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Swarovski Crystal Bead Necklace

Here is a free beading pattern for an easy necklace using Swarovski crystal beads.

Take 3 lengths of nylon thread cut to size for a necklace. Put the 3 end together on your bead stopper.

(Don’t have one, a lump of blu tak or plasticine will do fine to hold the threads together)

Thread your beads in this order:

Thread the first 3 through all 3 nylon threads together.

Add a bead spacer (this necklace uses silver ones)

Add a pearl bead

Add a bead spacer

Now separate the 3 threads.

Add 3 small Swarovski crystals beads on to each thread (light pink)

Add 3 large size Swarovski crystal beads on to each thread (dark pink)

Add 3 small Swarovski crystals beads on to each thread (light pink)

Put the 3 nylon threads together again.

Add a bead spacer

Add a pearl bead

Add a bead spacer

Repeat until you have the right length for your necklace.

Add you choice of clasps.

This Swarovski Crystal Bead necklace can be made in your choice of colors. A blue necklace was made especially to be worn by a mother of the bride to match the color of her dress.

Make you own necklace or bracelet from Swarovski crystal beads to suit any special occasion.

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Swarovski Crystal Necklace

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alzheimers care 8 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

Thanks for the beautiful patterns. I just found a bracelet on a site to rise awareness of Alzheimer's with your easy to follow design I might just make my own.

twistinside 7 years ago

Your swarovski crystal necklace is beautiful

NOTSAYING 5 years ago

Uhh I was looking for designs but couldn't find anything so this came up it doesn't help me.

M Jackson 4 years ago

Could not print pattern so not much use Sorry

Feabietarrado 3 years ago

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