Basic Steps to Applying YOUR Make-Up

Step 1: Clean Face; ALWAYS start with having a clean face. It is important that your skin is clean to prevent breakouts, clogged pores, rashes, or any other allergic reactions. This way you can start off w/ a clean slate. Or as I like to call it...a clean "Canvas"

Step 2: Moisturizer; Make sure you start off w/ having a good moisturizer. This way you can prevent any flakes from having dry skin, as well as protect your skin if your moisturizer includes a sunblock. If you want to make sure your moisturizer is being applied correctly or all over you can use a specific foundation brush to make sure you don't miss a spot.

Step 3: Foundation, Concealer, Pressed Powder; Now these steps will not apply to everyone. Especially if you are between the ages of 11-15 your skin may not need a foundation. However, even those with clear skin will apply a foundation in order to have an even skin tone and have that flawless look. It is important when choosing a foundation that you choose the color that will not make your skin look lighter then what it is. A good way to test foundation is to do a swatch on the outside of your hand. Rub it in, and this will show you if your foundation is the right color or not by how it blends out. As for Concealer make sure it is one shade lighter then your foundation, in order to apply under your eyes for dark circles or any blemishes.

DIRECTIONS: Primer - (if you choose not to use a moisturizer) Get a primer that works best for you, that will not make yor skin oily. This way you can have that fresh all day look. -- A good face primer would be Revlon Mineral Primer.

Concealer - Use your concealer as a camouflage for under-eye dark circles, blemishes, or acne. Apply lightly

Foundation - Start off w/ shaking your bottle, this way the foundation is mixed well and ready to be applied. Pour just a small amount onto the back of your hand using your middle finger, make-up sponge, or foundation brush. Apply to the center of your face, cheeks, and T-Zone ( across forhead and down nose). It's important to watch out for how much you are applying and how you are blending, in order to create that flawless look. Lines to be cautious of are your hairline and jawline. Also pay close attention to how your blending around your nose and mouth.

Pressed Powder - Your pressed powder is used as just that...pressed powder. These are good to have when away from home when in need of any touch ups. Be sure to apply this immediately after you have applied your foundation.

Step 4: Eyeshadow; If this is your first time with applying your eyeshadow DO NOT worry about doing all the extra steps that come with it. Eyeshadow can be used in 3 different steps. Lid, Crease, and Highlight. Now a days there are eyeshadow applications that you can get at your local drugstore that have every step written down in order for you to create a look. The dark shade is used to line your upper eyelid, in a very thin line along the upper lashes. The medium shade is for your crease, and the ligther shade is for the area that is under your eyebrow. However, do not get discouraged if you want to use a shadow as an all over shadow you can do that as well. If this is your first time with applying make-up, I suggest doing just an all over eyeshadow and gradually teach yourself how to do different techniques as you gradually become familiar w/ the product.

DIRECTIONS: Primer - This will be your eye primer, there are many different eye primers out there. I prefer Urban Decays "eye primer" and Revlon's 12 Hour Eyeshadow, as well as MAC paints. They are good for setting your eyeshadow, and making it last for hours.

Lid, Crease, and Highlight - The easiest way to apply all of these and merge them together is start from light to dark. Use your eyeshadow brush to apply your lid, crease, and highlight. BE GENTLE. There are several different eyeshadow brushes, but if you are a beginner then pick one eyeshadow brush that you are comfortable with and gradually graduate to the different brushes.

*5 Easy Tips* -

#1. A secret to making those beautiful eyes pop, is to choose a eyeshadow that matches the color of your eyes. OR! be different, try a contrasting deep dramatic color on a brown, blue, green, or hazel eye. For example: I have hazel/green eyes, i recently wore a deep gray shadow which made my eyes pop.

#2. Keep your day look different from your night look. If you work in a professional setting such as myself, remember to keep it natural during the day and dramatic for the night. If you want to apply shadow on your browbone for a day look remember to use it as your highlighter or use a natural tone.

#3. Shimmer and Smokey Eye's are fun, however one can cause wrinkles, as well as create a heavy lid and line. While the other can just simply make you look like a clown. If you want to create a shimmer look use a nude lid, and apply your shimmer to the brow line. Color of your choice! With your smokey eye, just don't overdo it, and remember your smokey eye can be used with many different colors from pinks to purples to golds. Keep the color applied to your lid and lower lash line DO NOT apply the color above your crease.

#4. Pairing your shadow w/ your lip color. A well known beauty rule is "Thou Shalt Not Play Up The Lips AND The Mouth" Unless your a super model, try to keep one darker then the other. If your going for a dramatic lip keep your eyes light.

#5. If you want your eyes to look brighter, apply a dot of white shadow or pencil on the inside of your eye near your tear duct.

Step 5: Eyeliner; Eyeliner is a good secret to enhancing your eye. Making your eyes POP! Black eyeliner is usually the most common color that is used to pull looks together, or a color that is close to black. You can either use an eyeliner brush or your typical eyeliner pencil.

DIRECTIONS: When applying your eyeliner start from the outside corner of the eye, create a slant, moving in short slow strokes towards the inner corner of your eye making sure that your line is as close to your upper lashes as possible, you can also line the lower lid that is below your lashes, be sure to line only halfway thru unless you are wanting to create a darker eye look then you can line the entire lower line. Also remember that eyeliner is exactly what it's called..eyeliner NOT lid liner. Your eyeliner should be applied with a nice thin line, to give your eye's that extra accent it needs to stand out.

Step 6: Mascara; ALL mascara works differently. Most people may not be aware of that, but it does. Each mascara comes w/ a different trick. Regardless if you like long eyelashes, thick eyelashes, etc. You can find a mascara that works differently for you.

DIRECTIONS: With Mascara it's important that you DO NOT clump it on. Use your wand wisely, treat your eyelashes nicely but carefully in order to prevent a mess around your eyes you want to apply 2 thin coats. Brown mascara is known to work best for a fair natural look, but both brown or black work well for darker looks. I would not suggest wearing a pink or blue mascara within the work place, I would only suggest those colors for fun. Also, now a days, fake lashes are another accessory that is added to a make-up routine.

Step 7: Lips; Your lip color will also make a difference in how your canvas looks when complete. Be sure to choose a lip color that fits your skin tone and fits your everday look, also try mixing colors to get that perfect look that's right for you. You can start off with a pretty lipgloss, or lipstick. Either way be sure to get something that is long lasting.

DIRECTIONS: I find it easier to apply my lip application with my finger, wand, or just straight from the tube more so then with a lip brush b/c brushes can be a bit too thick or too hard. You can also apply a lip liner, but apply this after applying your lip application not before in order to prevent a dark circle of lip liner once your lip application has worn off, remember that your lip liner should match the same color as your lip application if not close to it. Also, it is important to choose a good chapstick for your lips in order to prevent dry chapped lips. That's definitely not a good look.

Step 8: Blush; Blush is exactly what it's called. Blush. A secret essential to your look. Do not over do it!! It does NOT need to be blended if so then you have applied too much.

DIRECTIONS: With your blush all you need to do is apply it softly on the bones of your cheeks w/ a cheek brush that suits you. An easy way to make sure your applying it correctly is to smile so that the apples or pillows of your cheek bones are visable giving you an easy on application where all you need to do is dab it on. You can choose anything from a pink blush, to a nude blush. In order to create that fresh look for your canvas.

I hope these steps will help! Stay tuned for more..

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Ria Rankine profile image

Ria Rankine 3 years ago from Oregon

This is a good article! For liquid foundations, I never thought to shake before use. If you use a primer, you can definitely eliminate the moisturizer AND the face powder to for long wear. Case in point of one face primer that lets you eliminate steps is the silicone face primer by Simplicity cosmetics. Awesome stuff:

charu 2 years ago

Helpful tips for evryone

Sorry I had to 2 years ago

#4. Pairing your shadow w/ your lip color. A well known beauty rule is "Thou Shalt Not Play Up The Lips AND The Mouth" Unless your a super model, try to keep one darker then the other. If your going for a dramatic lip keep your eyes light.

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