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Spring is upon us, and it's getting really hot, so I should be thinking about bright colors and airy tank tops and gladiator sandals, you know summery stuff, but instead I'm stuck in a wintery/fall state of mind thanks to my addiction to this Burberry Nicolson handbag. I noticed it while shopping at the Burberry store in Soho. At first I was drawn to the ad featuring the always cute Emma Watson. Her eyes beckoned me to find out what bag it was that she was carrying. Upon closer inspection of the bag I was drawn to the antique colors and design. Not only was this an amazing bag...but it was a Burberry bag! At the very moment that my fingers caressed the leather handles that I realized that there was more to life than just school, work or boys...there was Burberry.

You don't have to cross the pond to add English tradition to your wardrobe

Burberry was founded in 1856 in the UK by one Thomas Burberry, but since then it has become a global brand with a distinctly British attitude. Their designers have carried on a tradition that stretches far beyond the classic signature plaid pattern into a variety of timeless styles which epitomize gentile luxury. I love everything about Burberry except for the price tag. They should pay me because I'm like a walking Burberry ad. As a matter of fact, I've made it my mission in life to convince every woman I meet to own at least one Burberry item.

Check out these Burberry Bags on Sale!

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Burberry Bags on Sale

Burberry price tags are like daggers to the heart of the budget conscious and can inflict serious damage to our wallets. That is why we frugal shoppers need to have a plan of attack when it comes to looking for sales. Since old brick and mortars like Macys, Saks, and Neiman Marcus rarely offers sales for designer brands like Burberry, the question is where do we savvy shoppers look? Well, the current trend is toward online sites which offer private "members-only" sample sales, like HauteLook.com, Gilt.com and BeyondtheRack.com. Membership is free and once you've signed up, sales will feature a clock that counts down the time available for you to purchase limited quantities of off-season designer goods. True bargains await shoppers who flock to these "flash sale" sites.

Burberry Byron Tote; its every bit the classic wardrobe staple
Burberry Byron Tote; its every bit the classic wardrobe staple

Emma Watson: Burberry Spring/Summer 2010 Campaign!

Emma Watson is the new face of Burberry
Emma Watson is the new face of Burberry

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Ashley1223 6 years ago

My Burberry handbag is my life? haha. Everything I would ever need on a desert island is carried around with me 24/7 :D

Princesse K 6 years ago

I second the previous comment! I love my Burberry bag..literally a blessing in disguise..and wallet. The brand itself has a chic,understated & classic style! This was a great read :)

andrebreynolds profile image

andrebreynolds 5 years ago

Great article!It's my mom's favorite.

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