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    miss singhposted 6 years ago

    Follow Gossip girl fashion?

    1. DjBryle profile image85
      DjBryleposted 6 years ago in reply to this

      I follow my own... lol! I choose something that makes me feel comfortable and something that defines me.

    2. Cowboy Coasters profile image61
      Cowboy Coastersposted 6 years ago in reply to this


  2. 61
    probafixposted 6 years ago

    Fashion....i like.

  3. sxyshiningsmile profile image60
    sxyshiningsmileposted 6 years ago

    no, i don't want to. i think everyone should have his own style^_^

  4. lender3212000 profile image85
    lender3212000posted 6 years ago

    I think fashion has to be an individual thing. There really isn't anything that is appropriate for everyone.

  5. blognation profile image61
    blognationposted 6 years ago

    No. Once you know the basics and style staples, accessorize with bags, jewells, scarves, hats and shoes to develop your own personal and individual style.

  6. goodmindsupport profile image60
    goodmindsupportposted 6 years ago

    Good to mix and match in your style