Learning How To Tattoo

How to tattoo
How to tattoo

How to tattoo

Tattoos, for most people, are a form of art. Though some may think of them as a statement of being 'punk,' most people with tattoo would only describe this as a way of how they express themselves - in the form of body art.

Tattooing as a form of art

The art of tattooing is itself an ancient art form, dating back in the ancient times when tattoos were meant to signify a person's rank or standing in the society, or even how fearsome one is in battle. Today, tattoos are still recognized as a form of body art. Many tattoo artists now find their way to fame, with their designs ranging from emblems and symbols to the more sophisticated creatures (dragons, phoenix, etc..) and even human pictures.

The materials and tools used to create tattoos also evolved with time. During those times, the main materials used were needles and ink and all tattoos are permanent. Today, there are even non-permanent tattoos that can stay visible for weeks before finally fading out.


Homemade Tattoo

The development of tattooing materials paved the way for a more newbie-friendly way of making tattoos. Homemade tattoos (most however aren't permanent) are even possible to be created, and learning how to tattoo deemed easier than before.

Becoming a Tattoo Artist

Mastering how to tattoo and becoming a tattoo artist is more than just ordering a tattoo kit. Honestly, it takes a huge deal of time, effort, and even money to become a good one. Training is also a prerequisite, as there is a huge understanding needed for the drawing, forming and coloring principles as well as the technology needed. Of course, proceed only if you know you have the talent, as you don't want to be having a bad reputation for a pretty lousy work.

However, you must not be really all objective about learning how to tattoo. As it is very much important for a tattoo artist to have fun and enjoy his work. Remember that the artist' attitude is always reflected unto his work, and so having while tattooing ensures a high quality finish.

Pre-made Tattoos, Pictures, Images

Of course, having pre-made tattoos would make your journey mastering how to tattoo ten times easier. It's best to take advantage of these.


On Becoming A 'Pro'

The road to becoming a top-quality tattoo artist is still quite far, and so there will be many things to look out for in your journey. Here enumerated are some of the most important:

  1. Perform the highest quality work possible. Ability - that will be your most important asset as a tattoo artist. Though that alone won't do it, chances are if you don't have that kind of unique tattooing ability your chances of becoming a pro are slim. Know your equipment, as well as how to do some special tattooing methods. That will impress your customers and make yourself a name.
  2. Your reputation matters. How does a tattoo artist get clients? Stats show that 75% are from referrals! That's why take care of your business' reputation, it'll be your key to success.
  3. Be professional. Well, if you want to be professional then act like one! Take care of your appearance and make your client feel secure and be comfortable with you. Moreover, follow all safety procedures! Clean your tools afterwards and take care of your equipment. Your client's safety also matters.
  4. Business is business. Though you're in it for the art, business is still business in the world of tattoos. Keep up with the bills, requirements, and work, but do enjoy them as you go.

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