Hair Restoration Options

Hair Restoration Options

If you happen to be one of the millions of people who suffer from hair loss or baldness, there is increasing hope out there for you. With today’s technology and science there are ways to halt the process of losing hair and to begin the hair restoration process. The options range from the expensive to the inexpensive and some can be done in the comfort of your own home, while others need to be done under a doctor’s supervision. Options open to you will mostly depend on the extent of your hair loss, the less serious it is will result in minor treatment and if it is a serious loss, extreme measures may need to be taken.

Hair loss affects both men and women, not to mention people of all backgrounds, but the treatments can help everyone. If you have minor hair loss, looking at over the counter products such as Rogaine, can be used to promote hair restoration and to eliminate the process of going bald. Other recent methods include shampoos that help to thicken your hair and will help cover up any areas of the scalp that happen to be thinning out. There are also several herbal and vitamin remedies that claim to work, although the FDA does not evaluate their statements. The reason that some vitamins and minerals work is that some people suffer a deficiency of one of them, which can cause hair loss. If you begin to replenish your body of what it is lacking, you are likely to reverse the trend and begin growing new hair.

If you have more serious hair loss, you may want to look into getting hair implants. Hair implants involve removing hair and skin from the back of the head to the areas that are lacking hair. The skin, with the hair follicles still in it, is attached to the balding area, and you have hair again. Doctors are likely to tell you that this surgery is only for the most serious cases. One aspect that limits the amount of people, who undergo it, is the cost. Depending on how much hair is implanted, you can face a bill that can easily be $20,000, which you will have to pay due to medical insurance not covering elective cosmetic surgeries.

Regardless of how much hair you have lost, there are options out there that can help you. Go on the Internet and research the different types of hair restoration tips that are out there. You will also find a wealth of information in terms of what other people have gone through, so be sure to look at that. Remember, that hair loss is a common occurrence and that you have methods that can help you in your hair restoration process. 

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