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My Obsession With Cherry Print Products

I love cherries. LOVE them. Well, not eating cherries, but images of cherries. Even more so, I love to see these images on merchandise & everyday products. I don't know why, but there's something cute about ALL cherry print items. There's also something quite flirty and sassy about some of those same items. (Though that might have more to do with the kinds of items they are- bras & underwear in particular.) Considering how many cherry print items are available (meaning they must be selling well if they keep being made), I think plenty of other people agree with me.

And so, for you lovers of all things cherry, I dedicate this lens to you, as well as those of you just now venturing into the world of cherry print.

NOTE: I will be adding a lot more cherry print products to this lens in the future.

Cherry image courtesy of (This image is licensed; I have permission to use it here.)


To the left is a photo of the Victoria's Secret's Cherry Sleep Tee. Unfortunately, these shirts are sold out/discontinued. I happen to own this tee (got mine from eBay), and I think it's so cute, I never wear it to bed. I actually wear it outside of the house. (I'm also tiny & short enough to wear this shirt as a dress.)

To the right is a cherry print Dolce & Gabbana dress that was available on eBay at one point. I haven't seen the dress anywhere else, unfortunately. Because it is Dolce & Gabbana, I'm sure the dress is/was very expensive. I'm not normally big into high end designers, but this is both cute and sophisticated.

Next, we have the Black Cherry Print Girls Party Dress made especially for little girls. This 100% cotton dress even comes with a matching cherry print diaper cover. It is available for sale and will be handmade with the child measurements at your request.

Cherry Print Accessories

On the left we have a pink cherry print hair bow/ribbon from Punk Pixie Creations. I would say this hair bow is definitely more sweet than punk, if you would consider it punk at all.

To the right is the Cherry Print Sun Hat by Mademoiselle Mermaid on Etsy. Made from 100% hand-washable cotton, not only is this hat fashionable, but it will also give you shade & protection from the sun on hot summer days.

Cherry Print Hair Accessories on eBay

You can find more hair accessories like the ones below on eBay by clicking this cherry print hair products link....


These are shoes with actual pictures of cherries printed onto them. This was back when Zazzle had shoes available to design. For whatever reason, they've since pulled all shoes from their online website, and it's uncertain that they'll be coming back. You can click on either of the shoe images for a message about the supposed 2012 shoe revamp coming, but note that that message has been up since the Holidays season of 2011.

Having a cover for you cell phone (or any electronics, really) is always a good idea, considering covers can keep your phone from being damaged or getting dirty. These next few phone covers are both functional and fashionable.

This is the Motorola RAZR Maxx Ve Phone Protector Cherry Print Case. According to the website selling the case, "The two-piece protector case snaps securely onto the front and back of your Motorola RAZR Maxx Ve... the case is lightweight and durable."

A similar cover is available for the Cherry Print Plastic White Back Case Shell for Blackberry 8300/8330, which has a hard plastic cover that is also designed to keep your phone from slipping across most surfaces.

What's your absolute favorite cherry print item? Seen any cherry print items NOT included on this lens that you think I should add? Whatever your thoughts on cherry print are, you can respond here.

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Your Thoughts on Cherry Print 14 comments

cjsysreform profile image

cjsysreform 6 years ago

Victoria's Secret had some very cute silk ruffled girl-shorts... pale pink with a red cherry print. Not sure if they are still available. Also I have a pair of Joe Boxer pajama pants with cherries on them. :)

anonymous 6 years ago

Where can I find a shower curtain with large red cherries print? I want to do a cherry theme for my bathroom.

anonymous 6 years ago

I have been on a mission to find cherry printed hanging files for in a file drawer that I have at work. If anyone can help me out as to where to look I would totally appreciate it.

Cherry-Ambition profile image

Cherry-Ambition 6 years ago from U.S. Author

@anonymous: Stacy, I tried to look on Google for cherry printed hanging files, but I only found one kind, and it was discontinued. I think your best bet would be to make these yourself, either by printing out some cherry patterns on your computer and gluing those to some hanging folder files, or drawing them onto the folder files themselves. Sorry I couldn't help out more...

Cherry-Ambition profile image

Cherry-Ambition 6 years ago from U.S. Author

@anonymous: Google a phrase like "cherry print shower curtain" and see what comes up. I think they do exist. I haven't looked myself, though. If that doesn't work, Google "design your own shower curtain" and see if there's any online stores that let you make your own. Otherwise you'll have to DIY...

anonymous 5 years ago

Very sweet and yummy!

anonymous 5 years ago

I am looking for king bed sheets & coverlet with cherries on a white or light background. Any idea where I could get some?

rosytaylor profile image

rosytaylor 5 years ago

Hi! This is an amazing and Awesome lens. Thanks for sharing such a nice lens. Nicely done, Keep up your great work!

anonymous 5 years ago

i don't believe i ever fell in love with a website until i seen the contents of this one... :LoL

anonymous 4 years ago

I've lived in a home by a small, beautiful river in the village of Cherry Valley for 20 years so I've been on the lookout for cherry items for quite a while. It is odd that they are hard to find, but many stores around here carry the same old unoriginal stuff. I suppose the place to go would be Door County, Wisconsin when they have their Cherry Festival. I haven't been there yet and this summer drought and heat does not encourage travel for me. I've heard that their cherry crop is not much this year due to the weather conditions. However, I remain looking for cherry things that appeal to me. I loved finding this part of Squidoo! Thanks much. I'll check it often.

Cherry-Ambition profile image

Cherry-Ambition 4 years ago from U.S. Author

@anonymous: CafePress. If you can't find them there, you can make them there with any cherry graphic of your own. ;)

Cherry-Ambition profile image

Cherry-Ambition 4 years ago from U.S. Author

@anonymous: UPDATE: CafePress now has shower curtains, and I believe there's a few cherry print ones there. However, if you don't find a cherry print design you like, you can make your own cherry print shower curtains with your own graphic design. :)

Cherry-Ambition profile image

Cherry-Ambition 4 years ago from U.S. Author

@anonymous: UPDATE: CafePress now has shower curtains, and I believe there's a few cherry print ones there. However, if you don't find a cherry print design you like, you can make your own cherry print shower curtains with your own graphic design. :)

ladyyummy profile image

ladyyummy 4 years ago

I understand your love for cherries. :) I once felt that way, I even nicknamed myself: CheRrie. I think it was just a phase though :c GREAT lens. Very cute.

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