How to Eliminate Cellulite at Home

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a problem that affects the vast majority of women, always a nightmare. The holes have an aspect of orange peel, it is an infection of the skin tissue in a surface layer but not enough to externalize. In more advanced cases the area may become red and hot, but this is something natural. Cellulite is a common evil and does not cause health problems, the damage is only cosmetic.

What causes cellulite?

The main behavior that results in cellulite is food, the great villains are soft drinks, fried and fatty foods, excess salt, sweets, refined foods and canned foods. Other influencing factors such as physical inactivity and dehydration (lack of water in the body). Extremely tight clothes and the constant use of jeans can also end up aggravating the condition of cellulite.

How to prevent cellulite?

Preventing cellulite is something quite simple and can be done without spending almost anything, the first step is to follow a healthy diet, the base of natural juices and whole foods, and eat plenty of vegetables. Practicing physical exercises also help the body to release toxins, avoiding the appearance of cellulite. Who wants to keep healthy and without cellulite should drink plenty of water. Some creams can themselves be used and show results, but the use must be regular.

Treatments that kill cellulite

Many people question whether it is possible to eliminate cellulite and the answer to this question is YES! A change in habits can end the problem, but if the cellulite is quite evolved treatments only alleviate. There are aesthetic treatments that reduce considerably the cellulite, and fashioning the body. Among them we can highlight the lymphatic drainage, which drains the fluid accumulated in the body, reducing localized fat and cellulite.

Tips on how to end the cellulite at home

There are ways to combat cellulite without having to attend a beauty clinic, with appropriate products and discipline to apply. One tip is to exfoliate with the product of your choice and then massage the affected areas with green clay, which helps to combat cellulite and localized fat. The anti-cellulite creams can also be used regularly. In addition to using these products, the aforementioned care with food and exercise never should be abandoned.

Recipe for homemade body scrub

To make one scrub at home without spending almost anything you can mix five tablespoons of sugar, five tablespoons of almond oil of any brand, mix thoroughly and massage the scrub into your body gently with your fingertips. The homemade exfoliating shown excellent results and have the advantage of being very cheap.

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