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Chanel '06 Classic Quilted Leather Flap Bag
Chanel '06 Classic Quilted Leather Flap Bag

A Cure for Your Coco Chanel Obsession

If ever there was a designer that deserved her loyal legion of fans, that designer would be Coco Chanel. No other label in the world has introduced the world to as many classic, ageless items as Chanel. Even my daughter still covets her grandma's quilted leather bag with the silver chain strap. The essence of Coco's vision remains in the latest collections without sacrifice for contemporary design and modern styling. My own obession for Chanel began after I read an article in Vogue when I was around 17 years old. The writer of the piece had written about the experience of buying her first (and hopefully only) Chanel wedding dress and how intoxicating it was to be the object of everyones desire.

Chanel Sale - Save on the Biggest Names

Today, the evidence of Mademoiselle's early influence are found strewn throughout my closet. Over the years I have managed to collect an assortment of pieces that includes vintage Chanel jackets, handbags, jewelry and even shoes. A significant part of the collection were purchased from consignment stores from when I lived in New York, at far less than retail price I might add. I rarely buy from the actual Chanel store due to the unfriendly prices, but when I do it's usually for a impulse buy. Even when my brain sometimes tells me I cannot afford such extravagance, in my heart, I would never deter myself or someone else from buying something from Chanel, because I know they will be wearing it over and over again - with pride.

Where to Buy Online:

eFashionHouse - HUGE collection of CHANEL

How often do you buy a new bag?

  • When I see one I like I have to buy it :)
  • At least one piece a month
  • I get the "bag itch" once a year
  • I purchase about once every season
  • First I find the bag, then I find the money
  • I'm patient, I wait til they go on sale and I can buy for 50% off or less
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Shenae Grimes is doing all she can to help the Europeans ward off another recession as she walks away from the Chanel boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills a little lighter in the pocket no doubt.
Shenae Grimes is doing all she can to help the Europeans ward off another recession as she walks away from the Chanel boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills a little lighter in the pocket no doubt.

Audrey embodies French chic´╗┐

Chanel will always remain a classic

To celebrate her promotion, one of my girl friends decided to make an investment in a brand new handbag. I considered her situation, a young working professional, and then went ahead and recommended she get a Chanel. The decision wasn't as hard as I thought, and in the end I went with my gut instinct. The truth is there are many bags out there, but how many have the understated elegance and classic appeal of a Chanel? Sure, the Birkin is also classy and suitable for work, but I think it will be a while before we can walk down that road. I think it is perfectly acceptable for a woman in her thirties who has worked hard to get where she is to splurge on an item which will last for many years to come. Every season, a few more "it" bags arrive on the scene, but few have what it takes to be a classic.

My persuasive powers worked, because my friend ended up getting a Chanel Classic Jumbo flap bag. This timeless wonder in black lambskin works with all kinds of outfits. If I had to describe this bag with only three words, they would be elegant, young and sexy. And in a perfect world, our boyfriends would never question our expensive tastes in clothes or bags and every girl should have at least one chance to own something by Chanel. Now, I want one! The Jumbo flap is $2595 at AuthenticBagsForLess.

This is Chanel Cambon, and I love it

Chanel Ligne Cambon Tote Bag in Pink
Chanel Ligne Cambon Tote Bag in Pink

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:)LittleLucike 6 years ago

I LOVE KARL! He knows how to? dress a woman!! Chanel is? like murder to my wallet but can anyone resist? Well...i couldn't.

butterflylady 3 years ago

Lol I am laughing at the comment above, she said it so great!

I have an obsession of Chanel since the first moment I touch it, it's like that thing did something to me. I owned a few bags, but the price keep raising (that must be woman's hot button, raising prices), we keep buying them anyways.

Next week I am traveling to europe, trying to buy a bag without taxes ( hope this work out...

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