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Everyone loves finding a great deal! Designer outlets such as Gucci and Coach have become a shopper's paradise where the experienced bargain hunters now flock. I do not blame them, because Coach offers some pretty cute bags. They are my favorite brand of bags for everyday use. There was a time when I was so addicted to them, that I had to buy one each season and I still use them (even though it's been many years). Coach designs range from classy and conservative, to funky and cool. Right now, I've settled on a brown Signature Stripe tote from last season, although I hear they've come out with new ones which are even more impressive because they're also reversible. I love it because it is sophisticated and matches every outfit I manage to throw at it, and what's more, it never seems to get dirty. The more I use Coach, the more I appreciate it, and I can't help but lust for some new design that catches my eye.

See some of the best deals this season

best store ever
best store ever
Santa Fe Coach outlet store
Santa Fe Coach outlet store

Where can I find a Coach Outlet?

For just a small amount of effort, you too can join in the savings and take home a suitcase of bargains. Across the country, there are numerous discount stores and outlets offering an eye-opening selection of quality merchandise at up to 50% off the retail price! The short drive is well worth it, when you consider how much you'll be saving. So why not grab a friend, and turn it into a road-trip. Now that you know how to shop and pay less for Coach, go ahead and visit the Outlet Bound - factory stores and outlet malls directory for a full list of outlet locations and head for the one nearest you.

Where do you buy your coach (most of the time)?

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Blake Lively gets a little help with her Coach hat from costar Leighton Meester.
Blake Lively gets a little help with her Coach hat from costar Leighton Meester.

Gossip Girls decked out in Coach

Call it my guilty pleasure, but I love reading fashion magazines and looking at photos of celebs and the latest purses they're carrying. Recently I've spotted a lot more celebrities carrying Coach. Even they can't resist the allure of Coach's chic, functional bags. Here we can see Blake Lively and Leighton Meester looking fabulous while sporting item's from their fall lineup. Not only do they have great fashion sense, but clearly these two onscreen rivals are great friends offscrean, and that just makes me like them all the more.

Leighton and Blake's style are just a click away, provided you've got a few hundred burning a hole in your wallet:

Meester - Hampton Embossed Python Tote, price $1000

Meeser - Claudine Pumps, price $318

Lively - Wool Maude Hat, price $248

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