How to get a dandruff free and healthy hair

Dandruff in hair

Dandruff is the white visible flake in the surface of the scalp and on the hair. Causes of dandruff are various external and internal factors which affects the health of the hair. This article discuss the various remedies for dandruff and cure to them.

Scratching and rough brushing of your hair causes blisters on the scalp which may lead to secondary infections and affect the hair health.

Regularly use a mild shampoo which has anti-dandruff and anti-fungal properties to relieve the infections in the scalp and get a dandruff free hair. Frequent shampooing also removes the dandruff flakes from the surface of the scalp and relieves itching.

Avoid stress in day today life. Stress is an important factor which causes and aggravates the condition of dandruff in the hair.

Avoid hair care products like hair sprays and styling gels as they may lead to the formation of fungi in the scalp and cause dandruff.

Avoid foods which affect the scalp and causes dandruff like oily food and alcoholic beverages.

Consume more amounts of Vitamin B rich foods like nuts to have a good supply of nutrients to the body and have a dandruff free hair.

Consume foods like fish, egg and meat which is rich in zinc a mineral which is needed for a healthy hair.

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prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 5 years ago from US

You've got some nice advices here. Nutrition takes a part for the maintenance of healthy hair.

rajeshvijayasekar profile image

rajeshvijayasekar 5 years ago from Chennai, India Author

Thank you very much for the comment.

Rahul 4 years ago

Nice tips thanks

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