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Whether you are at the office, the gym or cocktails, you'll be considered a woman of high fashion with these handbags draped over your shoulder. Coach's bold designer fabric looks great with anything you are wearing.

I travel frequently, so the constant dilemma I'm faced with is what bag should I bring? My mind becomes a mess when I'm required to choose just one bag, since like any other hot-blooded fashionista, I want to bring almost everything.

During my 2 week trip to Rome, I decided to go with my Coach Sabrina satchel because it was a recent purchase and looked great with the jeans and flip flops I would be wearing frequently on the trip.

Though it might be tempting to bring along a large bag, so that you can carry practically almost anything, my own experience tells me that a smaller bag is actually preferable. Remember, you'll be walking a lot and the last thing you need is a heavy bag to weigh you down. Another bag I consider a staple in my arsenal of travel bags is this Coach Carly signature tote.

Coach has a vast collection of styles and colors from which you can choose your favorite
Coach has a vast collection of styles and colors from which you can choose your favorite
Coach Sabrina Satchel
Coach Sabrina Satchel

Get the Look: Isla Fisher's Coach Bag

On their off days, some celebrities just dial it in, while others leave us green with envy with their rocking handbag collections. Here we have Isla Fisher, that girl from the Wedding Crashers movie. This redheaded Australian beauty has enough girlish charm to fill the entire screen and then some. But how does her style fair on the boardwalk? From when she was little, Isla has never been afraid to experiment, and her risk taking is inspiring for a busy working gal like me. I don't like to fuss, and a shirt and jeans paired with a Coach Madison Sabrina Satchel from the Coach is right up my alley. This bag is a great go-to accessory for any casual outfit, which is mostly how Isla knocked it out of the park. I'm especially loving the pink and purple colors. It's soo this season! I can totally picture myself now, carrying this lil satchel for a quick night out on the town with my friends.

Edit: This bag is from a few seasons back, so I'm not even sure if you can still find it on any more.

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bag-girl profile image

bag-girl 8 years ago from USA

I'm a really big fan of Coach handbags! My favorite styles are patchwork.

kia31 profile image

kia31 8 years ago from Los Angles

Just love Coach Handbags and also love thes Hub page.

Handbagspy profile image

Handbagspy 8 years ago

cool i love coach handbags and i have a few collections of them have you checked the new trend this summer lately? The Giraffe Print Handbags & Wallets!!!

Raffaella 8 years ago

I love Coach Handbags.Personally i was surprised to find it's not well-known in Europe. And They can compete at any time with all famous bags brands, while being more inexpensive. I love the brightly colored stuff, but that doesn't mean I don't aso like the browns and blacks.

Kerry 8 years ago

I have been asking my mom to get me one!! She keeps looking online...

shona2412 profile image

shona2412 7 years ago from Kolkata,India

Wow,great online store.Do visit my hub for more information.

Lgali profile image

Lgali 7 years ago

nice hub

LoveCoachHandbags 7 years ago

I really love Coach handbags. I just bought my daughter her first one ever. I feel proud being able to pass this tradition down in my family.

lily382 profile image

lily382 7 years ago

I'm not a big fan of Coach handbags but they really do have a nice variety for a lot of people. More and more they seem to put out bags that I like though. Maybe I should try one.

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