Heated Slippers

Heated Slipper

Heated Slippers

Heated slippers, whether they are heated in a microwave or heated with batteries adding heated slippers to my life has helped pain in my feet. These slippers have been a great addition to my life. Prior to using heated slippers my feet always hurt, in the heel, the ball of the foot and on the outside of each foot. The pain has gone down a great after buying and using microswave heated house slippers.

These Cosy Soles are just a great addition to my life and my feet welcome them. The winters are cold in Canada and these are just what you need after being out in the cold.

Family Slippers

These are just great slippers and everyone in the family has a pair now. They are that good and we are all having a better winter because if it. My daughter was just like me with the super cold feet and it was just a natural fit for everyone to have a pair. After she has her going the last person in the house is gone with cold feet. What a difference it is making in our lives.

Cheers all

Heated Slippers

Do you already a pair of heated slippers. If so what type of slipper do you own

  • Microwave heated
  • Battery/Electric Heated
  • USB Heated
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Heated Slippers in Winter are Great

Well it's mid winter now my feet have been very cold as usual. The 2013 winter, has been cold and very cold at times, my feet have been freezing many times. I'll just put my slippers in the microwave heat them up for a couple minutes, put them on my feet are warm. The warmness lasts for a long time after, a good 2 to 3 hours they stay warm. Even when heating affect is done they insulate to help keep my feet warm. Heated slippers are a great gift idea too for people. The long term benefit they will receive from them will out last any money used to buy them. They are not cheap but well worth it!

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Yvonne Decelis profile image

Yvonne Decelis 3 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

This is so very true - thanks for this hub!

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