Hermes Silk Scarves on Sale

A silk scarf from the 168-year-old Parisian company is a work of art
A silk scarf from the 168-year-old Parisian company is a work of art

Flaunt your Hermes Scarf and prepare for a stream of compliments

Hermes are the makers of the most widely coveted handbags in the world. They are the cream of the crop, and deservedly so. For some women, just the chance to see one of these bags, with their very own eyes, and to touch the buttery leather is enough to take their breath away. Hermes makes each of its leather goods by hand, and every product that comes out of its factory is considered to be a work of art. Depending on the material and hardware, a Birkin bag can retail for anywhere from $5000 and climb all the way into the six-figure range. When other luxury brands have been discounting their inventory to reflect the changing times, Hermes has steadfastly kept their super luxe items, like the Hermès Birkin bag, still well out of reach of the average consumer.

So what is a girl who has just recently graduated from college and still has a sizable student loan to pay off to do? Seeing as a Birkin bag was out of the question, I decided to splurge on the next best thing, a Birken silk scarf! My mother used to wear scarves in her early 20s, and you would think she would be supportive of me wearing them, but she isn't. She thought I looked old fashioned, but I still love them. My boyfriend, on the other hand, says I look "cute" when I'm wearing my headscarf. I love the feeling of the silk rubbing against my skin and it always makes me feel warm and snug, especially on a windy day.

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Vintage Hermes Silk Scarf

Wouldn't you love to get a Hermes scarf as a Christmas present this year? Sure, bracelets and necklaces are nice, but I always get the most compliments for wearing scarves from this world famous Parisian company. This pink scarf ($325) is made from the softest silk in the world, and personifies elegance in a way that few other accessories can. I love to wear the scarf knotted in the classical fashion and then throw on a trench coat to finish the look. If it gets too warn, I just slip the scarf off and tuck it away in my purse. My boyfriend once told me that I look really sexy when I slip the scarf off and shake my hair free. I will also say that I treat my scarf like a family heirloom which I will cheriish until that time when I can pass it on to my daughter when she is old enough to appreciate it.

The Ultimate Resource for Vintage Hermes Scarves

Super posh Victoria Beckham carries the classic Hermes Birkin. Trying to snag this bag could be difficult.
Super posh Victoria Beckham carries the classic Hermes Birkin. Trying to snag this bag could be difficult.

I know, I know... Hermes cost a lot. But they make Louis Vuitton look like something bought from the dollar store. What do you guys think about Hermes?

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Mary G. Johnson 6 years ago

I want one!!

I am saving up for one and have asked for money for birthdays and Christmas......mounting up!

Katya77 6 years ago

I don't shop frequently...but when I do I only get things that last in classic? style and quality... a bag from Hermes last a lifetime :)

GmaGoldie profile image

GmaGoldie 6 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

Love Hermes scarves but I love all silk scarves. The color the class they add is delightful.

lily kwok - 5 years ago

I love CORIEE's silk scarf

Hermes Lindy 5 years ago

i like hermes blindy bag very much!

louboutin sale 5 years ago

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jonely profile image

jonely 4 years ago

please go to the auction previews. great finds of high quality furniture, lous vuitton vintage, hermes birkin and kelly bags. sometimes paco rabanne,pierre cardin,gucci.osi clark and more. jewelry from bakelit

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