Cool and Pretty Sun Tattoos

Not a lot of people think of a sun tattoo when they are debating and pondering what tattoo represents something personal or has some sort of significant meaning to them personally. A sun tattoo would be a different tattoo, but also has a big meaning.

The sun represents light, energy, and the source of life. There is also the possibility of getting a tribal tattoo or to a add a whole new dimension, a three dimensional sun tattoo would be an awesome tat.

Once you decide on the sun tattoo design that you want, you must then choose how large or small you want it. Then of course, you must decide on where you want to put it on your body.

Generally speaking, the majority of people prefer a smaller sized sun tattoo. Popular places to put a sun tat are the back of the neck, ankle, or on the stomach above you pant line.

Cool Sun Tattoo

Neat Sun Tattoo

Different Sun Tattoos

Unique Sun Tattoo

Tribal Sun Tattoo

Pretty Sun Tattoo


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