Converse Outlet Stores

CONVERSE Chuck Taylor All Star Low Womens Shoes
CONVERSE Chuck Taylor All Star Low Womens Shoes

When it comes to shopping for shoes which are fun, I like to turn to the Converse outlet store because they have lots of selection and the prices are right for my strained budget. For some reason I can spend lavishly on food, wine, entertainment and travel, but when it comes to fashion I like to tighten the purse strings a bit. I know this is strange, being as I am a women, and splurging on shoes and clothes is in our DNA.

So, what's the deal with me and sneakers? They're for teenagers, right? Who in their right mind would want to wear shoes associated with skateboarders and rebellious teens. Sadly. I do. Sure, I could resort to ballet flats and gladiator sandals to be more femme, but I choose to wear Chuck Taylors, because I got a bit of a playful streak in me. Every once in a while, I like to be one of the guys. Besides, you can't deny that they're comfy, and you can go just about anywhere in them. So why is it that in this day and age of enlightenment , are there still people in the gym running around with their bare feet. Ewww. Please invest in a pair of Converse sneakers, like these fun Dr. Seuss ones.

Converse Shoes for Sale

Converse All Star Neon Pink Low-Tops
Converse All Star Neon Pink Low-Tops
Heaven for me, was this Converse Outlet Store
Heaven for me, was this Converse Outlet Store

Where can I find a Converse Outlet?

Shoe shopping is hard enough. There's no need to complicate things by trying to save a few bucks and getting them on the internet without first trying them on. Sure, some online stores, like Zappos, will let you return their shoes if they don't fit, but it's still a hassle right? This is why I like to shop for shoes at my local Converse outlet. First, I get to leave the store with shoes, I know I want and which will fit me perfectly. Second, I still get to save lots of money and be a bit of a cheap bastard. So, it's all good.

I bought my first pair of Converses in the 90's. For me, this was a big deal, given my financial situation at the time. To this day, I still have them, and they still look great. I abandoned them for a while, but now they're back in style and I don't mind showing them off. In fact, I find the nicks and scratches give them lots of character. So, if you're ready to indulge in some sneaker goodness, check this listing of Converse outlet locations to find the store nearest you.

Where do you buy your converse sneakers (primarily)?

  • The Retail Converse Store
  • Department store
  • Converse Outlet
  • Amazon/Zappos
  • Ebay
  • Online store
  • Other
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Gisele Bundchen busting out her Converse!
Gisele Bundchen busting out her Converse!

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Gonzz 6 years ago

They're not Converse, but you can also find some quite unique Pro-Keds at Zazzle Artsprojekt Online

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