How to make Earrings "Dream catcher"

You will need:
1st Colored feathers.
2nd Scissors.
3rd Colored yarn. I've used for embroidery, but partly in half, because too thick. One ear takes about ~ 110cm.
4th Needle, such that the thread fit.
5th Pair of earrings hooks.
6th Hoop Earrings 4cm in diameter.
7th Pair of rings.
8th Flip a couple of bubbles.

First, tie up the bumps.

This picture shows the principle of weaving.

Strongly stresses the thread.

It reverses the whole circle. Out 12 loops. If you go in the middle will be given in small holes.

12-th should have eye for the very first bumps that move. When did the first earrings I have woven them probably 10 times before came out perfect.

Starting from the second row on the first loop rotated thread a couple of times. So I start each new line.

Wicker initiation of the second loop.

Nodule should enjoy at the center of eyes.

I finished the second row.

The first line of the third loop thread turned a couple of times. Third-string loop will be a shift forward in comparison with the first row of the second loop.

Total plaits 5 rows. 5 rows knitted loop through each thread and pierce deep collapse.

Makes the web here.

Pierce through all the thread loop for the second time that a stronger tie to comply with the bumps.

Equipped with feathers and left hook earrings. Feather cut corners that would not bloom and very thick stem, crown and pass through the bubble.

Finished earrings. To tie in to the web or beads instead proposes the use of thin flexible wires / cable.

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kapitula profile image

kapitula 5 years ago from Lithuania

very nice :)

bimbauzis profile image

bimbauzis 5 years ago from Lithuania Author


CatsPage profile image

CatsPage 4 years ago from New Jersey, USA

I love dream catchers..!! This is a great idea.. Voted up..!

pam 3 years ago

like this pattern,how can I send it to my email

pam 3 years ago

what does pin it do what is it for

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