Gnome Costumes

Gnome Costumes For Kids

Apart from Garden Gnomes, this year’s animated Romantic tale of Gnomeo and Juliet may also inspire Gnome Costumes for kids. Gnomes have become as household name as a result of their presence in fairytales and recent fictional tales like Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia, making them a popular characters for kid’s costumes. Unfortunately there are no Gnomeo and Juliet Gnome costumes but you can find Gnome costumes for girls, boys, and adults too. Two of the most adorable kids Gnome costumes include the Garden Gnome Infant/Toddler Costume and the Flower garden gnome for girls.

Gnome Costume For Girls
Gnome Costume For Girls | Source
Gnome Costumes
Gnome Costumes | Source

Where to Buy Gnome Costumes

The Flower Garden Gnome Costume

  • The Flower Gnome Costume for little girls is a four piece costume made up of pink gnome hat with flower motif, matching pink booties, a shirt and skirt.
  • This gnome costume is ideal for playtime fun or for birthday parties or school pageants or plays.
  • Available in sizes Infant sized 12-18months and toddler size T2.
  • Current retail price: $ 18.65 (as advertised 12.02.2010).

Garden Gnome Infant/Toddler Costume

  • The Toddler Gnome Costume is made up of a jumpsuit and facemask with gnome hat.
  • This gnome costume is ideal for both boys and girls and is comfortable for playtime dress up games.
  • Available in sizes 2-18months and Toddler T2.
  • Current Retail price is $ 19.95. (As advertised 12.02.2010).

How Make Your Own Gnome Costume

Gnomes are often characterized by their long hats, beards (for male gnomes) and bushy eyebrows. In order to make your own Gnome costume you can create a gnome hat and false eyebrows and beard. Best of all kids can wear normal clothes such as jeans or jumpsuits. Create matching booties for the gnome hat to complete your gnome costume.


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