How to become emo

How to become emo

if you want to become emo you are that the right place,first thing first you have to know what emo means short for "emotional .What is emo? Well most people would consider it punk with emotion is what we would call the classification of a new rising way of feeling your inner self.


step one/emo hairstyle/haircut:Dark hair with light or colorful streaks is the substandard for emo hairstyles. Some prefer to have long bangs that cover one eye or one side of the face. For boys, short and choppy is the ultimate emo hair. For girls, longer hair with lots of layers and razor-cut bangs is important. It is very common for emo girls to have blonde chunks in their hair. Bright-colored chunks such as lime green or pink are becoming increasingly popular. Even if you cut the rest of your hair short, keep the bangs longs.


step two/now for the makeup: Both emo men and women wear mascara, black eyeliner.

emo girl
emo girl
emo boy
emo boy
emo clothe boy and girls
emo clothe boy and girls
emo girl makeup
emo girl makeup
emo girl
emo girl
emo boy
emo boy
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emo boy
emo muisc
emo muisc

STEP 3 emo clothes: boys and girls wear black skinny jean also wear tight band t-shirts. A good rule of thumb when picking out the size of the shirt is to go one size smaller than what you normally wear. Studded belt or wear belt with your skinny jeans. These belts come in numerous styles and colors ,have some fun when choosing your studded belt. You can also add a vanity belt buckle if you wish.Wear tight, zip-up hooded sweatshirts in colder weather. The sweatshirt can be either plain in color (such as hot pink) or a hooded sweatshirt from your favorite band. This sweatshirt should still be worn over a band shirt and should be the same size as the band shirt.Also buy a pair of black Converse Chuck Taylor low top shoes. If you want, you can add pink shoe laces to the shoes to add to the emo look. It's important that the shoes are authentic Chuck Taylors and that they are "worn in." To do this, you can either run out into a dirt-filled field or rub some dirt onto the shoes. Music is a major factor if u want to become a emo kids. the music you can listen to is My Chemical Romance and Panic! At the Disco,Fallout Boy,Funeral of a Friend” and “Paramore.

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barrio locko 6 years ago

me la pelas ;D

lauren 6 years ago

emo people are nuts with there hair and clothes but i really date someone that's emo but sense i was emo befor i sometimes like them there some of them are nice but i like cute and hot emo people most!

always alone 6 years ago

hi im emo

i love emos

jerrica 6 years ago

i just found out that i wanna be emo

emo_begginer 6 years ago

EMO rule i love HARDCORE metal and stuff so it was not hard to become an emo the haircut was the hardest step for me

emiii 6 years ago

im emo =) and i totally love it

some_one 6 years ago

i want to be emo it suits my personality but my sis became a emo first so i don't want to copy her she doesn't even at like one :'(

Sammie 6 years ago

I wanna be emo soooo bad and I like the bands and the clothes but it's the dyed hair that my mom won't let me do

SarahSuffocation... 6 years ago

Hey Im Emo

And& That's Not Just Thaa Music Youu Should Listenn Tuu

Secondhand Serenade



Bon Jovi

Bowling For Soup

All Time Low

Jonas Brothers

Framing Hanley


I Love So Many Bands Just Those are my fave.. ^.^

Peace, Love Im Out.x

emo chick 6 years ago

i am kinda emo. i am heading to it and i am only 12 yrs. old not lying and i do give me bright red marks that shows for about 2 to 5 days. and i want to be more emo. how do u act anyhow besides quiet and sensitive. btw i have a crush on an emo dude idk i am going to ask his name and make my move

emo guy 6 years ago

I really want to be emo. I already have black skinny jeans, high top red converses, a black studded belt, studded bracelets, many other bracelets, and tight black band shirts and hoodies. However, I don't want my parents or friends to judge me. What do I do?

emo guy 6 years ago

I cut myself for the first time today. Yay, im so proud of myself. The pain hurts but it feels really good :)!!!!

four nights revenge  6 years ago

i wanna be emo really bad but im scared of people judging me

flyleaf is beast 6 years ago

hey iam 12 and iam emo as it is but people are judgeing me and i still want to be emo but i want them to stop help?

Hi to all 6 years ago

Hello i am a boy 13 years old

and i like to become emo

but i dont know how

i have facebook and i have myspace too


MySpace:EmoAleksandar Gocev

pls send me some instructions ^^

EmoLovee 6 years ago

Im A Emo (:

I Have short emo hair wid bright hightlyts .

But Its really hard for me to find tight jeans bcoz im way to skinny :( where can i get wun ? (e.g. Zara .. Next .. Gap or Primarkk )

hate myself 6 years ago

sarahsuffocation is a posure you r a fake

EmoPeopleAreIdiots 6 years ago

Jeez you guys. Emo is just a term for being emotional. If you wan't to be emotional, go right ahead - but please don't call yourself an emo. I don't see what is the point in being an "emo". We should all love our life, be grateful for all the little things we get to do, not throw it all away by being depressed and destroying your body. Ok, sure you like rock music and such - well, so do I - But being an Emo destroys your confidence , mentally and physically. Our life is valuable and we should have the confidence to say " yeah, wooo I love being me" , Not crying and cutting your self just because of some stereotypical term that degrades people to become suicidal.

People who like the colour black,listen to heavy metal,wear converse and studs and dye their hair black are NOT emo. They are just rocking out their own style.

If you cut yourself, cry all the time, write sad poetry and nearly suicidal then you are STILL NOT EMO. You are just a mentally depressed saddo who needs special help, because you are obviously an idiot. Especially if you call yourself and emo [ which you arent ].

Seriously people, Im not just some random adult who comes on here to talk crap, Im a 16 yr old girl who saw her friend go through this because she thought it was "cool" and she wanted to be "different" --- Well, what Im trying to say is, go ahead,be different .. but don't harm your self and lose your mind just because of what it says in the stereotypical rule book of being Emo.

Because to be different,all you need is confidence , a unique style and a great outlook on life =]

i want to be emo 6 years ago

i want to be emo and i have a lot to be emo about. my sis beats me up and i think her friend hit me in the head so hard that i cant think strait and im not sure if it was her or her friend. im just scared cus once when i was younger i was almost completely emo but my mom ouwnt let me ware band names on my shirt and swetshirt so now life sucks. (i would problibly neverbe a cutter tho)

i want to be emo 6 years ago

ps: my mom would not let me de my hair black.

bench 6 years ago

i want to be a real emo1!

emo hater 6 years ago

get over yourselves, you're just a cheap version of goth.

Emo4Life 6 years ago

Dudes im emo and i don't really care what others think just forget them i've learned to do that :D

i want to be emo 6 years ago

like yall rnt emo to :P

Katie 6 years ago

I'm a 13 year old girl and I'm emo and I've got all the things to be emo but I want to be more me at

emo jr 6 years ago

are Snake bites emo pircing if they are i might get my lip done ^_^ and all of u emo haters are mean :p

Emolove 6 years ago

I'm 15 year old girl ....I'm an Emo and I want to say that if you REALLY want to be emo u have to do it...Its up to u whenever u put tons of eyeliner on or wear a pink dress...

This emo thing has changed ALL my life...I love it.

And in really funny way my hair was all the colours of the rainbow.Pink,green,orange,black,purple and many more....

I don't give a shit what pips think about me.....

zikes 6 years ago

hey, Im 13 and I just turned emo and are sooooooooo proud of myself... but my parents don't know and if they did than they would beat the living shit out of me. Not that they don't already.What do i do?

Duble-H 6 years ago

I would like to be emo!

It would be hard for the hair since long hair for boys (which I want) is forbidden in my school and my future carreer.

Otherwise music isn't a problem since I listen to quite a lot of metal :).

Emos are so hot ^^.

Idk 6 years ago

Heyim12hav lots of friends but don't feel lifes purpose....i mean I wannna be emo but I don't ya know what I mean??pls. !!!some1 help me!?

emo - shina 6 years ago

..........mgandang mgeng emo

mhirap mgeng tao............


im an emo gurl!!! HELLO! MY NAME IS SHINA

PRETTY GURL 6 years ago


NICE 1!!!


PRETTY GURL 6 years ago


NICE 1!!!


diamond 6 years ago

im trying to be an emo gurl but i have a felling that people would not except me for who i am so wat should i do.

Crystal 6 years ago

Im 13, && i wanna become emo badly.

I love them && i think they're so cool

Alisha Arcadegames 6 years ago

Okay. 1) Im emo. 2) All you people claiming to be emo because you hate life? POSUERS. Get a life, emo doesn't even stand for emotional, it stands for emotive hardcore. Go learn. Don't cut, idiots. 3) Stop running around saying you're emo. Nobody cares. If you are, great, cool, nice. 4) If you're being abused, call a teen hotline or the POLICE. And don't say you can't because if you have a computer, you obviously have a phone too. -_-

jasmine 6 years ago

am an emo

ILoveBeingEMO 6 years ago

I love being emo just wanted to say it again =3

i want to be emo 6 years ago

my life sucks. i hate it. now i have the clotes done but as fur the hair; wel lets just say im to young to go shoping unless a parent is someware in the mall and i show them egzactly what i buy. i hate my life and hardcoare punky music rocks!!!!!

death wish uncovered 6 years ago

im an emo its well cool you should go for it but i have naturally long blond hair and im never having it cut emos are cute my boyfriend is an emo hes so cool and put as much black eyeliner under your eyes as possibly it looks great XOXO

i want to be emo 6 years ago

i have naturly have long blons curly hair.

Vanessa  6 years ago

Im gonna become EMO and i think im gonna like it from what im hereing

Emo freak 6 years ago

Hey I'm emo and I have been for 3 years and all u peeps who are prepy need to lay off of emos cause I am 15and of any questions email me

Idk 6 years ago

Help me be come emo and I will be forever thankful.....plz help me! :(

paige 6 years ago

well i want to be punk too but like i think people will think im like a bitch or something n then i went to go get my hair cut like an emo chick at first i hated it but now it looks cute oooo n also i want my hair black but my mom thinks that's soooooooooooo stupid

life's depressing kill me 6 years ago

Stop the hate dude!! I became emo 4 years ago cuz my doctor said i was 'suffering' from a little bit of 'depression' cuz i used to hate life and cut myself before i even knew what an emo was. so i just decided to be emo so nobody would think that i suffer from anything, just that i want to be emo and i get a teeny bit emotional? but seriously dudes, EMOS R HUMAN TOO!!!!! >:( peace.

Emo 6 years ago

I'm 10 I wanna be emo I cutmyself already but my parents will kill me if they find out any help?

shazzy 6 years ago

i really hate my life and i get really depressed and wanna kill my self sometimes and i don't talk to any one and i were lots of really dark eyeliner and i have really dark hair sooo i don't know if i should turn fully emo because im already half emo WAT SHOULD I DO

XEMOX 6 years ago

hi im emo and i think this information really helped thanks#


emo rocks 6 years ago

i want to be emo.. not the cutting part but the dressing and acting part but i dont know how pple will judge me. and idk if i can pull the look off. i am 14 yrs old.

Zoe 6 years ago

im 12 turning 13 sooon and i already loves emos, i think emos rock!, im turning emo slowly, using ur steps! thanks for ur awesome steps. I fink emo boys r like.. the hottest. i always where skinny leg and a singlet, is dat ok?, i have blonde hair tho :P, ill die it wen i reach year 9, cuz im to shy to die it now, if i do ill get 1 pink streek threw it. i hope ill look emo, ima emo fan!, my room 100% emo!


emo hate ): 6 years ago

i wanna b emo i hate myself nd do wat i can too relive my pain BUT crying need more emo tips email at me at plzz

Awesome Dude 6 years ago

I'm not emo, but I'm thinking of becoming one. But I don't think it suits me because I'm way to awesome:P

Scrapped Prine 6 years ago

I don't know what to do, to be emo or not. I think emos are awesome and all but the cutting yourself is just wrong. I really don't know what to do. Please someone tell me what to do. :)

SkAtE pRiNcEsS tAsMiNa KuMiWaA 6 years ago

i want to be emo n am only 11 goin 2 be 12 i luv emo we rock. SkAtE pRiNcEsS tAsMiNa KuMiWaA

emo is awesome 6 years ago

i am 16 i am emo but not that emo i mean i wanna cut my self not like deep cut i mean like small cuts but i don't have the gut to doit plzzz give me advice email me at

C.A 6 years ago

People who want to "become emo" are just dirty Fakes.

I'm not ashamed te say this, it's the trutyh.

So just ask yourself : Do i need to "become" something to please myself ?

Dark moonlight 6 years ago

I absolutely agree with are emo or u are not,u cant just say:Oh,today i decided that I will become emo."

Those who do that are just fakes,no matter how they dress or make up.Often people don't look like emos,but in fact they are,but don't want everybody to know.They are REAL emos.:D

(sorry about bad english)

Kim Fricke 6 years ago

No offense... but this article totally SUCKS. half those people there are SCENE. NOT emo. And those are the really popular emo bands. Which usually aren't as good. I don't really listen to any of those. Most of the emo music i listen to is escape the fate, and black veil brides. And bullet for my valentine. Bullet isn't really emo, but some emo people listen to it.

Here is my view on people "wanting" to become emo...

people don't understand it. They think all the guys are fags, and that they cut themselves, and they hate themselves and the world. That USUALLY isn't it. They are usually just sensitive and quiet.

I'm totally in love with emo music, but I'm not really.. emo myself. I love the style, and i dress like it most of the time, but my attitude isn't anything like an emo person.

Ajia  6 years ago

I now know what click im in. Im in the EMO click and im lovin every bit of it. People say im crazzy, i take it as a compliment. :)

yeah 6 years ago

i love emos

love the life you live,live the life you love 6 years ago

Alisha Arcadegames AMEN TO THAT!

ok people im 12 i love emos but seriously some of you don't even know what emo is you think its just cutting yourself no its a feeling and if you just like the style go scene! its sorta like that

and love your life and yourself


Don't cut yourself or go emo cuz you think its "cool"!

and don't run around saying your emo because

when your emo you don't advertise that your emo you just are

people might think your a poser!

ive been a little bit emo before i got over people calling me names and crap its not that





XEMOX 6 years ago

Im an emo n loads od people say we cut ourselves and are depressed but really we r just quiet and sensitive!

XX EMO XX 6 years ago

EMO peopl are not nuts EMO people are awsome your just talking shit cuz you ain't EMO bitch

emo darliin  6 years ago

i have just become emo and im lovin it :D

person  6 years ago

i wanna be emo and some ppl call me emo but some say i don't :( also i like hurting my slef

kumiwaaa 6 years ago

hi i want to be emo but am black and evrybody finks am weird n a freak what should i do. if u have an answer email me

emo kid 6 years ago

wtf ??? emoZ r soo cool

emo 4 life 6 years ago

the emo thing really fit my personality the hair was the first thing i had the eye shadow percings and so on every one thinks i am do anyone think i should be one because the pieces are there fiting for me to be one

Xx emo xX 6 years ago

i'm 13 and i'm emo. it's perfect for me because nobody understans me and my famliy doesen't even notice me. oh and just to settle this right now emo is a type of music; emotional hardcore, its short for emotional and its a fasion style

YoUNg_lOve  6 years ago

Heyy.. im 16.. and i totallyy adore the Emo theme.. such as the dark cut hair and makeup.. Since my Hair is alreadyy blackk.. its not really a problem 4 me.. i reallyy cant wait until i get my hair cut..! Peace owt!..

imustbeemooooooo 6 years ago

hi im not emo, in actuaLLY A HAApppppyyyyyy person but being an emo seems fun. i wanna be now!!!! ;(

emolabello 6 years ago

your strawberry's a hooker how emo is that. Im nt a bitch but your straberry is reali gay, nd my friends is so emo she is crying cuz she aint emo.

Me=? 6 years ago

I actualy want to become an emo because I'm depressed all the time, missrable and life seems depressing. One minute your playing in the park, next your looking after annoying kids then next in an old peoples home then in a coffin.

EMO PEOPLE ROCK!! 6 years ago

emo people rock! im an emo but i don't cut myself bcuz im not an idiot! but being emo is awsum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$Emo4Life$ 6 years ago

ive been Emo for 1 week and ive been getting way more attention and i love it

demika 6 years ago

i really want to be emo so help me emo please

Amruta 6 years ago


M Amruta I wnt 2 become EMO GIRL

Send me instructions on my

plzzzz as fast as u can

larry  6 years ago

i became emo cuz mi friends were the told i should b come so ya

6 years ago

I am 10 and i am emo everyone worships me at school coz im emo so rock on xxxx

emo zebra 6 years ago

Im emo and i love itXD but i hate fakes

Aksel 6 years ago

emo is to become yor slf style!!!

that's the true emo!!!

sarhang 6 years ago

hi ilove to be emo can 1or2 people help me plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllease.

SARHANG 6 years ago


aldornia 6 years ago

why call yourself emo?If you say your emo or goth or any thing like that then your just a posure and everyone knows why call yourself emo?your just normal,ya sure you dress different and listen to different music but your just a normal shut up your not emo your not goth you just have a lot of emotions... calling someone emo or goth is just don't say your goth or not emo i just dress different than most ppl so that goes to tell you,your not EMO or GOTH so stop calling yourself it k

Betty  6 years ago

Well For Starters, Most Of The People In those Pics Are Scene. From All The Comments Ive Read, I think 90% Of Youu Guys Should Think About Being Scene Not Emo ! Ohhh And Just Because People Cut Themselves Doesn't Mean There Emo, It Just Means That Doing That Is Their Way Of Getting Rid Of All The Pain In Their Lives (Some People Drink, Some Do Drugs, Gosh Some People Might Even Take A Walk Or Some Thing) And When Youu Say "Yeahh Im Emo" That For Starters Is Pretty Much Saying "I'm A Poser". Im Really Not Trying To Be Mean But That's The Facts, And Cutting Yourself At 10 ? WTF ? What Problems Could Youu Possibly Have At That Age ? And Don't Change Yourself Just Because You Want Attention . It Doesn't Always Work Like That, Youu Might Get Bad (Unwanted) Attention. Im Saying This Because I Myself Have Exsperenced Some Of These And It's Not Always Worth It .

Rosie 6 years ago

Hello, im becoming an emo i thinnk :/ and i think im heading in the bad direction because i ve already started the begining of self harming which isn't with knives but the beginning is scratching my self really hard for a long time :S ....

emo kota 6 years ago

i wanna become emo but my mom and dad will kill me so plz help me!!!!!!!!

Emo from 9 6 years ago

Im 11, and ive been emo since i was 9... _._ u can also listen to Evanessence

courtneyyluvsya 6 years ago

i am 12 and i wuna bcome emo, but im scared of people judging me and slitting my wrists x is myspace  6 years ago

hey i want to become emo but i dot know how to i live in junction texas i need help if u can go to my myspace please help name is myspace

alex 6 years ago

my friend wants to be emo and she wants me to teach her cause i am emo i cant really teach her so i went here.

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hi Alex its me i think i can help you cause i am emo to the weird thing is my friend Hailie wants to be emo what's up with that?Oh well her its life i don't really care but i will help her lets hope she wont make a big fit when i cut her hair and might dye her hair jet black and stuff.

alex 6 years ago

Thanks Alexandria for the idea i will come over on monday oh and thankyou to the person who made this website you rock.!

diana  6 years ago

just don't lissen to the people......

i am 12 and i want to be an mo but my mom wont let me i wont care if she dosent

Alexandria 6 years ago

umm ok, why wont your mom let you become emo... just asking.

diana  6 years ago

i don't know she wont let me so ya but send me mesajes to

love emo 6 years ago

umm i wish u guys have myspace well if u do u can findme in okay emos are the besttttttttttttttttt19

Slade  6 years ago

im emo and i love being emo and not all emo guys are gay or bisexuals just letting you know we don't all kiss or make out with guys im 16 and i have dark black hair and snake girls really need to get my number

FatEmo xD 6 years ago

Im 15, and My Name is Samantha, Im leaning toward the emo side. i Have been emo for awhile, just i haven't been able to express it. im over weight. does that effect anyhting?

diana 6 years ago

slade i want to talk to u lol

Hi 6 years ago

This is useless because everyone on here is freaking 10-13 on here!

EmoCupcake 6 years ago

okay, so I just want to make this clear: Cutting yourself is NOT emo!! And you don't have to be bisexual or depressed to be emo. Emo is a very hard thing to define, because some people mean the music, some the clothes- and hairstyle and some the lifestyle when they say emo. But most "emos" (or scenekids) aren't depressed or anything, they just have an alternative style. So plz don't judge emos. They have different personalities just like "normal" people!

daina 6 years ago

yea every one is 10-13 and ???????????

diana 6 years ago

Hi i want to talk to emo people

jade 6 years ago

hey i want 2 be emo but i dono how some 1 plzz help me

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hi Diana. Does your mom knows what emo is i told my parents im emo and my parents still don't know what that is,sometimes their not so smart i told them 4 years ago and still.

EmoLoveeerxo 6 years ago

Wassup (:

i'm emo, and have been for about a year now...

And lemme' tell you, it's been awesome ;D

I don't harm myself, but most of the time i get a bit depressed. I don't write sad poetry, tbh i think that's A TAD SAD.

but don't get me wrong (:

I Love the music

diana 6 years ago

hi alexandria..

yea but they don't care well but yea well idk what to do

Amy 6 years ago

I just found out that i was emo!!!!!!

I love Green day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have an Emo Boy-friend as well his name is Adam!!!!!

I love him!!!!

Alexandria 6 years ago

Well Diana you can think of something.... i wish i could help you.

Alexandria 6 years ago

oh Diana my friend Alex might help you just don't trust him right away last time i trusted him he got us in trouble and it was not so fun.

diana 6 years ago

okay just tell em how

diana 6 years ago

i just needto take the guy out of my head

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hellow again Diana,good to hear from you i have a feeling we are going to be friends or something like that.I will talk to Alex if he's home.Bye.!

diana 6 years ago

okay alexiandria yea so yea i think u are going to be friends

i want to be emo 6 years ago

hello everybody i need a bunch of help to become emo i need help any advice?

karl 6 years ago

i wana be emo soooooooo bad and i love everything about it but im afraid people will judge me and make fun of me :(

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hi karl why are you afraid people will judge you and make fun of you for that? It happens to some emos but not all of them i wish i could explain this better let me think ... well do you care what people think about you? uhhhh I might need to think more bye.

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hi Diana will your mom still not let you become emo well i have to go bye and you didn't spell my name right bye.

Layla 6 years ago

hi guys do u think it ok to b a fat emo as I really wanna b 1 but I'm fat also I don't really no how and i don't think my mum will let me. Help

diana 6 years ago

o oka Alexandria so she wont let me so yea but what's new

Layla 6 years ago

Someone help me! I really want to b emo but I need help

Richard 6 years ago

im a little bit overweighnt and i want to be emo i cut for the first time last night just pressed the knife tille ib led but it was so exhzilerating im 12 and live in england and im realy scared of what people are gonna do al my friends are notemo or anything like that so i will be teh lonely eo.....what do i do?

Richard 6 years ago

oh and i tried being emo for one day to se how it was and i freaking loved it,the hairstyle the clothes and the personality..its so cool but i never said tht i liked it for fear of criticism

Layla 6 years ago

I'm really scared to cut myself wot do I do

Richard 6 years ago

it doesn't even really hurt just pres a reasonably sharp knife into ur arm or wrist till itbleeds a bit the exzileration far outweighs the pain

Richard 6 years ago

im gona use the name water frpmniw on

water 6 years ago


who cares?! 6 years ago

okay ive heard u guys say ohh im scared of what my friends think or my parents will be mad..who cares if ur friends don't like who u r leave thm if ur parents think thts wrong tell them that's who ur gona be and that its just the way u feel... don't cut become emo u don't have to...u don't have to be depressed ... just quiet and sensitive..



richard 6 years ago

i dnt dress like an emo and when i do its very mildly i cut myself to seewhat it was like but that's all i didn't do it again i am quit and sensative is that ok to be emo without dressing like it? i call myself an emotional emo cos i am an emo on the inside but i dnt need to dress like one and make every1 know im emo..i think them people would be classed as "scene"

diana 6 years ago

yeau don't have to dress like one ajjaj okay

richard 6 years ago

that's good diana thanks and do i have to cut? cos i did it once an a day later i got addicted and had a sudden urge to do it again now i keep opening the same cut up just cos i have the urge to is that right?

diana 6 years ago

yea i think its right well yea that's what i do s tell me about u lol

Anon 6 years ago

A whole page on how to be a poser. Wow.

PS, not all emos cut themselves.

richard 6 years ago

its not how to be a poser its how to be an emo and i no that not all emos cut myself but i thinking of cutting down on cutting and only doing it when i realy feel the urge to

richard 6 years ago

i was just watchong some videos on you tube and i realised cuting may give me scars and how deep do i have 2 ut to get scars...atm i only cut till a litle trickle of blood comes out

kristin 6 years ago

that's the same thing that happened 2 me i cut myself once and now i'm addicted

richard 6 years ago

yep it is an addiction other wise evbery1 would ust do it once and stop because t does help me a bit but i dnt cut deep for fear of scars so im basicly addicted to scratching myself til i bleed....stupid eh?

thatsXechick 6 years ago

99% of you blockheads have no idea what you're talking about. You're all a bunch of effing ten year old posers. Stop trying to injure yourself, you don't have the balls for it. Go listen to your Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus CD's and stop making the emo community want to claw their eyes out for being forced to read your spam.

idontcare! 6 years ago

okay so i like the style and i want the style. idk. i totally have some of the personality but im kinda stuck between prep, jockgirl, weird music group, idk all of them and every one of them shows up in what i wear. I have no idea what to do....seriously.

idontcare! 6 years ago

okay so i like the style and i want the style. idk. i totally have some of the personality but im kinda stuck between prep, jockgirl, weird music group, idk all of them and every one of them shows up in what i wear. I have no idea what to do....seriously.

corizma 6 years ago

i think this will help me become emo just like all my other friends and i even might meet more emo friends lol ;)

diana 6 years ago

thatsXechick idk who this person is but why don't u get out of this bitch and leave us alone and yea what if they are 10 years old i am 13 and i loveto be emo and well i hate u so fucken much so yae if u want to tell me something here is my email (

softball chick 6 years ago

i want to become emo

diana 6 years ago

that's cool that u want t become emo

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hi Diana somethig was rong with my labetop so i could not us it for a while i but now its working again well my other emo friends are here and my friends Alex and Eathan are fighting so i halft to go bye.

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hey does anyone know where i can buy Escape the Fate cds ?

Autumn Punk or Emo? 6 years ago

yea im a wanna be i wanna be a emo so bad but what about punk?

Alexandria 6 years ago

Well its your life so wich one do you think is better Atumn punk or emo its your choice.

diana 6 years ago

hey alexandria... that cool know we can talk again..

tell alex i sa hi

ËmØ-Gîr 6 years ago

i went to become emo girl and i love emos

Alexandria 6 years ago

Yeah, Good to hear from you to Diana funnie thing is Alex is here to he says hi to you so hows your summer so far im just doing the same thing thing cutting myself, writeing poems and listening to music you know the usual well its 9:26 pm halft to go bye.

rickie  6 years ago

i love this being an e.m.o it awesome we emo are wicked hot xoxo more tips to be emo like how to talk

princess_of_darkness 6 years ago

heeyy im annie....

urgh im emo have been forr 3 yearss now i cut near enough everyday...i have black hair, black emo dresses balck boots the works and all i need is my other half anyone know where to find him .....??? x

Alexandria 6 years ago

Cool me to.

diana 6 years ago

oh i ge ona at 6:00pmever day well yea but i hent cut myself from a long time so yea ajajajja

diana 6 years ago

oh i get on ever day at 6:00pm and i haven't cut my self from a long time...

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hi Diana how was your day life good to you?

XxEmoxGirlxX 6 years ago

hay all u emos. ^-^

email me at

to chat or just need adivce!

Deeza 6 years ago

I've been emo for quite awhile. People will judge u harshly. I got kicked out of school for cutting myself and I lost my true love cuz of it and I got kicked out of a foster home. And I almost died several times from it. Being emo does not mean cutting yourself it just means that u r depressed and can't handle the emotional pain of life so u need to punish yourself. But I love being emo and I'm proud of of but I no longer cut but sadly I will always have scars covering my arms and legs. If people judge u for who u r then they can fuck themselves in a corner cuz u r u and find people who love u for u :) and if u can't then u have ur iPod and hellokitty Teddy. Xp lol Xoxox

Alexandria 6 years ago

Yeah people sometimes judge me harshly but i don't care i also love being emo to. ^_^

deathly ashley 6 years ago

im 13 n im emo. first off people not all emos have to cut themselves n if they do cut themselves i think they need help becuz its not so healithy to lose all that blood n get it all infected n crap.. anyways being emo is not something u have to have instructions for. its just being urself. but here are the basics of being emo: 1) wear lots of dark color, 2)wear tight clothing, 3) get piercings ( optional), 4) have highlights in hair n layered or choppy hair styles.. most people have it teased for girls, 5) listen to metal n punk or watever u like, 6) there are all types of emos in this world and they all like different things so part of being emo besides the style is being urself, and MOST IMPORTANTLY IGNORE ALL THOSE BASTARDS WHO WANNA MAKE YOIUR LIFE HELL.

trust me its not worth it. at my school since i have black hair n i got a huge chunk or electric orange put in it most people think its really cool other people tell me that im a freak n watever but hey i don't care i mean its what i want that matrters the most!! VALUE UR OWN OPINION ppl!


facebook me if u need anything

im : ashley dang

my profile pic is of a girl with short hair n black glasses the pic is in gray color!

Hailie 6 years ago

Hey I'm new at this and I just became emo I'm Alexandrias best friend

diana 6 years ago

hey hailie yo tambien soy amiga e alexandrias ajjaj

Alyssa G. 6 years ago

heyy im tired of my old look ive had it for years and i want to get my emo look but my family is EXTREMELY strict! can anyone help me??? p.s. i have brown hair and they will only let me get purple highlights....


Cody 6 years ago

I've been a emo for a week and it rocks

Cody 6 years ago

I've been using a razer blade to cut is that ok are should I use something else

Dark guy 6 years ago


Cody 6 years ago

I just cut my self and it feels great I love being a emo

Cody 6 years ago

Any one on line ???

Cody 6 years ago

If any one is on line can I get a shout out?!

Cody 6 years ago

I'll be on line all night someone give me a holler back plz

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hi Cody good to know that you became emo.Diana that's good that you met Hailie she is really nice.

Alex 6 years ago

Hi Alexandria good to here you i want to meet this Hailie person your talking about well Hailie hi its good to meet you or something like that good well its been good talking to my emo fellow emo friends so bye Alexandria,Diana,and Hailie. Bye.

#M!M$# 6 years ago


I'm M!M$,I dont think I'm an emo,but people think i am,I wear skiny black jeans,gray or black dresses,with a black converse,my hair is totally black, so am I an Emo kid????

xLunarEmOx 6 years ago

hi im a 12 yr old emo guy do u guys listen to Secondhand Serenade? rofl i love those songs xD

Cody 6 years ago

Thanks Alexandria emos rule

Cody 6 years ago

Any one on line plz holler

Cody 6 years ago

emos are the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cody 6 years ago

Any one in this chat room thing

Cody 6 years ago

Waz up my emo friends

Cody 6 years ago

I need some help

Cody 6 years ago

Waz up my emo pals online

diana 6 years ago

hiiiiiiiii alex how are u lol?

umm so tell me about u lol?

Cody 6 years ago

Hay Diana

Cody 6 years ago

Any one on line holler at me plz

diana 6 years ago

hi cody how are u

Cody 6 years ago

I am great how about you

diana 6 years ago

tengo mucho miedooooo

Cody 6 years ago

Any one oline holler at me plz

Cody 6 years ago

Lol that was funny Diana

Cody 6 years ago

Some one holler at me plz

Cody 6 years ago

Some one holler at me plz

Cody 6 years ago

Some one holler back at me

Cody 6 years ago

Holler back on here tomorro

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hi Cody how are you?And its good to hear from you write you back soon.

Alex 6 years ago

Uhhhh Hi Diana what do want to know ? Sorry i didn't write to you yesterday i had to work around the house. Oh and hi Alexandria so i halft to go now bye. P.s Hi Cody.

Cody 6 years ago

Hay tall what's up and hello

Hayden 6 years ago

Waz up emos I'm only 9 percent emo

Hayden 6 years ago

I'm codys brother I decided to take the test

Hayden 6 years ago

Send something guys I'm good dogs or should I say emos

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hi Hayden so your Cody's brother? I sometimes talk to him.Well bye.

diana 6 years ago

hi alex..

so tell me how u start to be emo?

hahaa yea coby its that i was so scare..

hi Alexandria how are u?

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hi Diana im fine.

Alex 6 years ago

Hi Diana so you want to tell me how i became emo?How did you become emo well i halft to go know im half uhsleep so i cant write right now bye.P.s Hi Alexandria.

nowwai.xx 6 years ago

i have curly blond hair and i want to be emo :( what should i do ?

maggiekinz ^_^ 6 years ago

im 17 and i spent about 5 years being labelled as emo and i guess it was oki-ish. i kinda matured now and well i am done with labels cuse if yu look at me yu wont be able to" figure me out". ive heard "scene, punk, girly, goth even preppy" its quite insane=] I love being unpredictable so be true to yurselves oh and yuu shouldn't cut=\ i did that too and regret it because my scars are very rethink the cutting thing otherwise stay fashinable ;D tats cupcakess

Hayden 6 years ago

Hay Alexandria this is Hayden send something to me

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hi Hayden how are you doing anything fun so far hows your summer ?

hailie 6 years ago

hey alexandria its me how are u

hailie  6 years ago

if any of u emos want to email me here is my email

thank you

p.s i really want 2 be friends

hailie 6 years ago

i like u alex:D

diana 6 years ago

they like u alex hahha

Alex 6 years ago

uhhh ......... o.k and Diana huhuhu very funny.

Alexandria 6 years ago

Yeah its true Hailie told me she likes you and she talks about you to!lol.

Alex 6 years ago

Aw come on Alexandria stop laughing at me.

Alexandria 6 years ago

Chill lax im laughing cause its cute.!

Alexandria 6 years ago

Oh and hi Hailie wow you have a big crush on Alex dont you.?

Alex 6 years ago

Alexandria how long have we been friends?

Alexandria 6 years ago

6 years why ?

Alex 6 years ago

I wanted to know cause i forgot.Bye Alexandria !

hailie 6 years ago

hi im so bored

emo vampire profile image

emo vampire 6 years ago

hi alexandria 2day im getting my hair cut and dyed black yeah:D

emo vampire profile image

emo vampire 6 years ago

diana can u please email me @

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hailie is that you if it is then hi uhh see you soon !

xx.(:xx 6 years ago

Ok well it seems your all posers. Here's why:

1: you dont call yourself emo. You just dont. Like 99.9% of the people here are posers to the 100th power

2: you dont look up a guide on how to be emo...emo is being yourself.! Not moulding yourself.

3: cutting yourself and flaunting that you cut yourself is retarded. Its NOT emo to cut yourself, its retarded. You neex help if youcut yourself.

the only reason i even came onto this site is because

My friend was googling random crap and saw this and sent me the link, telling me to look at this. I have to say, its pretty freaking hilarious to hear all you posers going: hi im 10/11/12/13 an im sooo emo.! Ooor: i want to be emo sooooooooooo me.?

Posersare a failure. Dont try to be something your not. And im sorry for sounding so rude but its the truth. And the truth hurts. Well have fun

Being a poser.!

Alex 6 years ago

Look i Dont care if you think we are posers if you dont have any thing good to say keep it to yourself these people are nice to you know and when you said well have fun being a poser that was kind of cold just saying. p.s i know you were not trying to be rude i was just telling you this in a calm way . P.s i wasn't trying to be mean to you.

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hey to xx.(:xx that was kind of cold saying well have fun being a poser im just saying youknow

Xx.(:xx 6 years ago

Well its kinda cold telling these kids they need to hurt themselves to be part of a clique. Ps idrc what you think of me. Its my own opinion of myself that matters.

diana 6 years ago

hi emo vampire yeah i can email u haha

diana 6 years ago

hi alex how are u??


Hayley 6 years ago

I wanna be an emo but mii mum wont let me dye mii hair but i can dye it semi permanent so i guess that's cool hehe mii friends sometimes call me an emo and i dont mind cus i really wanna be one....i think it will suit mi personality really good beccause sometimes i feell really unstable and others times i just wanna be left alone??? is that what an emo is ??? i think so :) let me know what you think please cus i cud do with sum advice...thanks x

Alexandria 6 years ago

Yeah if you really wanna be emo then do it.!

Alex 6 years ago

Hi Diana im fine how are you?

Alex 6 years ago

Hi Alexandria

D@®k-@Ng3L 6 years ago

Hey ... im 13 there are some judging assholes at school who think just because i like the look and i think emos are awesoooome i automatically am one, so well lets give them what they want ... emos are the best just like my friends bread

diana 6 years ago

hi D@®k-@Ng3L just dont lisen to them hahah umm?

hi what's up? alex i am good so tell em about u lol

emo gurl 6 years ago

sure i cut myself,and i love my chemical romance,fav color is black,wair skinney jeans and very i emo?

hailie 6 years ago

hey my emo friends

diana 6 years ago

hi what's up?

i love my bf haah tkm jajaj i m so happy

Angel of chaos 6 years ago

I thiNk that EMOS sucks . Ok the girls are xtra hotties but to cut your veins is too much . And I forgot that IT IS VERY AWFULL TO SEE GAY emos

marian 6 years ago

i think its cool

Angel of chaoz 6 years ago

Marian no it isn't it's awful

diana  6 years ago

hi Angel of chaos umm u are that one that sucks...

well i dont cut my self for a guy cuz all of them are the same solo ay un chavo ke no es asi y es ricardo jajaj so yea

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hi Diana! How are you?

Alexandria 6 years ago

Oh right on Diana for saying that to that person :D Bye !!

diana  6 years ago

good and u alexandria yea i am

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hi Diana what are you doing to day ?

Alex 6 years ago

Hi Alexandria and Diana.

diana 6 years ago

hi nada ajjaja y tu umm mi mama ya sabe ke soy emo y no dejo nada jjajja so happy..

hi alex hi como estas?

Alex 6 years ago

Hi Diana

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hi guys waz up .

Blackstar686 6 years ago

the emo bands i listen to are killswitch engage ,bullet for my valentine,paramore.system of a down ,flyleaf,arch enemy ,slipknot, three days of grace ,drowning pool ,papa raoch theres more but i dont wanna bore you :)

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hi Blackstar686 my favorite band is escape the fate.

molly 6 years ago


candybar 6 years ago

i am emo on the inside but im afraid to reveal it im scared people will judge me wut do i do

hottest_ bloodsuker!! 6 years ago

i thnk dat emos r kool!!!!! dats y i want 2 b 1!!!!!!

u kno deir hairstyls nd cloths........dey r jst so kool!!!!

katie 6 years ago

ok.. i wanna becomne emo.. but im not willing to cut myself or anythin.. and there is no way im dying my hair!!! ppl who change, iike dying your hair and cutting yourself dont make you emo and you shouldn't cut yourslef that's just plain stupid!!! i like to waer emo clothes.. and alot of eye makeup.. but i know that doesn't make me emo.. just becoz u cut urself, dyed ur hair and waer emo clothes doesn't make you emo!!! i hate pretenders!..

emothat hates herself 6 years ago

okay hi people im an emo im turning 12 so anyways if you want to be an emo you have to go through things like sad sad stuff like every won hates me for who i am and it isent fair but you dont have to cut yourself well some emos cut them selfs because maby there parents die or when there parents come home and abuse them it is not really fun to be an emo i have a friend that is my age and well i dye my hair and she does to but we dont care if we were in trouble we just did it anyway me and my friend have been emo since we were 5 years old and im kind of saddyness so i dont go out side that much but i shouldn't be talking about my emo life you dont probly want to here it because no one does so so be carfel about what you say and do befor you come an emo trust me people will bother and i went through so plz beleave me and um i guess texed back

emolover 6 years ago

im a 14yr old girl and really wanna be emo but cant cause i have gingery brown hair and im not allowed to dye it also i would probs be takin the piss out of by me brothers ow and like all emos are thin and i dont have a flat stomoach and i am really concious about my figure so wearing tight clothes are not a possiblety :(

(i cant spell cause i probs spelt stuff wrong just sayin)

wantsachange profile image

wantsachange 6 years ago from manchester

yea just saying that is me who typed that ^^^^ but i have an account now :/

emo that hates herself  6 years ago

you dont really have to die your hair like emos there hair style is like any color blond blue watever and it doesent matter if you need to be skinny im a little chubby but ot that chubbyO.O that would be like wat they make fun of fat emo kids i dont know y ??? ow well right back or answer or something

wantsachange profile image

wantsachange 6 years ago from manchester

r u talking to me emo that hates herself ?? :S

hailie 6 years ago

ok so i just was listening to omaha mall it is so funny

Kali 6 years ago

Hi my name is kali and I am 12 I have been emo for 2 Years it is the best thing that has ever happened to me!!!!!

Alexandria 6 years ago


diana 6 years ago

hi every onei miss u alez and Alexandria how are u guyz doing

hailie 6 years ago

wat about me diana?:(

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hailie did you get a letter from school that school starts at august 23rd i did i think they might make us where uniforms B******* :[ well see you soon bye . p.s hi Diana and Alex!! :D

Alex 6 years ago

Yeah i hate wearing uniforms and like you said they are B*******. ps hi Diana and Hailie!

diana 6 years ago

hi hailie perdon a me oh u guyz are going back to school el 23 i am ging back el 18

Larissa 6 years ago

I think i would consider being emo now i listen to all that emo music and I would LOVE to be emo more than anything i think emo is just a group for different people to be different and do their own thing.And emo defines me as different and emotional and you dont have to cut yourself or dye ur hair or anything just be your crazy sad emo different self

Larissa 6 years ago

I also want to be emo but im only 11 and cant wear make-up what do i do ?!!

lise lawson 6 years ago

i have basicaly been emo my hole life .. but my personality is different , im not sad down the hole day , i go out and party and just have a good tym you know .. i love being emo .. xxx

erikaa 6 years ago

i wanna be emo cuz i wanna ppl to know not to mess with me and stop picking on me.

diana 6 years ago

erikaa how old are u lol?

Larissa i can wear make up but well i do and dont care what other people say and i just care about me and my bf

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hi Diana :D

alex 6 years ago

Hi guys

alex 6 years ago

Hi guys

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hey what's up?

diana 6 years ago

hi alex and Alexandria how are u guyz doing?

Alexandria 6 years ago

Not much

diana 6 years ago

o cool jjajaj umm well i am so tierd omg

Alexandria 6 years ago

yeah me 2

Alex 6 years ago

Hi what are you guys doing today ?

diana 6 years ago

good and u alex?

going to go party and forget about todo ajaja

diana 6 years ago

good and u alex?

going to go party and forget about todo ajaja

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hi Diana ! :D

Hailie 6 years ago

hi alex i dont have a crush on u any more

hi diana how r

hailie 6 years ago

sorry i forgot to put the u

Alex 6 years ago

Thank god that girl doesn't have a crush on me

diana 6 years ago

u r mean alex jajaj..

hi alexandria..


Confined 6 years ago

My biggest problem with this, is my parents both hate it when i try wearing black, and don't agree with the fact that i'm trying to go emo. My sisters to dumb to remember the deal she made with me 2 years ago, so i can't get my lip piercings, other then that ive gotten every other thing down to the knot and rope that will kill me in 4 years.

foreverdancer 6 years ago

I wanna be EMO but I can't wear skinny jeans cuz I'm a 13 yearold professional dancer and so my legs are strictly muscle which wakes it impossible to get them on in the first place + my family hates my screamo music + my dad keps delaying my hair appointment + my family keeps basically forcing me to wear preppy girly crap!!!

I wanna be Emo Cheerleader fusion... anyone have some suggestions? email me at o friend me on Facebook

slipknot 6 years ago

hi i love bein a emo its rocks

p.s. emo rocks4ever4lifexx

diana 6 years ago

hi foreverdancer well i was scared to tell my family that i was emo its not that hard u should tell ur famiy that u are emo

gracie goth/emo 6 years ago

i love black and red . blood is *REALY COOL* , So are vampires and spiders if u hav imvu giv me a friends request :graciekaywass / hotguy975 thay are both mine


Casi 6 years ago

Im not sure what i am i have dark brown hair and i dont look like an emo but i cut myself sumtimes and fav colors r hot pink and lime green and black but idk wut i am.

diana 6 years ago

omg ya ni se kaser

Almost Emo 6 years ago

I wanna be Emo but I don't know how Please help I Really wanna be emo I wanna be emo and im 9 years old PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO BE EMO!!!!!!!!!

ashes 6 years ago

im confused about what i am? People either call me goth or emo. I really dont know which one i am? can someone please help me?? i love black n red n purple. I love emo music n i always wear black n stuff. i have multiple ear piercings, and streaks in my hair. if you can help please email me at :

kate downham 6 years ago

i enjoy being an emo, and slit myself and i also like playing tag with knifes :)

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hi Diana what's up Alex was not being mean if his girl friend found out that some other girl likes him she will kill him she's not mean but has a bit of a teamper if you meet her she's really nice :D Bye !!! Oh and Hailie wants you to e mail her if you have her e mail address :D

diana 6 years ago

hi well hailie give me ur email and i will omg i founf thlove of my life

emo chick :) 6 years ago

im emo and proud i first turnt emo in yr 6 im now in yr 10 :)

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hi Diana.That's good that you found the love of your life :D ! Oh and emo chick :) that's good that your proud :D ! Bye :D

diana 6 years ago

well yea he is so cute and well his name is levi

cuddles 6 years ago

i have 2 b com emo bad bad



liah 1250  6 years ago

hii im 15 nd really wanna be emo buut dnt really no how nd think itz difficult

diana 6 years ago

well hi and why do u want to becoem emo

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hi Diana Hey to Cuddles i had a bunny named Cuddles i have a new bunny now his name is patches.Diana what are you doing to day and how are you well im hanging out with my friend Debbie well bye ! :D

diana 6 years ago

hi Alexandria pues solo a ki in my myspace con mis friends ke ay they are so mean to me

imsosickoflife 6 years ago

im emo and have been sence 3rd grade im in seventh now people who need help well here allyou do is get your hair done whenever who care what your parents say get a razor blade or a knife and screw your life if you like someone emo they will like you back just the way you are after that cuz your perfect for them and dont listen to people that tell you well your fucking stupid for being emo their just jealous becuase they cant be emo nothing really can stop you its your life and you body make you future come true

imsosickoflife  6 years ago

the best bands i listn to r

hawthorn height


escape the fate

they have great music

Jadey 6 years ago

I want to be emo like my step sister and some of my friends I have some emo stuf but my mom maybe not so happy my dad would let me I know that so what shoud I do??

diana 6 years ago

hi Jadey why do u care about people its ur body and u can do what ever u want with it

Alexandria  6 years ago

Hi Diana how are you hay to imsosickoflife i listn to escape the fate to one of my favorite songs are bad blood, we wont back down, and 10 miles wide. Bye !.

Alexandria 6 years ago

Diana your right what you said to Jadey, Jadey do what ever makes you happy :D !Bye!. emo's rule! hey can any other fellow emos help me out? Im trying to find more escape the fate cds .

imsosickoflife 6 years ago

i no i love escape the fate most of their songs

!!!life is death!!! 6 years ago

people the world really dosnet matter and neither do you if your life is screwed up like mine sence i was little i was torture i haave scars on my back from my parnts and i have so many friends that are just the same way they are the only people that really understand my pain and i understand ther pain but people really if you are trying to be emo wat is your problem wat is watning you to become emo because if you dont have a reason then stay yourself because you just going to crush it yourself

imsosickoflife 6 years ago

hey derek

!!!life is death!!! 6 years ago

wats up kristina

imsosickoflife  6 years ago

natha wbu

!!!life is death!!! 6 years ago

nothin hey imma come over k

imsosickoflife 6 years ago

k babe see u in a min

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hi imsosickoflife how are you!?

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hi Diana what's up ? :D

imsosickoflife 6 years ago

ok i guess wat bout you alexandria

diana 6 years ago

hello !!!life is death!!! well yeah its true what u said cuz i got a lot of problems and well no one cares about me...

!!!life is death!!! 6 years ago

ya no one cares about me either except imsosickoflife

melissa 6 years ago

hey i am 10 and i want to

becom emo but i am not sure what to do

and i got the clothes but what am i supose to do with the

other clothes that's normol do i just thro it away

and i dont know what to do with my hair cuz i have the layers but the color my parents dont let me get a different color if u got advise email me to................... plezzz

melissa 6 years ago

ohh and sowwy about the bad writing!

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hi Diana and imsosickoflife what's up !? :)

diana 6 years ago

hello alexandria how are u???

hi melissa well with ur cloth give it to some one..

Alexandria 6 years ago

Hi Diana im fine are you ? :)

i love emo guys 6 years ago

hey i want to become emo really bad can anybody give me some pointers

i love emo guys 6 years ago

i am strongly attracted to emo guys and only them does that mean im gey or am i bi

diana 6 years ago

good happy..

hello i love emo guys well my sis always says that i love gangsters and its true so its okay if u love emos guys

melissa 6 years ago

het diana that's what i am thinking

my friend next door wants my clothes cuz

its really pretty and she gots nothin pretty :)

diana 6 years ago

hello melissa

well yeah give it to ur friend

hailie 6 years ago

hey every body how r u diana my email is

diana 6 years ago

okay i will try to e-mail u okay does any one have a myspace or facebook

Erica 6 years ago

I have a Q!

I want to become emo! The style and everything else is easy because I like Paramore, SlipKnot, and Tokio Hotel.

The hair is the hardest part for me. I have shoulder-length hair that is dirty blonde, and has layers. I'm thinking of having it this way:

.removing the layers

.adding black tips to the ends and some near the bangs

.having a side bang from left to right(highest to lowest)

If you have any tips, I'd be glad to know! :P

diana 6 years ago

hello Erica if i was u i would do black and red layers that would look so cool..

omg so mad she wants to be everything

angela 6 years ago

i want to be emo ..

!!!life is death!!! 6 years ago

im so mad

diana 6 years ago

hello angela..

hello !!!life is death why so mad lol???

lifes changed 6 years ago

hey the past few months have bin hard for me two of my family have gt cancer and iv lost my best friend and i eellike im not there and no one cares for me and y mate is an emo and she said f i wanted to she will teach me how to be like her so i said ook she tort me a lot but i want to nowm more. my hair is natlly black and i have started listning to paramore who i love. so i u have nay suggestions add me on msn

melissa 6 years ago

hey diana i have a myspace and facebook

melissa 6 years ago

um diana can u email me

my email

diana 6 years ago

hello melissa i add u to my myspace and facebook okay take to me

melissa 6 years ago

ummm diana my myspace email is

and my facebook email is

emohater 6 years ago

emos suck. what is the point of being emo, you just look like a freak andwhats so wrong with being normal these days?

diana alvarez 6 years ago

hello emohater well if u dont like us leave us alone

stealingtheseason 6 years ago

Im emo, i have been forever.

Let me just say this, all of this stereotypical bullshit is not "EMO" its stupid.

Emo, means emotionally harcore, meaning wear the music.

not all emos cut, and you dont have to.

its about being you and being different, so just if you wanna be emo, you dont have to go cry in a corner.

half of that info, is bull, if your smart you will really figure out what emo means.

Im 14, yeah i cut, that's not what makes me emo.

diana 6 years ago

hello stealingtheseason its true what u say i dont cut my self all the time

puneet 6 years ago


really love emos.............

and i also want to be like emo.........

puneet 6 years ago


really love emos.............

and i also want to be like emo.........

Sad.  6 years ago

Honestly. Your all freakin Posers.

neeraj 6 years ago

hiiiiiiiiiiii guyssssss i want to be an emo

Balh! 6 years ago

I love being emo! i dont need the hairstyle i am in love with a emo character named eli from degrassi : ) and being emotionial isent as bad as i thought i thought it would be when i found out i was emo.

Balh! 6 years ago

I love being emo! i dont need the hairstyle i am in love with a emo character named eli from degrassi : ) and being emotionial isent as bad as i thought i thought it would be when i found out i was emo.

cut my self cuz i'm sad 6 years ago

hi i'm tanisha and i cut my self not emo i used a lot and scard if i dont wake up in the i'm under a of stress a lot i skip school so many times im tried really i got a lot of cut markes on both of wrist i cant stop

diana 6 years ago

i dont get on that much any more but i will try to help u guys ?love u bb u are so cool in love?

hailie 6 years ago

so i haven't been on for a while but that's because my bf doesn't like me being emo :( oh well he will have to get over it well goodnight everybody :) :D :P

hailie 6 years ago

its hella late but diana i tried to email you but it says i cant

diana 6 years ago

well my email its not working but well do u have myspace or facebook so we can talk or make on if u want

hailie 6 years ago

hey diana i do have a facebook my name is hailie pergakis

diana 6 years ago

what's the pic on it

mitch 6 years ago

lols all i need is the hair cut and the skinnies and i guess u could say that i would be emo. but the music suggested in this was bullshit.....okay paramore owns but u left out escape the fate, black veil brides etc etc

diana 6 years ago

well i am a emo and i dont like music of emos i jus dont i have my music and i love it

XxPersiaxX  6 years ago

Heyy People's, Why Do Most Of You Ask Other People To Help You Be Emo? If you Wanna Be 'Emo' Then Be Emo. It's Up To You What You Want To Be =)

And To the Other People = Who Gives A Shit? If You Like The Way You Look Like And Your Personality, Then Why Do You Care About Other People Not Caring, AS

emo love from Japan 6 years ago

emo is love

XxPersiaxX 6 years ago

Just Be Yourself And If Other People Don't Like It Then...Stuff Them :)

And BTW If You Have Facebook My Name Is Persia Michael. Thankyou :) Haha XD xxxxxxx

jenna14 6 years ago

everyone i no calls me emo . but i dont no if i am . could someone plzzz help me

XxPersiaxX 6 years ago

@ Jenna14, Do You Like The Emo Music And Stuff? If You Do Then You Probably Are LOL x

diana 6 years ago

well every one says i am emo

jesseca 6 years ago

i wanna be an emo becauese i like thier style and i'm sad most of the time but the only idea that freeks me out that i heard that they cut them selves and do so many bad things to thier selves so is that true ??

jesseca 6 years ago

i wanna be an emo becauese i like their style and i'm sad most of the time but the only idea that freeks me out that i heard that they cut them selves and do so many bad things to their selves so is that true ??

Khalid  6 years ago

Hey PPL well i wanted to be an emo but i dident understand well can anyone help me Email me on

and thanks for that tip i dident understand XD lol

Khalid 6 years ago

Is Reall Emo's Cut Them Selves???... and ammmm my hair is short what is the best thing to make it get longer faster???? and thanks email on

XxPersiaxX 6 years ago

@ Khalid

Some Emo's Cut Them Selves But Not All Of Them

And If You Trim Your Hair Only Trim A Little Bit Off Because It Helps It Grow :) Lol And If Anyone Wants My E-Mail Its :


diana 6 years ago

my best friend is emo and every one from schools know we are emo is amazing

Anonymous 6 years ago

I have cut myself for years now but only recently did I find out about emo. I always wear black and am quite depressed even if I do say so myself. I'm turning 12 tomorrow but I wish I was never born. The other day I made a pretty deep cut on the back of my hand. I stuck a staple through it as a joke and showed this guy. he almost threw up cause it was bleeding everywhere. I cut my wrists but dont have the guts to actually kill myself. if I could I would. I don't call myself emo but when I was 8 I was considering suicide. Now I find pins at night in an old shed and shove them thru my hand. Please reply if your reading this.

Anonymous 6 years ago

My parents are breaking up and my own father threaded to get me an avo (I think it stands for ....... Violence order) and called me mentally retarded. the guy who saw the staple thing told me I was gonna end up killing myself and I think he might be right. I'm sorry if I sound like a bitch but I wanted to tell someone. I can't tell my councillor because she is allowed to tell someone. Nobody knows so this can be like a secret that is not so secret anymore.

Kizza 6 years ago

For years now ive wanted to become a emo, like have the clothes and haircut and shit. But the clothes and hair just wouldn't suit me because on the outside at school and outside of school i seem to be a happy person, im in the popular group in school and have a Girlfriend. Nobody knows but i play online games and watch heaps of Anime like Bleach and Death Note, and i LOVE Escape The Fate, Black Veil Brides etc. i really need help because if i told any of my friends or my girlfriend they wouldn't understand me and i dont want to lose them or her, but i want to be an emo sooo bad. I hate my life :'(

Please give me some advise.

XxPersiaxX 6 years ago

@ Anonymous .

I Am Soo Sorry To Hear That :'( If You Wanna Talk I'm Here, Even Tho You Dont Know Me, Ive Been Through The Same Thing :(

My Email Is::

Can I Have Yours ? xx

Anonymous 6 years ago

I don't know my email address but I appreciate it soo much thankyou.

diana 6 years ago

hello Anonymous i rally fell bad for u cuz omg its sad that u are 12 years old and u think about killing ur self u are more emo then any of us if u have myspace or facebook just tell me

melissa 6 years ago

i cut myself in sckool yesterday cuz

i hate my after school program teachers

and it fells good =)

diana 6 years ago

hahhaha milissa u are crazy ajjaj

melissa 6 years ago

but it is true

it fells alsome

blackemodude 6 years ago

being emo is cool i have beem one for 2 years

XxPersiaxX 6 years ago

If Anyone Want To Know Anything About Anything E-Mail Me At

I Am Happy To Help Anyone :) xx

diana 6 years ago

idk what to say

mariam 6 years ago

i just wanted to know about the things that make you emo and this question is more for the peaple who are already emos,, how did you become emos???,,, thnx

Kristy 6 years ago

Yeah I am emo and I dont harm my self. But what ticks me off is when those preps started that rumor on how we are cutters... I was laying outside today on this wall thing at my school listening to never shout never when some cheerleader walked by and was holding hands with my ex boyfriend and said look at the little emo loner... My ex is my best friend and he said I know right... Anyways I went on this page because my friend is wanting to be like me..

diana 6 years ago

well just dont lisen me and my friend are emos but well we dont care they always tell me oh look at the stuped emos put its are life

kristy 6 years ago

Do you guys think this will help my friends

diana 6 years ago

idk but i think theres no real friends just the people that u reallyyyyyy know ..... ;( omg sad (:

koukou 6 years ago

plz help me i lik to became emo

diana 6 years ago

what do u need help with?

omg i broke up con mi bf o well its okay what ever theres is like 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 boys in idaho ajaja i think aahah

Kathrina 6 years ago

heyyy i was an Emo once but i stoped soo im gonna do it again. x :)

Love: Katrina. x :)x hope ur okayyy . x fellow emos

Paramore Hayley's my hero 6 years ago

hello uhm I know there's 100 of 100 of people who has said this but I wanted to be emo since I was 8 (i'm 12)...I dont like when people stare at me and judge me ;/ last year I putted my self together and asked my dad about the subject and then I found out that he was a ''new waver'' (I think its called that) at that is the first emoish style (he actually whear it before it where invented) and then he showed me an emo/goth/etc. store! I brought a lot of awesome stuff but when I wear it in the school they stare and keep asking me why I was wearing that... I humble all the emo's out there!! help me? whaat should I do? just wear it with pride? ;}

Paramore hayley's my hero 6 years ago

I weared emo clothes on today!(black nails netgloves a black vest bikechain necklace and skinny darkblue jeans but couldn't find my moms eyeliner...just wanted to ''borrow''it!!)im very proud of my self...but seriously the thing of being emo is the music style but anyways :s..I dont hate people cutting themselves at all I think they have the right to let their feelings come out instead of holding them in them self all the time.but you dont have to cut your self and be despressed to be emo!...and theres no such thing as ''normal'' style! this is MY normal style just because they wear that style doesn't mean we are forced to wear their style..whos with me? GO EMOS!

diana 6 years ago

me jaja its true they always ask u in school why do u dress up like that are u a emo yeah but i dont care what they say

lexi 6 years ago

i Am So GoInG t0 bEc0mE aNd Em0

diana 6 years ago

okay lexi

Damian 5 years ago

im 11 and i want 2 be emo but i keep getting my hair cut wat do i do??

Malek 5 years ago

I want 2 be an emo girl because I love their style and hair and I think their cooool soo I want to be emo just style and a little caractere***

diana 5 years ago

well frist you have to dress up like one of us or of them

boo boo 5 years ago

ok all that think emoing is rong they dont know y people do so they need to keep their commentz to ther self ok cauz we dont care but do share

ga ga  5 years ago

I used to be like an emo, but i changed to become friends with the people i am with know, one half of me is telling me thar i did the right thing.. but then the other half is saying why did you do it. just to become mates with them.. do i become back emo because of my life stress.. or not ?

i what to be emo ahhh!!!!! 5 years ago

hey ok look i need help i really whant to becom emo

but i don't know how so i just go on youyube and chek out

videos but i still dont know how so if u could just help

i would really apriciat it thanxs well peace!!!

diana 5 years ago

well u should be emo umm..

what do u need help on :)

kennedy aka blackout 5 years ago

wow i love to see emo boys no lie they are hot i love emos and i have absolutly nothing against them see i already have the black skinnies im workin on the make up moms be trippin dude haha


XxRaWrThAtUnIcOrNxX 5 years ago

Being Emo isn't just a cover. It's a way of life. Take it from a true spoken Emo girl. I find Emo guys sexy. Yup, I said it! SeXxY! Haha! xD oh and I would like to say something to you @ I what to be Emo ahh! : Emo isn't something you become; it's something you are. Your just made to be it. It's not really a choice. Poser ;D.

diana 5 years ago

yeap its true all what u guys say

Jamie 5 years ago

Im emo and this is the first place I looked. I am nothing like my old self and I love it. Everyone might think ur weaird at 1st but the comments lose their touch after a while. Emo is a way to go if u were like me and could not show ur emotions.

!!!life is death!!! 5 years ago

shes gone im sosickoflife is dead she couldn't take it she had to she killed herself im not leaving her im going with her i will stay with her forever goodbye i never should of done this but i am so everyone who is emo dont do this unless you need to never killyourself for no reason do it for the onee you love or if you just cant live with who you are GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deadly sin  5 years ago

derek its ok just calm down dont do this if you do i will die to im not letting you leave if you leave then i will too ur my best friend how could i left you go ur all i have left i love you how could you do this to me there is more ppl in the world than just her if you would open your eyes you would see im right in front of you and you can be happy with me to

!!!life is death!!! 5 years ago

Ashley im sorry i love you to but i love kristina more ur just not for me i can tell you like kyle but dont kill ur self for me you have a longer way to go than me im not the one you want trust me im not for you and your not for me more can happen to you in your life but mine is about to die out im already almost dead plz just dont kill yourself for me

deadly sin 5 years ago

i love you not kyle i wanna be with you not him your half my heart without you ill have a hole in my heart that's ten miles wide

diana 5 years ago

omgg wowow i thouht about killing myself then i sow a guy omg it was sad he was going to die then i thouht he wants to live and i am going to kill myself dont kill ur self just dont do it


o.o EMO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;DD

girl who wanna be emo! :D  5 years ago

i really want to be emo but my dad says i cant dye my hair! :( and i cant cute myself! :( but i can do all the rest! :) but still it isn't the same! :( so i gess i am parshaly emo! :)

anthony 5 years ago

I want to be emo but my friend thiks i am weard so what do i do

SicxxxxxN£•v€ 5 years ago

I've been emo since fifth grade. People will always judge you and call you names. Get ready do that. I just laugh now.

carly  5 years ago

I really wanna e emo but my mom is afraid of te people and hot topic an she hates using black pen. my dad is a high schol teache but I realu wanna b emo. I own practically no black clothing and if I try to get a emo hat cut my parents would kill me. It's gotten to the point where I can't wait till I get a dorm in college so then ccould buy stuff with my own money. my fried also wants to be emi and age practically has the same problem as me so can u help me? my email is ps: I'm not that kind thy cuts and I listen to slot of rock bands... so on the inside I am technically emo. anyways...HELP!!

diana 5 years ago

well woow i have been emo since idk but umm u have to learn to dont lissen to people i dont lisson what they tell me idk what they say about me what they think about me u shouldn't care about what ur friends will say

carly 5 years ago

yeah I'm afraid ifbi tell my mom shell groundbme for months. and also people might call me a poser becasus if I was normal one day then emi the next. god damn this is hard -.-

angie 5 years ago

wow i just got calld emo now a emo guy likes me what im 13 in in the 7th grad and ive got none of that stuf expt hair and jeans

diana  5 years ago

hello this is diana oh yeah love emo but hi angie how are u? so do u want to be emo or what?

its not hard u just have to not care about things

Mystery 5 years ago

Um. I really wanna be emo, But i am scared to change. Maybe i should do it slowley. Because i dont wanna go to school one day like how i am now, And then the next day my hair is black and i am all emo, It will be so weird. But i am worried that if i do become emo, Even slowley that one day i will be too lazy to fix my hair and Everything because it looks like the emo people spend all day doing their hair. So yeahh. I need help. Can anyone help me? If so, Text me at 937-728-4509..! Please.! Its my dream, I am usually quiet and last year i did cut myself due to my parents getting in a fight and so many people teasing me sayin i should die, And I guess i feel like i dont have a personality only quiet and a loser. ! Help me!!! Please PLEASEEEEE (: Thanks

diana y brandon  5 years ago

hey this is diana well yeah u should be emo slowly and this is my cuzn brandon he is 5 and he wants to say something


eMo  5 years ago





RULE !!!!!

diana 5 years ago

me two

wackychick321 5 years ago

Hey im emo too. People judged me at first but they got over it. My parents let me die my hair all the time and ive been emo from 4 years. I'm actually 12 and love being emo. I look emo but instead of being depressed im actually just starting to enjoy things. That started happening maybe...a month ago. When me and my emo boyfriend started dating. I love emo's. i think their hot and i just love them. Anyone who wants advice about what people will say. just ignor them and everyone will stop with all the stupid comments and remarks. Enjoy being emo ! i know i do :D

diana  5 years ago

yeahp its true

alexandria 5 years ago

hi im emo

ive been emo for a long time but every one thinks im scene

Rayna 5 years ago

emo rockssss!!!

diana 5 years ago


ali 5 years ago

u cant wanna be emo its just happens

diana 5 years ago

its true

Katie Love 5 years ago

hey im 11 and i just started to cut myself my parents dont know and if they did i might be dead but i cant do a lot of emo stuff cuz of my parents there so mean but i need help on how to keep emo stuff from them if u got any advise plz email me at plz i NEED help!!

SAD girl 5 years ago

Im 13 years old.I wanna b an emo.

emogirl#1 5 years ago

Being emo is so cool!

Death_Attack 5 years ago

I wanna b emo I love the clothes the music everything. I hardly have any friends due to my decision. I scare most of them away with my music like Bring Me the Horizon :D but that's okay cuz I'm better of alone anyways. The friends that I do have abuse me and I wouldn't really call them friends D: I stand up to them n we're not friends for a while then they think it's okay to do it again because I don't have the heart to tell them where to shove it!!!But I shall...someday...

diana 5 years ago

hey Death_Attack how are you?

wowow its sad cuz people tell u a lot of things..

i know people think that u are sad all that time and that they can do what ever they want with ya but its not true....... if u dont have friends and u need some one to talk to i am here to talk to u ok

DeathLiesUponYou 5 years ago

I wanna be an emo noow. Is this abnormal to wanna become one?

diana 5 years ago

well i think it is soo tell me abouy ya

Emofairy X 5 years ago

Emo boys are so cute xx

this page is k but you have to add u own style to. xxx

ashlybrooke 5 years ago

Im emoo.. and most of that stuff is truee (:

diana 5 years ago

yeah true it si ahahhhahhah

emo island gurl 5 years ago

becoming emo because my mother cut my hair!...ugh hate her so much

diana 5 years ago

what to doo

black puppet kitty 5 years ago

I`m not emo cause I`m too happy almost everytime but I wear emo clothes and emo haircut

totally love emo style and music...and....especially guys 8D

I love to talk with emo kids and try to make them feel better =^_^=

I_AM_NO_ONE 5 years ago

im emo.....not poser emo either...i got lots of problems....good tips....but thers lots of other bands

Hawthorne Heights

Avenged Sevenfold

Type O Negative

Rise Against



The Classic Crime,

Senses Fail,


Kids In The Way,

Karate High School,

Funeral For A Friend,

Armor For Sleep,

The Academy Is...,

Breaking Benjamin,

The Used,


Smile Empty Soul,


Mayday Parade

diana 5 years ago

i love my bb

Alexandria 5 years ago

HI Diana i have not heard from you in a while how are you.!! -_- . So what are you Doing ?

diana 5 years ago

i know me to i ma very good how are u and alex i miss u guys

sad girl 5 years ago

I wanna be an emo

diana 5 years ago

soo what's new in this page goshhh idk what to doo?

emogirlwonder profile image

emogirlwonder 5 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

i wanna be emo. but of course my mom wants me to be the A+ student who wears pink and sparkles and she refuses to buy me anything emo unless i buy it myself or pay her back. My dad on the other had doesn't care. all i want is to be me and that's emo. and thanks to this i can do it and get around my parents :)

ThisKid 5 years ago

You guys are so pathetic. 'I want to be emo, I am emo!!!' No stop it. You guys are just wanting to become wanna-be's. There's kids in my school who really are depressed and dress in black, then there's the kids like you. I personally dyed my hair dark brown and straighten it, have all the clothes and listen to all the music. I have emotional problems. I didn't go on the internet looking to see how I become 'emo' I just ended up with way. So people like you, especially If you're only 13, should just stop. No one will think it's cute, no one will want to be friends with you. Just be who you are and don't become someone your not. This article was a waste of everyones time.

diana 5 years ago

its true cuz i am emo and i am ur age soo u have to be who u arre some people just com to this page like 1 time and then they just forget it soo idk

emolovergirl 5 years ago

Hi, i'm 12 yrs. old. I became emo like 7 days ago, and when I cut myself it feels so good, i love the feeling of the pain! I have all that stuff, except the hair, well i have the bangs but my hair is like a light brown, so i need to die it, which i am!

Lemonnie 5 years ago

I am tired of the same old look, and would like to try this new emo-look , Im a fan of the colourful hair :]

BUT is there an age limit on this look?

Is it mainl for people of younger ages, like 10 - 15?

Im 16, almost 17 and Id really like to try this look.

Anonymous 5 years ago

Fuck did " !!!life is death!!!" actually kill himself excuse my horrible language, but that's thoroughly disturbing. O my god I hope that guy is still alive. Somebody commits suicide every 40 seconds I hope he wasn't one of them. If he committed suicide then 'deadly sin' said she would too. Aw crap that's two young adults ready to commence their life when suddenly.... Life and love are cruel, and society's prejudice towards us doesn't help either. It's like they want us to die. The greatest insult to modern society's narrow mindednesd is to keep living. That would be a massive slap in the face to all those motherf**king bastards out there, but have u noticed most intelligent people end up committing suicide? Virginia woolfe, Jeff Buckley.... I'm sure there's others too but these brilliant people's lives are snatched away. It just proves sometimes you have to be a little nuts to be successful.

Emo beginner  5 years ago

Hi I'm 13 and I'm thinking of becoming emo any advice

diana 5 years ago

i am not going to read all that okkkkkkkkk soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo what's newwwwwwwwww every one what are u guys up to

Selena Hoemez 5 years ago

Oky I Am Satartng To become Emo So What Words Do I Use?

Emo 5 years ago

Hi I want to be emo but my parents are deeply christian they wont let me dye my hair or let me get the clothes what should I do

diana 5 years ago

yeah its hard when they dont let u put idk umm idkk what to do if i was u....

u dont us words..

Emo 5 years ago

I know I'm not the only kid with this problem and any help would be appreciated

Ben - s 5 years ago

Hi I am Emo but I have an account now

Alex_EmO 5 years ago

im 17 and yeh, im an emo one.

emo chick 5 years ago

im 12 yrs old, no kidding, i am going to be emo but im not allowed to have my hair dyed black and i cant straighten it cuz its super curly and i already have highlights! yahh

diana 5 years ago


Alex 5 years ago

i am 16 and i want to become emo but i afraid i will get judged by my familly and friends

... 5 years ago

Ihave the scene hair but idunno how to brush it.

&&d idunno how to do the make-up helppp please

diana 5 years ago

well hiiiiiiiii u just but eyeliner and u shoudent be scare at first it is but then they get over it

emo_chick24/7 5 years ago

I'm gunna be 12 this year comin I mafe a choice to become emo now I told everyone I became emo and they don't judge me at all ! I have the hair to I'm puttin purple highlights

P.s. I didn't tell my dad but my mom knows o and the best band is asking alexandria and black veil brides

emo_chick24/7 5 years ago

I'm gunna be 12 this year comin I mafe a choice to become emo now I told everyone I became emo and they don't judge me at all ! I have the hair to I'm puttin purple highlights

P.s. I didn't tell my dad but my mom knows o and the best band is asking alexandria and black veil brides

Angle 5 years ago

hey u wannabes wat u have nothing better to do besides cutting ur self going on blogs...bullshit u emo people r hella stupid one y cute ur self two y hate life three live out ur that i mean some of u r probly teens so go to the future would u really want to be known as the guys/girls who dont go to dances and sit home crying cuz they think their life is jacked well maybe b4 u guys start saying ur life is jacked start thinking about the little kids who dont have families or have parents that dont not triein to be mean its just wen i was a teen i called myself emo well i wasn't yeah i cute myself bcuz i thought i had a horrible life my parents got a divorce wen i was 13 and that hurt me i went with my dad while my siblings went with my mom i never saw them again then i started cutting myself then i went and took a walk one day i saw a kids mom who was just shot i stopped being emo and loved life to the fullest...i am 19 now and am doing a great job in school workin a job and going home to make dinner for my dad everyday...

Gaaah 5 years ago

Sooo i like..Ive always been a normal dresser, Acne'd up and chubby but emo is just the way i am..I cant get the nerve to switch into it though....GAH! Buutt like im too shy too...Soo -.-

laura elizabeth 5 years ago


derek 5 years ago

hey u people that want to be emo u should probably start with the music no fake shit. These are good bands that u should listen to:


Bring Me The Horizon (BMTH)

Suicide Silence

Blood on the dance floor (botdf)

All time low

Black Veil Brides

My Chemical Romance


Escape the Fate

Eyes Set To kill


The Medic Droid

Dot Dot Curve

Become Bi if ur a guy sound gay. Skinny jeans, gauges, lip rings snake nits or spider bites. Highlights purple or pink, sky blue, red. Die hair jet black first

Get jackets from hot topic that are colorful. Make sure all clothes fit u tight. and get some shirt that are skin tight. Socks for girl usually are colorful striped and have skulls. For guys jus black socks. Shoes: converse or vans stuff that have checkers or skulls on them. Get colorful shoelaces.

Buy band named cloths

Wear make up. eyeliner or mascara

Um cut wrist.

get emo hair cut jus find a emo hair cut nd tell a salon to fix ur hair like that. other than listen to more emo bands i think i left u with a very good start.

Danielle 5 years ago

Alright Emo does not mean Emotional.

It is short for Emotive Hardcore, which is a genre of music.

Not everyone who is labled "Emo" cut themselves. People who cut themselves are called "self harmers" or "cutters".

Just because you wear "emo" clothes, does not make you emo.

Here's a contradiction. Emo is a genre of music. You can't be a genre of music. Sorry Wannabes!

emo love 5 years ago

emo love

oh my goss i just bcome an emo :D

emocat 5 years ago

i am an emo but it is hard to get my parents to accept me for who i am .....

lol 5 years ago

i want to become emo but I'm afraid of losing my friends

Markk  5 years ago

Hello people. I am mark I am 14 going on 15 . Any ways I just wanted to tell the whole world that I hate it when people call me emo and than check my wrist. it's sooo stupid don't u think. Just be cuz I am emo dosent mean I cut my self I am just emotionl . That's wht emo means. So when people call me emo I just say allrihty and putt my head phones back on . Butt I hate when preps refer to emo as cutting ur self. That gets me soo pissed. Well people reading this I just wanted to speack what was on my mind;) thais for reading

Natalie 5 years ago

Hi, im 12, 13 in January and i really want to be emo i have done since i was 10 but never had the guts to do so please help

email me at

EmoIsCool 5 years ago

i Rely Luv Emo...

N Am One...

But I Just Cat Stop Cutting myself!!!

Can A Person B Emo If She Doesn't Wear Emo Clothes???

gahh 5 years ago

All You Guys Are Complete Posers.. You Don't Go Around Calling Yourself Emo. God. Who Cares What Emo Stands For. It's Practically Its Own Word Now.

CryForMe 5 years ago

Perhaps, maybe- if all the emo h8ers stfu, we could answer each others questions, but that's impossible, because nosey people keep shoving ideas down on OUR conversation, but as we've learnt, its another dissapointment :) and don't worry if other people think of you, it doesn't matter. just ignore them- and stfu if you think that emos always cut thierselfs, i've been emo for 7 years, and never once has a knife touched my wrist. stfu. :)

Annie 5 years ago

They who don't like emo's .. Don't need to wrote her then.

Jenrawr. 5 years ago

Guys, im an emo, belive me. i got bullied coz' it and now i stood upp for my self coz' that was what i wanted to be.. now i have loads of friends who like my bands[MTH,BVB,PARAMORE] its up to you what you do. not other kids. and you dont need your hair dyed to be emo. i have mines reddy and it looks so cool. Be what you want so and not what other people what to see in you. I love myself for being emo. it makes me feel good about myself[im not one of those emo's who are like ' NOO, I HAVE A ZIT, I HATE MYSELF'] I like being a happy emo:], member. be your own person:)

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