction in 1991, Brighton consisted of only a single collection of belts. Fast forwad to today and fans of Brighton jewelry can coordinate from head to toe with not only belts, but watches, earrings, sunglasses, hair clips and a long list of other accessories.

Brighton's silver jewelry is coveted by women all over the world. A reason it is so popular is because of the quality craftsmanship. Though each piece of Brighton jewelry has a silver appearance, a lot of them are made of a solid brass or zinc cast and then dipped in sterling silver and a finishing lacquer. This process reduces the tendency of the silver jewelry to tarnish or scratch.

Brighton also offers a variety of watches that combine style and functionality. A stylish bracelet watch that turns an everyday watch into a beautiful piece of jewelry and a reversible watch line are among these designs. Every watch is uniquely Brighton, often featuring the signature heart on the face or as a charm dangle.

The wide array of products available from Brighton gives women an unlimited number of accessory options. For a sophisticated look, you may pair a Brighton necklace with a Brighton watch and Brighton ring. That said, Brighton jewelry pieces are just as striking when worn alone. A bracelet may be just the thing you are looking for to add the finishing touches to an outfit for the office or a night out on the town.

Where to find a Brighton Outlet

Brighton does not operate an outlet that solely sells jewelry, but they do run an outlet by the name of Brighton Collectibles that has a good selection of their products for sale. I've never been to a jewelry outlet before, so I decided to check them out just to see what they had. I didn't expect much, but boy was I surprised. They had just about every piece of party jewelry a girl could dream of wanting. But not only was their jewelry, but they also had all sorts of other fun stuff like shoes, and belts, and clothing. 

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glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 7 years ago from Northern California

I've never heard of Brighton jewelry before. Interesting links!

gamasutra profile image

gamasutra 7 years ago Author

I would categorize Brighton as play jewelry. They're not your inexpensive play jewelry, but more towards the higher end quality wise. They just don't have super fancy diamonds and precious stones or anything like that.

Diane 6 years ago

Wow, I would not categorize Brighton as 'play jewelry' at all!! They are very well made, beautiful!!! their stores are so much fun to go into! BEAUTIFUL STUFF!

yvette 6 years ago

Gorgeous jewelry. Authentic pieces if you can afford them.

amalie 6 years ago

I bought one of their beautiful necklaces at the LAX airport store. I love it, only wish I had bought a few more pieces. They make beautiful stuff and oh, such great prices!!

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