Dooney & Bourke Outlet Stores

Dooney and Bourke: Medium Sac
Dooney and Bourke: Medium Sac

Let a playful handbag brighten up your winter!

A Dooney and Bourke outlet store is one way for purse addicts to get great deals on some high quality handbags. Dooney is well known for their incredible lineup of purses, from small evening clutches to big leather bags, like the one worn by Hayden Panettiere. The zebra prints are bold, and the leather of a Dooney purse is stunningly beautiful, as thick and soft as you can imagine. How nice it would be if all my purses and bags could have Dooney & Bourkes's high quality!? As they say, quality does not come cheap, and a little coin purse might cost fifty dollars, while a purse could set you back over three hundred.

Where can I find a Dooney & Bourke Outlet?

As a D&B fan, you should be aware that there are outlet stores devoted to this famous brand, where you will find items for nearly 30 percent off their original prices. To locate the outlet nearest your area, just visit the Outlet Bound store locator, which includes a full list of Dooney and Bourke outlet stores across the country.

Is a D&B bag worth the dough?

  • This is an investment that will last me years! YEARS I say!
  • I'd rather pay down my mortgage
  • If Lauren Conrad has it, I want it
  • I've got mouths to feed, and no purse is gonna cut it
  • Who's Louis Vuitton?
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Dooney & Bourke Hayden Bag on Sale!

And speaking of high quality leather, how can I resist mentioning this gorgeous Dooney purse which looks like it goes with just about any outfit. Hayden Pannettiere helped design and advertise her namesake bag for the 2007 season. With this bag, Dooney finally managed to design a bag that appeals to a much larger age range.

I think the bag is delicious! It is definitively modern and trendy, thanks to the buckled front flap and pleated patent leather. It is practical because it is big enough to hold books and the like, and the shoulder strap looks like it is just the right length. Who knew that a teenager who plays a cheerleader on TV could design a bag I would actually want to wear?

If you like The Hayden as much as I do, you can pick it up from Zappos for $315.86. (retails for $500)

My Handbag Collection

Dooney & Bourke: Black Patent Leather Medium Chiara Bag
Dooney & Bourke: Black Patent Leather Medium Chiara Bag

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cassie 7 years ago

I aint even lying.. but that's the best looking D&B bag I've seen.. usually they look I go to outlets regularly in Texas and they offer great sales on already discounted items, but you needed to bring a coupon. Last Christmas I got a bag that retailed for over $300 for around $150. I was surprised to see such cuuute bags at an outlet.

AshleyVictoria profile image

AshleyVictoria 7 years ago from Los Angeles

LOVE D&B, thanks for the outlet information :)

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