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Is there anything more beautiful than this?

I guess swim wear is loved by all people in the world, it makes us think of Summer and good weather and it also make our mind fly to the nearest beach for a nice swim in the ocean before having a tonic sunbathe.

I can only speak for myself but I love women and I adore to see them all tanned and wearing some nice bikini. Call me crazy but that is one of nature`s best views.

OK, back to reality, let´s observe some pictures from swimwear fashion shows and enjoy all the beauty involved.

Photo by busywear at
Photo by busywear at

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JungleGurl swimwear at Los Angels Fashion Week 2007

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Bermuda Bikini
Bermuda Bikini

This bikini is perfect for the active girl. Feel totally secure in this perfect black bikini. You will feel like you can do anything in this fuller coverage bottom and totally adjustable halter sliding triangle top.


Now the real thing

This hub would not be complete without some videos of swimming suit fashion shows.

Why? Because there is no way one could see all the beauty of those fashion shows without watching them live and this is the closest "live" swim wear fashion show I can give you.

Gottex swimwear 2008

Rosa Cha swimwear NY 2008 - Part 1

Rosa Cha swimwear NY 2008 - Part 2

The best catwalk for swimsuit fashion!

Photo by wwskies at
Photo by wwskies at

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solarshingles profile image

solarshingles 8 years ago from london

I am your fun! Very, very nice!

bluewings profile image

bluewings 8 years ago from Milkyway

I am not a summer person , but sometimes I don't mind the heat ,lol.

lacyleathers profile image

lacyleathers 8 years ago from US

I am breathlessly awaiting the pics of 'your' swimwear...LOL

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author


bluewings - I can see that looking at your profile picture ;P

Lacyleathers - now seriously, I don´t think a picture of me in swimwear could ever be consider as "beauty" :D . Well who knows, maybe I´ll send you that picture so you could make a hub about Speedo boxers LOL.

bluewings profile image

bluewings 8 years ago from Milkyway

ROFL , Nice one! Never thought of my profile pic in that way before today :-P

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