When not to wear a halter neck cocktail dress

One of the toughest things to truly get a handle on when it comes to style is what types of dresses are appropriate for what situations.  There are a lot of guidelines to follow, and trends seem to change so quickly that it is hard to keep up with what is and is not right for certain events.  Such is the case when it comes to the ultra trendy halter neck cocktail dress, which has become all the rage in Hollywood and in parties and gatherings everywhere else, as well.  

Halter neck dresses have become popular because they are tremendously flattering for a number of body types.  Furthermore, they can work well with both shorter and longer length dresses.  So let’s ask ourselves the question: when is it not appropriate to wear a halter neck cocktail dress?

Casual Parties and Nights Out on the Town

It is pretty clear right away that a halter neck cocktail dress is a great choice for going out or attending a more casual party.  After all, halter necks are casual looking enough to not look as if you are overdoing it, but still allow you to have a fun night out without having to be stuck with a high-maintenance look.  You can safely wear a halter neck dress that is a little shorter in a variety of colors, and many women have a “little black dress” with this style of neck for just such occasions.

Formal Occasions and Black Tie Affairs

It may seem at first like a halter neck dress is not a good fit for more formal occasions, but many out there would tend to disagree.  Many of the times that you see celebrities wearing these types of dresses, it is at black tie affairs, such as awards ceremonies or movie premieres.  In fact, the only reason you would not want to wear such a dress at a formal occasion is if you were afraid of showing up someone else, which is a real possibility in such a flattering style.

The fact is that the halter neck itself does not disqualify this dress from qualifying as formal wear.  It is more the length of the dress and even the style, pattern and color that can decide whether that is the case.  A mid-length black dress with a somewhat elaborate pattern or pretty frills can be very appropriate with a halter neck, while a shorter dress that is more suited for a night out may not be.

Of course, you will have to decide for yourself what you are most comfortable with, but many out there believe that halter neck cocktail dresses are among the most versatile of styles out there, and can work with any kind of occasion you could imagine.  Once you find the dress that fits your own personal style and brings out the best in you, you will instantly know whether it is appropriate for that formal occasion you have in mind- which it can be whether or not it has a halter neck!

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Laura du Toit profile image

Laura du Toit 7 years ago from South Africa

Great hub. Pity not all women realize what type of cocktail dress suits the occasion. I have seen some pretty hideous looking women when they choose the incorrect cocktail dress for their build or ocsasion.

halter mini dress 6 years ago

that was a very informative and helpful article. it should be read by lots of women to avoid such mistakes. its always a must to know what to wear at the right time at the right occasion. thanks again for this nice post.

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