How To Do Military Crew Cut Hairstyles

What Is A Crew Cut? Does It Suit You?

A crew cut is a style of cutting hair that starts with the hair of the same length at the top side of the head and tapers evenly towards the crown. The style is such that the tapering is simultaneous with the decrease in the length of the hair, the hair shortens towards the rear side of the head. The sides and the back are usually short or relatively medium in size. The style looks great on men irrespective of their age or professionalism. As the name suggests the military crew cut hairstyles mimic the style and standards that were used by armed forces of United States of America.

It is clear that military should have their hair cut short. This does not mean though that only the armed forces need to be neat and have a good locking hairstyle. As a matter of facts the hair style has been adopted by a number of men in all walks of life. There are a number of military hair styles that are popular among men. The choice of the style is relative to the fashion of owner.

The short crew cut has been cute on men especially those with oval shaped faces and average head size. Unfortunately for men with strange head sizes and shapes, large ears, or other irregular features around the face area, the cut may not be the best choice since it look ludicrous and attract more attention to these areas. It is therefore important for you to understand the shape of you head before going for any hair cut. Do some inquiry from your friends and fashion experts before making choice of a hair style.


The buzz, the butch and the flat top are some of the common variations on this type of hair style. The three hair styles are generally classified as short haircuts since the longest hair is less than an inch tall. It is true to say that the length of the hair ranges from a quarter of an inch to three quarters of an inch. You can see photos gallery of various crew cuts here.

Brad Pitt Buzz Cut

Flat Top Haircut

David Beckham Butch Cut

How To Give A Crew Haircut

Learning how to do crew cut is simple. All you need is some practice and in a short while you get used to it. For one to cut hair in this fashion, one is required to wrap a belt around the head at the height that require the hair to be longer than the other parts. In case you want a high cut, you need make a mark along t the head in line with the top side of the belt. For a low cut, you should trim the bottom of the belt while still wearing it.

Setting of the height of the hair is done with the help of a flexible electric clippers. The clipper are can be set to varying heights depending on individual preferences. It therefore makes setting easy especially while adjusting for shorter alignment. For this cut, one needs to set the length of the cut to the shortest setting. This gives a nearly bald appearance to the head of the person receiving the cut. Then adjust the cut to a longer tuning in order to make slightly longer sides and back.

Consequently, cut the hair below the mark or the belt moving the shaving machine from bottom upwards to the point where you put the belt or the mark. To make the shave perfect one need to shave facing the clipper on the machine away from the head.

Subsequently, put the longest guard available on the clipper in order to give a perfect cut at the top of the head. The process should done moving the cutting device from the rear side towards the frontage of the head. Gently pull the guard away from the scalp without making a halt to the movement of the forward motion of the machine. This is done in order to leave or make the hair that is left at the front of the head longer than the one left at the back of the head. In case the hair is left longer than your perceived size then change the guard to the next shorter one and repeat the above procedure.

The final step is replacing the guard with a smaller one, one size smaller. Using the new guard create a tapper around the region between the area you left longer hair and the area with the shortest hair. All in all, it is significant to wash your hair and dry it before making cutting it.

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