Ed Hardy Rain Boots on Sale

Exotic Ed Hardy rain boots
Exotic Ed Hardy rain boots

Sales and Deals on Funky Rain Boots

Rain boots should be every girls best friend, because not only do they keep our feet protected from the cold rain, but they can also make a bold fashion statement. Ed Hardy are a high-end vintage tattoo clothing line that had always been popular for their t-shirts and jeans, and now boots. For women unafraid of attracting lots of attention, a pair of Ed Hardy's can easily be found which matches your personality.

They incorporate the artwork of Don Ed Hardy, the renowned tattoo artist whose brilliant imagery melds together American, Cholo and Japanese iconography. Flirty, fun or funky, however you like to describe these boots, they are really works of art with their gorgeous and intricate tattoo designs. If it rains where you live, chances are you'll need a pair of these "Rainie" boots.

Rain, rain, don't go away!

Remember back when you were a child and few things were as tempting as donning your boots and fearlessly wading into a gigantic rain puddle? Just because you're older now, it does not mean that you should be excluded from joining in on the fun.So, the next time it rains and the puddles are beckoning, you'll be ready to stomp in style with the coolest boots in town.

Check out these Ed Hardy Rainie Boots on Sale!

Do you like walking in the rain?

  • Yes, I like the melancholy feeling it brings
  • I love to dance in the rain with my umbrella and wellies
  • I love the connection to nature
  • Not really. I don't like getting wet
  • No, I prefer the sun
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Ed Hardy Pink Geisha Kiss of Death Rain Boot

Speaking of sloshing in puddles, this boot reminds me of the pink booties I would get as a kid but is designed for grown ups who now want to look "glamorous". For those who still have that playful spirit inside us, let me introduce you to this hot little number featuring the hugely popular Ed Hardy "Geisha" graphics. This is a grown up boot, in my opinion, but who says rain boots are only for kids?

This boot will be tons of fun to stomp around with, yet useful, because they'll keep your feet nice and dry. With bold colors and a screen print design that screams sassy, this boot is just what the doctor ordered for an otherwise dreary day. So the next time it rains, you'll be the first one out the door having fun and turning heads along the way!

Get your Ed Hardy Geishay Rainie boots here.

My Ed Hardy True Love Shoes Collection

Skull Tatoo Rainie Boots. Too Cute.
Skull Tatoo Rainie Boots. Too Cute.

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alice 6 years ago

Whenever I wear colorful rain boots, it always feels as though I've let my inner wild child run free.

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