Double Chin Surgery

Double Chin Surgery

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from having a double chin, there is hope out there for you. A double chin is when the muscles in your face are weak or you happen to have a large deposit of fat underneath the chin. This will cause the chin to hang down and often is a cosmetic nightmare for people. There are non surgical methods that can be done to rid you of this unsightly feature such as exercises, the loss of weight, and chewing a large amount of gum. Those tactics will only improve your chin so much, so it may be time for you to consider undergoing double chin surgery.

Double chin surgery is a simple procedure that is the only sure fire way that can help you eliminate the fat from under your skin. The procedure is essentially liposuction, but for underneath the skin. A plastic surgeon will make an incision underneath of your chin, insert the liposuction tube and suck out the fat that is in there. Also, your muscles will be cut or sutured together in order to have the chin that you would like. When people undergo this medical procedure, they usually do a double chin surgery in conjunction with a neck and/or a cheek lift. By undergoing those surgeries, you can help reshape your face to an extent, and allow for a whole new you. After undergoing the procedure, you will need to take a few days off to rest and focus on taking care of the wounds. A few weeks later, you should see a dramatic improvement in your chin area. All told, your surgery will cost between $2500 and $5000 in order to be rid of your double chin.

Before undergoing this surgery, I recommend that you try to exercise your jaw and go on a diet. Losing a few pounds and strengthening your jaw muscles can show improvement in your chin area. This however can only go so far, so if you have a minor double chin you should be set with trying this. Go online and be sure to do plenty of research into the procedure and if you want to undergo any other surgeries to help strengthen your face. Choosing a good doctor is important and do not go to the cheapest doctor that you find. You want your face perfected, so you want the best surgeon out there. If you choose to go under the knife and have double chin surgery, you should see a dramatic improvement in your looks and in your self confidence. 

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double chin surgery 7 years ago

how to lose that double chin? Follow the link i have in my name to get free tips and results.

Doublechin 5 years ago

Thanks for the information, surgery is the last choice you can make.

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