Get Rid of Acne on Your Skin and Body For Good

Get Rid of Acne With Organic Products
Get Rid of Acne With Organic Products

Many consumers are under the false impression that to achieve moist, beautiful skin they have to use cleansers, scrubs and serums that contain potentially harmful chemicals; when in fact, the same results can be found using all natural, organic products. Organic body scrubs and skin care products offer not only a healthier, less aggressive treatment for the skin, but also a more environmentally sound way to go about your daily routine.

The biggest advantage of using natural, organic products is that the majority of the ingredients used are rich in anti-oxidants, which promote skin health and reduce the signs of aging. Ingredients such as acai berry contain vitamins B1, A, D, E, and are absorbed through the skin without the need for harsh chemicals or other ingredients used for preservation.

Another great advantage when using organic body scrubs and products is that in order to be certified organic, the product must be paraben-free.Parabens are chemical preservatives that prolong the lifespan of the product, but research shows that these can often be harmful to the skin, causing irritating allergic reactions, or worse - cancer. Studies have shown that parabens contain hormone altering properties which have been linked to cancer. In addition to being protected against potential allergens, paraben-free products will not expose you to hormone altering chemicals.

Organic Bath Salts is a GREAT Addition to Any Relaxing Bath
Organic Bath Salts is a GREAT Addition to Any Relaxing Bath

Organic Bath Salts

Bath salts are water-soluble crystalline granules that are used in bath water to help smooth the skin. These can be used in addition to aromatherapy either by using scented salts, incense, or candles. Naturally occurring oils such as coconut, almond or sesame oil are often added to bath salt products to help moisturize the skin. Organic bath salts won't contain foaming agents or preservatives and typically, come packaged in eco-friendly containers.Often, bath salt products come in a variety of different scents, such as sage, chamomile, and lavender – these herbs contain natural healing and restorative properties.

Organic bath salts can aid in stress relief, as well as soothing aches and pains. Your daily life can often be tense and full of stressors, all of which can affect your overall health and vitality. Using relaxing, organic bath salts in addition to keeping a healthy diet and getting enough hydration, can improve your overall vigor and feeling of well-being.

Brown Sugar Scrub is a Wonderful Exfoliant
Brown Sugar Scrub is a Wonderful Exfoliant

Organic Brown Sugar Scrubs

An organic brown sugar scrub is a cheap, effective way to exfoliate your skin, especially after the dry winter months when your skin is at its worst. There are many sugar scrub products on the market, but making your own at home is easy – it’s also the best way to insure that what you are putting on your skin doesn't include harsh chemicals or preservatives that you don't want.

To make your own organic brown sugar scrub at home, you only need a few all natural ingredients. These are:

  • 2 Cups Organic Brown Sugar
  • 1/4 Organic Honey
  • 1 Teaspoon Organic Vanilla Extract1
  • 1/2 Cup Organic Olive Oil

You simply mix the ingredients together and store it in an airtight container. It lasts about one week, and doesn't contain any of the synthetic ingredients that most store bought sugar scrubs use in order to keep their mixtures together and preserved. Because of this, your homemade scrub might separate, so make sure you stir it up before each use

Body Acne is Never Pleasant, But It's Curable!
Body Acne is Never Pleasant, But It's Curable!

Organic Body Acne Treatments

Body acne is caused when your sweat glands produce too much sebum and your pores become clogged as a result. This causes blemishes to form, which can range from mild to severe. Excessive oil production also attracts unhealthy types of bacteria to the skin, which can cause inflammation. This inflammation also causes blackheads, whiteheads and other types of acne to form. While this usually occurs on the face, this can also appear anywhere on the body, most commonly the back and chest areas.

Perspiration, tight clothing, or anything that rubs against the skin for a prolonged period of time can trigger an outbreak of body acne.Sweat gets trapped between the object and your skin which clogs the pore, this irritates the hair follicles resulting in the red, bumpy, and irritated skin otherwise known as acne.There are many organic body scrubs available that are specifically designed to treat body acne.These products typically include natural, vinegar based astringents that won't irritate the skin and lead to further inflammation.They also lack the harsh chemical compounds that are found in traditional acne treatments that can often make the problem worse in the long run.

Most Store-Bought Brands Contain Chemicals That Dry Out the Skin
Most Store-Bought Brands Contain Chemicals That Dry Out the Skin

The number one problem with most store bought acne treatments is that they dry the skin out too much. When this happens, the skin over compensates for this dryness by creating even more sebum, which then gets caught in the pores and makes the body acne worse!This is just one of the main reasons why it’s a bad idea to use alcohol-based body scrubs if you suffer from body acne – they are simply too strong, and do more harm than good.

Everyone faces one skin problem or another in their lifetime, and the market is filled with products that promise quick-fix solutions that usually contain harsh chemicals and preservatives.These do little to alleviate the long term problem and may or may not offer you temporary relief. But with a little diligence, you can find effective, low cost organic solutions that are better for your skin – and for the Earth. Even better, you can often put together organic mixtures at home that are 100% natural and cost a fraction of the price of something you would find in a drug store or over-priced spa for that matter.

Another Great Way to Cure Acne - Organically!

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