Burberry Cashmere Scarves on Sale

Burberry cashmere fringe scarf
Burberry cashmere fringe scarf

Living in the North East, you'd think I'd have a clue, but every year as fall arrives, I'm always a bit surprised by how cold the weather gets. During the Summer, all I can think about are sandy beaches and memories of the bitter cold and biting wind are all but a distant memory. This fall, like millions of other New Yorkers, I will once again have my trusty trench coat to protect me against the icy cold. The city winter, however, has taught me that a coat alone is not enough to keep me warm. The coat I have has two layers of cloth, and while it kept me dry in the rain, I did not find it very warm at all. Luckily for me, I think Burberry has just what I need.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside…Really Cold!

Not only do they look awesome, but these must-have Burberry scarves are the perfect solution for cold dreary days. It may have taken me a while, but I've come around to the idea that a elegant cashmere or wool scarf is a winter necessity. Now if I'm going to wrap anything around my neck, I'd rather it be made of a softer material like cashmere. There's no doubt in my mind that Burberry makes the best cashmere scarves. Their signature plaid pattern is timeless and will be fashionable all through this winter and for years to come. Let it snow, I say, because I can't wait to try these gorgeous scarves out.

Burberry Cashmere Scarves Up to 40% Off

Burberry Scarves on Sale

Cashmere scarves are very much a winter season item. As the snow begins to thaw, you will find many retailers eager to get rid of their excess inventory. Frugal shoppers know that this is the perfect time to be stalking for online deals! If you are a hardcore deal seeker and are comfortable buying outside of a Burberry boutique, below are a list of sites that guarantee their Burberry products to be authentic.

How do you wear your scarf?

  • European Casual
  • Classic Flip
  • Neck Tie
  • Single Knot
  • Double Wrap
  • Double Flip
  • Classic Drape
  • European Formal
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Burberry Cashmere Check Scarf
Burberry Cashmere Check Scarf

Scarf Tying 101

Katherine Heigl’s look for Less

A Burberry scarf is practically Katherine Heigl’s trademark
A Burberry scarf is practically Katherine Heigl’s trademark

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By any chance, do you know how to spot a fake burberry scarf? My label on? my scarf says pashmina is it fake?

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