How to Moisturize Curly Hair

How to Moisturize Curly Hair

You can no longer endure the lack of brightness, the excessive volume and curls? That's because it is curly hair, curly from the scalp. This complicates the distribution of natural oils from root to tips. To circumvent the problem without spending much time and money, nothing beats a homemade hydration, the proper way and with the right products. Check out this three processes and try them. Will not burn in your pocket or disrupt your schedule. And the result, believe, will be visible in the mirror!

Before that some advises on how to take care of your hair:

  • It is very important to use good quality products;
  • Use shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer of the same line, as they have compatible pH;
  • Avoid products 2 in 1 because they can leave a residue of conditioner at the roots, which may bring future problems like fall and weakening of the hair;
  • The conditioner should be used in length and tip of the hair, never the root, although a dry hair;
  • Massage the scalp while spreading the shampoo stimulates blood flow, make circular motions with your fingertips.

Dry Moisturizing

If your hair is with split ends and dull, attention! It is probably losing important nutrients and moisture. Do not be discouraged. Moisturize with products without wires rinse called leave-in. In spray form, fluid or cream, this type of cosmetic form a protective film that prevents the evaporation of water and closes the cuticle of the wire. The result? Curls soft, pliant, disciplined and focused.

Reduces the volume, eliminates friction, slows the appearance of split ends and hydrates the hair every day.

Disadvantage: If you exaggerate the amount of product, your hair will get sticky.

How to apply:
Wash with shampoo, skip the conditioner, rinse and dry as usual. After drying the hair, use the leave-in. Attention to the quantity: 1/2 tablespoon (coffee) if the hair is short, 1 tablespoon (coffee) for full size medium and a spoon (tea) if it is long. Do not pass on the root so the hair does not stay with a dirty face! Knead the curls, with affection, to define them.

When: Repeat for 10 days or when the hair is horrified and scorched.

Wet Moisturizing

You know that day you want to take a longer bath? Take advantage of a rapid hydration in the shower. The warmth of the water will facilitate the penetration of nutrients in the hair.

The process is very fast and you can tell the result as soon as you leave the shower!

Disadvantage: Hairs with excess sebum can get even stickier.

How to apply: Make sure the shower water is warm, the high temperature removes the natural oils of the hair, making them even more parched. Wash hair with usual shampoo. Apply small amounts of moisturizing mask on the hair. If you have short hair, apply an amount corresponding to a coin. If your hair is average, double the amount. For long hair, the dose should be tripled. Rub wick by wick, from top to bottom, and wait the time recommended on the packaging of the cream. Rinse well. Take care not to waste the product, they can turn to an unwanted heavy look hair.

When: Repeat hydration once a week.

Heat Moisturizing

Lack of gloss and curls? Easy! Your hair needs a more intense and profound treatment. Hydration made with hot towel or thermal cap facilitates the absorption of the ingredients for the hair fiber. Cosmetics for this type of hydration are enriched with assets that help to regenerate the structure of the hair. The masks are formulated with vitamins (like A, which improves the elasticity), sodium (which helps control the balance of water), silicons, glycerin and fatty acids (which favor the softness and flexibility).

Advantages: It is an intensive treatment that leaves curls soft and shiny.

Disadvantage: It takes more time: you have to wait about 20 minutes to let the mask act.

How to apply: Wash your hair with shampoo and then remove the moisture with a towel, but without squeezing or rubbing the hair. Separate your hair into four parts and place a small amount of hydrating mask in your palm. If you have short hair, use the equivalent of a coin. If you have medium length, double the quantity. For long hair, the dose should be tripled. Rub gently wick by wick, from top to bottom. Wrap hair in a thermal hot cap towel or aluminum foil. Let the product act for 20 minutes. Finally, rinse well, to feel that there was no residue of the product.

When: For hairs without chemistry, the process should be done monthly otherwise should be done every 15 days.

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