Tips For Cutting Very Short Hair Styles For Men

Wentworth Miller very short hair.
Wentworth Miller very short hair.

Very short hair styles for men can only be cut by an experienced barber. On the surface, it might look easy. You may be thinking that nothing that short can be too difficult to pull off. However, the reality is very different. In fact, you should do something to help the barber. Just print out a photo of what you expect and show it to him.

Long haircuts do not suit some professions or sports. For example, if you are an athlete, having uncut locks may reduce your performance. In addition, those whose professions require them to spend hours outdoors, in the sun, would benefit from this style. Some people simply prefer it as a fashion style.

Bald Look

The bald look is certainly cleanest technique in this category. It involves shaving off everything on your head. Some people like it because it is a low maintenance approach. However, it is only beautiful on people with correctly shaped heads. Your barber is the one best placed to determine whether your head fits this description or not.

Bruce Willis bald hair.
Bruce Willis bald hair.

Burr Cut

The bur cut is certainly one of the most interesting techniques. Some people refer to it as the induction technique. This name originated from the military, where it is widely practiced by soldiers and especially new recruits. It involves cutting the hair short, and uniformly, all round the head.

David Beckham burr haircut.
David Beckham burr haircut.

Crew Cut

Another military cut is the one referred to as crew cut, and men on both sides of the Atlantic have different versions of it. For the Europeans, this cut is made uniformly around the head. Even if it tapered, the effect is not dramatic but gradual. The Americans love the well noticeable tapering at the back, and on the sides.

John Cena crew cut.
John Cena crew cut.

Buzz Cut

Another popular cut is the buzz. Those who live in areas with regular strong sunlight should avoid this. If you spend a considerable time in the sun with it, your scalp may be burned. Otherwise, you can have it because it is one of the easiest cuts to maintain. No dye, gel or any kind of treatment is needed.

Will Smith buzz cut.
Will Smith buzz cut.

It is possible to know many things about a person just by looking at him. The mode of dressing, hairstyle and general grooming is all you need and you can guess his career, age and other personal details. That is why it is easy to spot athletes, rocks stars and military men. Be careful, however, not to indulge in stereotyping. For example, very short hair styles for men can be adorned by anybody.

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