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Colorful Coach ladies watches
Colorful Coach ladies watches

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Welcome to all those who are seeking a great deal on a new Coach watch. Coach are a top retailer of stylish watches for men & women, although they are known first and foremost for their fabulous handbags. Well before "designer" labels first appeared on the scene, Coach was a pioneer in the concept. You could say that Coach was one of the original designer fashion houses.

I do have a fetish for watches...

By nature, watches are rooted in practicality and one can almost never go too far over the top when choosing the best watch to express their individual personality. As this trend continues, Coach recognizes that watches are becoming less important for telling time (because it's on your cell phone), and naturally are focusing their efforts on making them more and more beautiful. Although the designs and materials of Coach watches are now diversified, the underlying essence of each timepiece is the same - precise marksmanship and American style.

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Classic Signature Strap WatchBridgit strap watchMercer Etched Signature BangleMini Whitney
Classic Signature Strap Watch
Classic Signature Strap Watch
Bridgit strap watch
Bridgit strap watch
Mercer Etched Signature Bangle
Mercer Etched Signature Bangle
Mini Whitney
Mini Whitney

Top Coach Watches

Coach offers a wide variety of collections to suit every taste. A few of their most popular styles include:

Classic Signature Strap - Stainless steel case with Signature jacquard fabric strap and Signature etched dial

Bridgit Strap - Swiss quartz watch with stainless steel case and leather strap

Mercer Bangle - Swiss quartz watch with stainless steel case and bracelet etched with signature logo

Mini Whitney - Swiss quartz watch with stainless steel case and chain link bracelet


Coach Signature Etched Mercer Watch

We admit to having a love-hate relationship with Coach handbags. We miss the old days of Coach's classic design and sophistication. Grown women should not look as though they are carrying their daughter's handbag! Being fans of anything Coach, however, we're really excited by Coach watches, which are just as eyecatching as ever. Take for example, the gorgeous Mercer Signature Etched Watch, which has a simple yet elegant white dial set in a stainless steel case. The C logo stamped on the stainless silver band exudes a striking yet playful look. This is a perfect watch to take you from work to play.

Get your Etched Mercer watch here.

Coach Mercer Square Legacy Multicolor Watch
Coach Mercer Square Legacy Multicolor Watch

We've Come a Long Way, Baby

Timepieces have come a long way since the days of King Henry VIII, who is believed to have worn the first portable clock on a large gold chain around his neck. In the modern world, watches are typically worn on the wrist and come in countless styles and shapes. In the late 19th century wristwatches were designed and sold as a woman's accessory. But with the arrival of the first airplanes, these timepieces became a very useful item for aviators - thus launching the wrist watch into popular culture. Now in the 21st century, people of all nations, all over the world, wear watches.

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Caroline 8 years ago

I just bought my first coach watch! :grin: It was an impulse buy but Amazon had the best deal by far. The watch is way nicer than I had expected. The photos did not do it justice.

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zalman1 7 years ago

These seem really nice. I might buy one for my wife :0)

anton 6 years ago

need information for coach shop outlet in jakarta, indonesia.

my wife looking for a white leather coach watch and need to get info.

pls reply to my email on

Vicente Acosta 5 years ago

We are interested in distributing your brand in Paraguay.

mysisters profile image

mysisters 5 years ago

Great Hub. I have a Coach watch that I purchased a few years ago that I love and wear everyday! You may pay a little more, but the quality is great and it will last for a long time.

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