Glamoxy Snake Serum Review- Rodial

Glamoxy Snake Serum - What is it?

Glamoxy snake serum from Rodial is being promoted as a "safe" alternative to botox. Whereas botox is an invasive wrinkle relaxant that requires injection into the area to be treated and comes with a long list of potential side effects, Glamoxy Snake Serum is a serum / cream that is applied directly onto the skin and is claimed to be 100% safe. Described by Rodial as a "revolutionary, oxygenated, viper-inspired serum" it is said to contain a neuropeptide that mimics the effects of the venom of the South East Asian viper. This means that within minutes it is purported to visibly reduce wrinkles and over a period of 28 days to reduce wrinkles by as much as 52%. Glamoxy is promoted as an "at home" alternative to botox, as it requires no specialist medical knowledge to use it. For people that are terrified of injecting a known poison into their face Glamoxy offers a great alternative.

Snake Serum Or Snake Oil?

Glamoxy snake serum
Glamoxy snake serum

Glamoxy Snake Serum - What does it do?

According to the manufacturers Glamoxy Snake Serum has a number of benefits.

Fiflow BTX (oxygen carrier) - fills and plumps the skin, whilst making it instantly more radiant.

Proturon- provides an instant plumping effect..

Ronasphere- helps reduce fine lines and improves skin tone.

Pomegranate ellagic tannin- to give powerful antioxidant effects.

Other sources such as The Daily Mail newspaper in the UK also claim that wrinkles are visibly reduced within 90 seconds and that after 28 days they are reduced by as much as 52% although this claim does not seem to appear on the companies own website. 

Kate Moss is said to be a Glamoxy user
Kate Moss is said to be a Glamoxy user

Glamoxy Snake Serum - Who Uses It?

Glamoxy snake serum is said to be used by a raft of celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss and Cheryl Cole, according to the Mail Online. At the moment they are probably some of the lucky few that are able to get hold of it. In the UK alone advance orders of the product have been in excess of 100,000 with retailers constantly selling out. The product is occasionally available from the US site Amazon, but sells out very quickly as at this point in time demand is outstripping available supply.

Stocked in the UK by Space NK, Harrods, Harvery Nichols and Selfridges it is also available from the Rodial website (when in stock) and from other online retailers.

Botox or Glamoxy?

Whilst glamoxy snake serum is claimed to instantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles it is not such a long term solution as botox. Glamoxy needs to be applied each day to continue working whereas botox is required to be performed only every 3-4 months. Botox is also likely to have a more dramatic effect on wrinkles as it has been tested over a long period of time in full medical trials.However given that Glamoxy is smoothed on rather than injected its results are startling.

Due to the high price of Glamoxy it is also likely that the cost would be similar- botox is generally charged by the unit with many people opting for only a small number of units. Many first time users would require only 10- 15 units for treating one area such as crows feet and this would cost 100-150GBP depending on the practitioner.

Video About Glamoxy

Glamoxy - Are There Alternatives?

There are a few products on the market that claim to have similar effects to that of Glamoxy. The first of these is strivectin sd which many people also claim is "better than botox". Originally formulated for stretch marks it is supposed to work wonders on wrinkles too.

Another alternative is creme de la mer. Originally developed by Nasa scientists for use on burns it is said to plump up the skin improving texture and refining wrinkles

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