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Silk lingerie so luxurious you could sink into it and never emerge again. Flowing gowns, vast tendrils of lace, pretty embroidered fringes teasing at the senses. Stepping into the world of Jane Woolrich lingerie and nightwear is like stepping into a glorious fantasy realm become real.

You won't hear Jane Woolrich's name bantered about nearly as often as some other lingerie designers but that is largely due to an oversight by the lingerie community at large and the fact that Jane Woolrich mostly makes nightwear. If you're looking for some lingerie to sleep in, then you'd better browse some of the stunningly gorgeous offerings from the Woolrich collection. But don't stop there, the range extends all the way from negligees to nightgowns to chemises to panties and more. The entire range is made to measure for your utter and total comfort.

Silk Slips

A slip was once a much maligned and abused little piece of lingerie designed to stop one's skirts from sticking to one's legs, but look how it has blossomed! Of course, being silk it requires special care, but all the effort you put in carefully tending to the needs of this garment will be returned manyfold when you wear it.

Bra and Panty Sets

Jane Woolrich works primarily with silk, and in between the chemises, night dresses and nightgowns, you can also find some quite stunning bra and panty sets. It seems a little too plebeian to call these creations 'bra and panty sets', it's almost like calling the Mona Lisa 'a picture of a hot chick', but there you go, the limitations of common terminology will have to suffice in this case.

The light lace, the soft silk, the delicate trims and the exquisite attention to detail and design that takes your breath away all conspire to make this some of the finest lingerie available on the planet.

Jane Woolrich lingerie is made to order, so it can take up to two months for your lingerie to arrive after you've ordered it. But that is the temporal price one must pay for having lingerie which would not look out of place adorning the lithe figures of goddesses.


This negligee looks like it flounced out of a bygone century, but here is is, being manufactured in our every day hum drum world. Who says magic isn't real? Crafted from silk chiffon, the lightness and yet luxuriousness of this garment will hold your gaze and your heart for a life time.

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slavejim88 7 years ago from NY

Does Jane make plus sizes? Is she in retail online? Sounds like a beautiful line.

panteelover 7 years ago

Hope, do you know of any place that has this wonderful style of real silk lingerie that fits someone who weighs more than 95 pounds?

Some of us that are a little bigger would love to have anything like this.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

This is all made to measure, so I don't see why you couldn't get some to fit you. If you're looking for an outlet, just Google 'Jane Woolrich'

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