How to Treat Deep Wrinkles

How to Treat Deep Wrinkles

For those out there with wrinkles, there is hope for you. Those who have deep facial wrinkles look and feel older than they actually are and for a good number of people, it affects their self esteem. You may have tried a cream to smooth over your skin, but at best you only saw mild improvement. The reason is that the cream is meant for light wrinkles, so those with deep ones are out of luck. Your course of action will have to be a surgical one and by doing so you will be guaranteeing yourself that you will see better results with it. Every plastic surgeon has different methods about what method to use, but they all will give you a remarkable improvement.

The most common method that doctors use and that you have heard of is Botox. Botox can improve your current wrinkles, but its primary benefit is to prevent your existing wrinkles from getting worse. Another option is to inject synthetic material into the wrinkle and therefore filling it. This will improve your features drastically, although some people have reservations about using synthetic materials on their body. Hands down, the best option for deep wrinkles is using a laser on the affected area. The laser resurfaces the skin, causing your skin to tighten in many areas, and making you look younger. One downside to this approach is that you will be out of commission for about a week as your face heals. Those that have undergone this procedure said it is like bad sunburn that heals in a few days. The vast majority of plastic surgeons will recommend using a laser, then following up that procedure with Botox injections or filling in the old wrinkles with synthetic materials. Their mentality is that by using the all of the above approach, you will see the best results.

Before undergoing any form of plastic surgery you need to do three things. The first is you need to decide that this is something that you actually want to do. If that is the case, you need to do plenty of research on the matter. Look at before and after photos and customer reviews about what they experienced. Lastly, you need to find a doctor that you are comfortable with and that shares your belief about the approach you want to take on your body. Wrinkles are a common part of aging, but many people have an excess number of wrinkles. Deep wrinkles need to be treated by a doctor for the maximum results. 

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