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Gucci 114900 Beige/Brown Large Horsebit Monogram Hobo Bag
Gucci 114900 Beige/Brown Large Horsebit Monogram Hobo Bag

The world’s most coveted luxury

If you love high quality Gucci bags and shoes but can't afford the designer prices, then you should know that a Gucci outlet stores is your best friend. As a fashion house, Gucci is well known for perfecting the art of making classic momogram handbags that can withstand the test of time. In the face of changing trends they have managed to stay ahead of the curve by constantly updating their designs and silhouettes while retaining the elegance that defines their style. Many of Gucci's leather bags are still hand-stiched and use the famous GG fabric which we have all come to know and love. Despite their storied history which includes numerous ups and downs, Gucci still remains chic and well put together as ever.

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Gucci New Jackie Large Leather Hobo
Gucci New Jackie Large Leather Hobo

Where can I find a Gucci Outlet?

With a growing number of factory outlet stores located across the country, Gucci promises to offer discounted prices that are sure to please the budget conscious shopper. For the fashionista in all of us, the thought of being able to look like a million bucks for a pultry hundred dollars is no longer just a dream. Besides cheaper prices, another benefit of buying from an outlet is that you sleep at night knowing that what you have bought is not a fake or replica Gucci purse. So, where are Gucci outlets located? Check out Outlet Bound - Online guide to Factory Outlet malls & Outlet Stores to locate the Gucci outlet nearest you.

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Jessica Simpson looking Sexy with A Large Gucci Hobo
Jessica Simpson looking Sexy with A Large Gucci Hobo

Gucci Horsebit Hobo Bag on Sale!

And speaking of classical looks, I can't leave before mentioning this sweet Large Gucci Horsebit Hobo, it is one of Gucci's most famous designs and works with just about any outfit. For once I will not be ashamed of being labelled a celebrity style follower, for wearing this bag which was popularized by Jessica Simpson.This hobo handbag uses the famous time-tested GG fabric, and is downright modern thanks to it's brown leather trim, and silver-toned magnetic flap over an opening that includes a zippered pocket. It is spacious enough to hold all of your essentials and more, while the horsebit strap looks like it is just the right length.

I call this my everyday bag because I carry it everywhere, and because of this, it is worth every cent I paid for it! The simple yet elegant design makes this handbag perfect for everyday use, but it will not look out of place during that one special occasion when you have to dress up.

I whole heartedly recommend the Horsebit Hobo bag for those looking for a classical bag with a contemporary twist. You can pick it up from Modabelle for $695. (retails for $1200)

Gucci: Fall 2008

Gucci Abbey Tote
Gucci Abbey Tote

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Lgali profile image

Lgali 7 years ago

good hub

josie 7 years ago

where can i buy an authentic gucci (2006 collection) boston bag all beige gg bag w/ white lining on the side & green & red in the middle. the bag looks like a box w/ a chain hangin w/ a key. this bag is so hard to find. i found one on but i don't know if i can trust that the bag is authentic. they say they are but i don't want to waste a lot of money if it isn't real. thanx

gamasutra profile image

gamasutra 7 years ago Author

Josie, I think the bag you're looking for is the Beige Cream Guccissima Bston Bag with serial number 150335. You can try entering that in the Google products search engine, and see what results you get back. Good luck!

Crystalla 7 years ago

I used to be a big Gucci fan and only believe in buying authentic handbags (of any brand). But I've had two very bad experiences with two of my Gucci bags. After having one hobo bag for about 8 months, the strap totally came apart on one side. Thank God I was getting out of my car in my garage and NOT in a public place (especially a mall)! Nevertheless, I had a fit at the Gucci store and could not believe it happened. The GG fabric on one of my others bags totally wore off on one side of the bag. Now I don't carry the same purse for months at a time because I have quite a few, which says to me that Gucci does not make quality handbags like they used to. I'm disappointed.

Maria 7 years ago

The Gucci Horsebit Hobo Bag on sale from Modabelle, u recommended... Does modabelle sell authentic gucci? Tnx!

pat 7 years ago

i have Gucci Horsebit Hobo Bag.which the strap fell apart.

i thought i would have sometime with this not what i expected.

dina 6 years ago

guys, do any of u know where are gucci outlets in germany, frankfurt??

Sara 6 years ago

I don't think Gucci has quality bags or good customer service! After using a black canvas logo bag for a couple of months it began to fall apart. I paid Gucci about $30 to have the strap fixed the first time. Within a year the canvas fabric has ripped in several places and the other side of the strap had started to fall apart as well. Now my $400 plus handbag is a totally useless piece of crap. What did Gucci customer service do about it, nothing! They told me it was unrepairable. I would never waste another dollar on their overpriced products again.

Nan Mynatt profile image

Nan Mynatt 5 years ago from Illinois

I am blessed I have a Gucci handbag that was a gift.

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