How to choose and buy shoes?

You know how to buy shoes? "- Well, you must know something to buy shoes?". Absolutely! The purchase of shoes wrong can bring several damage to his feet, legs, knees and even the column! If you do not want to have future problems, watch it! See howlearn to choose your shoes properly.

Experts suggest that the buying of shoes should be made in the late afternoon or evening because feet swell during the day. This prevents you buy those shoes that thought it was great, but then will squeeze your feet! Try them (two feet) is also important, because we all have one foot larger than the other!

Add also that "andadinha" by the store you are buying to see if the shoe really comfortable and gives you sufficient balance. Go to one side to another, stay awhile with the same standing. The shoe must be comfortable enough! Do not even think about falling in the maw of the salesperson who always says you get used to! You need to feel good about them at first "sidewalk."

If you choose a high-heeled shoe , make sure that your feet are not sliding forward. If sliding is because too much pressure is being placed on the feet.

The shoes must fit well to the feet. Experts suggest that the jumps must be between 3 and 6 cm. Shoes too low (like "rasteirinhas") also makes a darn bad! It takes at least a "small jump". These tips for choosing shoesapply to both men and women!

This does not apply to men only on high heels! Take care of your feet! Feet well treated ensuring balance and stability in your body. Choose well and buy the right shoes!

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imranhaider 5 years ago

great . i will do this purchase

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