Crocs Outlet Stores

crocs Patricia Open Toe Wedge
crocs Patricia Open Toe Wedge

The perfect sandal for the beach

I'm here to tell you that Crocs have outlet stores located all across the country. If shopping at a retail Crocs becomes too expensive than you should head for the nearest Crocs factory outlet, where you'll find everything at permanent sale prices.

In just a few short years, Crocs have exploded in popularity, giving rise to an epidemic of croc babies and croc parents. Fans will tell you that the shoe is adorable, and I tend to agree with them - when they're being worn by sun-kissed toddlers. On the contrary, when worn by full grown adults I still had my reservations, that is until I tried on my first pair of Crocs flip flops. Not only were they comfortable, but they were also cute and trendy.

In an unscientific poll of my friends, I found that over 75% of them thought that comfort was the most important factor for them when buying shoes. This would help explain why Crocs are so popular. Certainly they are inexpensive, but when it comes down to it, people are buying them because they're comfortable and interchangeable. Usually these rubber clogs cost up to US$40, but with a little searching you can now get them for much less.

Crocs Shoes for Sale

crocs Athens Thong Sandal
crocs Athens Thong Sandal
A sea of color awaits at the CROCS outlet store!
A sea of color awaits at the CROCS outlet store!

Where can I find a Crocs Outlet?

For those adventurous enough to head into the world of outlet shopping, they will be rewarded with many modest and a few great deals. Depending on where you live, the selection will of course vary. I used to think that they only sold clearance merchandise that nobody wanted at outlets, but this is definitely not the case. The stores are big and bright and there is an abundant inventory for all things Crocs.

What typically happens, is that an outlet store will get shoes that aren't in wider circulation, so you may indeed end up with cheaper and more unique gear than your lazy broke ass friends. So gear yourself up for a trip to your nearest Crocs outlet, stock up on some brand new shoes and leave a good chunk of change in your wallet.

List of Crocs Outlet Stores

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Like mother, like daughter

Teri Hatcher wearing Crocs Cayman Shoes
Teri Hatcher wearing Crocs Cayman Shoes


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prabbits 6 years ago

This guy is an idiot.

The Moccasin Shop 6 years ago

Oh no! Crocs are getting stylish! Isn't the whole point of wearing crocs that you don't have any style at all? No matter what you do to them they still look like terrible shoes and I don't understand the obsession...

bob 5 years ago


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