How to Strengthen Nails

How to Strengthen Nails

Everyone, especially women, want stronger nails, because the strong nails are less likely to break, resulting in long and beautiful nails. However, each ones nails are different: Some people are born with naturally strong nails, while others do not. If you think you're constantly breaking your nails or feel that they are very fragile, read on to discover how to strengthen your nails.

Use latex gloves to protect your nails

Use latex gloves so that your nails do not become weak when you expose them to water or aggressive chemicals, such as when you're washing dishes or sweeping the floor. If gloves are not available, limit the amount of time you spend with the nails on the water and dry them soon after to keep your nails dry. This will reduce the risk of nail breakage.

Do not bite your nails

Do not bite your nails and do not put them in your mouth. The habit of biting nails is a bad habit for the health and well-being of your nails, besides showing anxiety.

Do not use artificial nails

Refrain from artificial nails if you want to strengthen your natural nails. Artificial fingernails are very harmful and may cause infections, in addition to weakening the nails. Instead, choose the health care of your own nails.

Use oils in your nails

Rub the oil into cuticles every night before bed so that your cuticle can absorb nutrients and stay hydrated and healthy. Among the oils that are more beneficial to your nails are the flax seed oil, almond oil and olive oil. Whatever oil you choose, it will make your nails grow stronger.

Use a nail strengthener

Apply a nail strengthener twice a day for the nails to grow stronger and more resilient. There is a very large variety of products on the market to choose from.

Drink milk

Drink at least one glass of milk or a vitamin supplement with calcium. Calcium is helpful for the growth and strengthening of the nails. Leafy vegetables are also rich in calcium. A healthy diet will promote not only the beauty of your nails as the health of your whole body.

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