How to get rid of Acne without Products

How to get rid of Acne without Products

There are several causes for acne. All of them are internal, involving the chemistry of our body and other biological processes that occur in everyone. The causes for acne have little to do with the products you put on your face, like soaps and creams. What affects the appearance of acne is more related to food - mainly food, medicines and food supplements.

The main causes of acne are stress, cholesterol, blood sugar spikes and hormonal imbalance. Anyone can have one or more of these problems. Acne is the result of a problem that already exists, and can currently be relieved with medicines such as antibiotics and topical treatments. But if you try to cure acne by improving your diet, you can cure the root causes of this problem. This will not only improve your skin, but will also eliminate problems caused by poor diet, improve your overall health and avoid the side effects of any medication.

The good news is that acne, in most cases can be treated through simple changes in diet - and see that the foods that help solve acne also contribute to a healthier body and mind. In general, you should increase your intake of healthy foods like whole grains, nutrient-rich fruits, healthy fats like omega-3 contained in fish oil, nuts, grains and vegetables. It is also important to stay away from foods that harm your health, including the most obvious, like fast foods and processed foods, but also others such as red meat, milk and other dairy products.

What we want to show is that you don't need to spend money on miracle products or subject your body to unpleasant and potentially dangerous drugs, to have the skin without blemishes and pimples. Just take a look at your diet. Try to eat according to the guidelines contained in this article for three weeks, at which time you probably will notice the results!

Regular exercise is also great tip if you want to have a health and beautiful skin, you may just run a few miles 2 or 3 times a week and you will see improvements on your skin condition and on your health in general.

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