How to apply Gel Nails

How to apply Gel Nails

For those who do not know how are placed on gel nails, we present
here an explanation of how the gel nails are glued.

Phase 1: Preparation

  1. Start by removing the cuticle.
  2. Choose the nail, selecting the size and width of each nail for each finger.
  3. With sandpaper, you should polish all the nails.
  4. Clear all the natural nail with alcohol before pasting the gel nail.

Phase 2: Paste the nails

This phase is very critical, it is a very thorough job. Necessary to stick very carefully. You should just put glue on the underside of the gel nail, ie the area which comes into contact with the natural nail. Once glued, you must indicate the size you want, and then adjusted the cut by technique, the size chosen.

Phase 3: Finishing and personalize your nails

  1. After you adjust the nail, you need to brush up with sandpaper a little thicker, to set properly to your nails.
  2. Clear all the nails again with alcohol.
  3. Place gel directly on the nail using a brush.
  4. Place the camera light about 5 minutes and then temporarily place the gel nail distributed evenly over the nail.
  5. Put again on camera light for several minutes.
  6. The last step is to apply the sealer, and the glaze can be placed immediately.

The gel nails are increasingly sought after by women, but should not forget that isn't just putting them, it is necessary to maintain a maintenance plan, which must be done in every 2 weeks, obviously it depends on growth. So this is a very simple explanation of how to put gel nails step by step.

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