What to do:

Step 1

Just before bed, apply your favorite moisturizing lotion on your hands and wrists. Let it stay very visible. Do not thoroughly run it on.if you don't have a very good heavy moisturizer, I encourage you to use VASELINE.

Step 2

Put cotton gloves or cotton socks on your hands and proceed to bed with them on overnight.

Step 3

Remove the gloves/socks at morning time.Take your apply and scrub your hands and wrists for 60 seconds. Rinse off.

Step 4

You can make a hand scrub by mixing a tablespoon sugar with a few drops lemon juice or olive oil.Now you can wear a moisturizer all over your hands.feel free to repeat once a week for perfect results.

.Use cotton gloves/socks

.For better circulation please do not use very tight socks/gloves


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