Gucci Watches on Sale

Gucci's best-selling Twirl collection
Gucci's best-selling Twirl collection

Greetings to all those who are looking for a great deal on a luxurious Gucci watch. Gucci is a well known worldwide as a leading manufacture of hi-end fashion. The brand is synonymous with fine quality shoes and handbags, and now also their watches and jewelry. Gucci stores sell top-of-the-line Swiss quartz watches, watches that are recognized for their precision and respected for their beauty.

A watch is a symbol of your personal style and elegance

Ever since blossoming into existence in the early 1920's, a Gucci watch has been the accessory which has been most coveted by stars, and celebrities alike. It's simply not a coincidence that those who can afford to choose the best often choose Gucci. If you ask any owner of a Gucci watch, they will tell you that what they have spent their hard earned money is not merely an accessory, but rather an investment in their wardrobe and a statement that reflects well on their persona. Every watch that leaves a Gucci factory is a well-tuned, sexy beast of a product that has been made with the goal of turning heads and being nothing less than lust-worthy.

Check out these Gucci Watches on Sale!

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GUCCI Women's Signoria Diamond WatchGucci 116 Signoria Split BraceletTwirl Series #YA1125011500 Series Watch
GUCCI Women's Signoria Diamond Watch
GUCCI Women's Signoria Diamond Watch
Gucci 116 Signoria Split Bracelet
Gucci 116 Signoria Split Bracelet
Twirl Series #YA112501
Twirl Series #YA112501
1500 Series Watch
1500 Series Watch

Top Gucci Watches

Gucci watches are sophisticated and stylish, but choosing just one can be hard - that's why I've put together a quick guide to this year's most popular styles.

Signoria Split Bracelet - women's timepiece featuring a square stainless steel case enclosed by a unique split bracelet design and blue mother of pearl dial

Twirl Bangle - Swiss quartz watch with stainless steel case and polished patterned bangle bracelet encasing bronze dial.

1500 Series - Petite Swiss quartz watch with slim rectangular stainless steel case and stunning stirrup motif bangle bracelet.

Chiodo Series - Swiss quartz timepiece inspired by the iconic Gucci square-headed nail. A square or rounded face is decorated with a luminous mother-of-pearl dial.

Gucci Signoria Diamond Watch

I remember a time not so long ago, when digital watches were the talk of the town. Everyone at my high school simply had to have one of those gaudy Timex contraptions. Sure these watches could keep the time, but gosh darn it if they weren't hideous looking. And now, in this era of Apple gizmos, we have ipods and iphones to tell us what time it is, so no one is wearing their watch anymore. I want to put an end to this nonsense, and ask all the ladies out there to once again get your groove on and rock hard with glamous watches. The watch I want to tell you about is a bit out of my price range, but is nothing short of fabulous. My heart was all a flutter when I first saw this object of desire. The first thing I did was tell my better half how perfect this watch would serve as an engagement present, representing a memento of every second we would spend the rest of our lives together. I'm talking about Gucci's Signoria Diamond Watch, yours to be had for only $1,588.

Gucci's super cute take on its best-selling Twirl watches
Gucci's super cute take on its best-selling Twirl watches

Gucci Twirl Rubber Pastel Watches

The surge of demand for playful watches that can be worn during physical activity has not gone unnoticed by Gucci top-brass. In response, they have introduced a colorful variation of their best selling Twirl Series bracelets just in time for Valentines! The new models, in contrast to their siblings come with durable rubber bracelets in striking pastel colors, as well as in black and brown. As usual, the face can be 'twirled' over to transform the timepiece into a bracelet. I can foresee this versatile wristwatch quickly becoming a hit among the younger crowd in my audience, especially at the relatively affordable price of $525.00.

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Johnyboy 6 years ago

I love Gucci in general and I see you've got some pretty looking Gucci watches here. A hub full of imagination. Thanks for heads up.

mysisters profile image

mysisters 5 years ago

Great Hub! I really like the style of Gucci's Twirl collection. I have a Coach watch that I wear now. I might have to check in to getting a Gucci one also!

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