Dansko Shoes Outlet

dansko Professional women's Clog
dansko Professional women's Clog

Some outlets can be a hit or miss...But not the Dansko outlet in Pennsylvania. This place is a winner! They've been having 50% off sales before anybody in America knew what a clog was. My husband thinks I have a lot of friends I like to visit in the northeast. I have some, but not that many! What I really like is the shopping. Whenever I'm on the east coast I will go out of my way to stop by this store. It's like a disease or something...There is no cure. I'm an addict and retail therapy is the only way I know how to deal with it.

It used to be that a woman had to make a very hard choice when it came to footwear. It was either style or comfort. A shoe that had both qualities was as rare as the higgs-boson particle. I still remember that dark time in my life when I had to carry an extra pair of shoes in my purse. That pair was for the office, and were not the same ones that I used to walk the five blocks to and from the subway. But then I discovered the Danish brand, Dansko, and my feet have thanked me ever since. Each pair of Danskos is hand made. This would help explain why they're so gosh darn comfy. I'm now hearing that nurses everywhere are switching from those ugly white sneakers to Dansko clogs, and I can understand why.

Dansko Shoes for Sale

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Summer beckons you try the vintage-inspired Dansko Alize sandal
Summer beckons you try the vintage-inspired Dansko Alize sandal
Try not to overdose on the complete assortment of clogs at this Dansko outlet!
Try not to overdose on the complete assortment of clogs at this Dansko outlet!

Where can I find a Dansko Outlet?

For many shoppers, saving money used to be a hobby they could indulge in once in a while, but now with the slumping economy, finding cheaper ways to acquire necessities has become a required skill. The easiest way I've found to cut down on my fashion budget has been to avoid malls and instead head straight for the shoe outlets. At first I thought outlets were a bad idea. The thought of digging through ugly shoes that nobody else wanted didn't seem very appealing. Not true. Dansko outlets sell seconds, meaning they have some imperfections but they're usually minor and don't detract from the look of the shoe at all.

Until I visited this place, I never knew that Dansko sold so many styles of shoes. After walking up and down the aisle, I ended up picking out 5 pairs that I wanted to try on. It was a bit of a bummer when the lady told me that they didn't the one I wanted in my size. She then proceeded to suggest a cute pair that I had somehow missed. Now that's service! Because of that trip, I still have enough Dansko clogs to last me for the next 2-3 years, or maybe more. Now anytime one of my friends needs comfortable shoes, I recommend they make a trip to their nearest Dansko outlet.

List of Dansko Outlet Stores

Julianne Moore wearing Dansko Professional Clogs
Julianne Moore wearing Dansko Professional Clogs

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abbiehayden 6 years ago

I am a fan of the open-heeled (or open-backed) clogs. Usually it's the Dansko Karl, the Tessa Mountain and the Crocs Mammoth that are my choices? of footwear.

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