Hunter Rain Boots on Sale

Classic Hunter rainboots
Classic Hunter rainboots

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Welcome to all those who are seeking shelter from the rain! Hunter are the rainboots which all other rainboots aspire to be. Similarily, if you wanted to buy a trench coach, you would think of Burberry and if you wanted sheepskin snow boots, you would definitely go to Uggs. It's now soggy in New York City, and the most stylish women are sporting Hunter rain boots to fend off the wintery blues. Just go outside and you will see them paired with sweater vests, mod mini dresses, pencil skirts and men's trousers, and the result is always consistently chic. The color palette is striking, with black and silver exuding a modern flare, while bubblegum pink and baby blue provide a playful balance.

Hunters were born out of necessity in Scotland in the 1800s, as a means of combating crazy weather and navigating rugged terrain. Today they are also dictated by a need women have in their everyday life and prove just as relevent in the heart of New York City.

I'm happy again. I'm singin' and dancin' in the rain.

My friends often complain about having to brave the pouring rain while waiting for the train and getting their jeans soaked even though they are carrying an umbrella. Sympathy aside, I tell them to invest in a serious pair of real water repellent rain boots - something that will keep their feet (and jeans) nice and dry. Something that they can wear and not have to worry about avoiding puddles or slipping on a muddy patch. Something that is versaitle and of high quality. Something like the classic Hunter rain boots.

Check out these Hunter Rain Boots on Sale!

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Fleece stockings for your Wellies
Fleece stockings for your Wellies

Hunter Silver Wellington Boot

Kate Moss made Hunter wellies famous a couple of years ago when she sloshed around in the mud at a Glastonbury music festival in a black pair. Now, those same boots have been reincarnated in the form of these these Hunter Silver Wellington Boot ($125), with a shinier, brighter finish.These boots are so simple yet so sleek and functional that I sometimes look for the puddles! These are serious no nonsense rainboots. Just what the doctor ordered for an otherwise dreary forecast. Would wearing these be enough to make you feel shiny and bright on a rainy day?




Colourful Hunter Fleece Welly Socks

We've established that wellies are great at keeping your toes nice and dry, but for anyone who's spent a few hours in the rain knows, they're not always great at keeping your feet warm. Without sacrificing any style points, Hunter boots have come to the rescue with these colorful fleece "welly warmers" which are designed to fit inside the boots and peek over the top of the boot. In a subtly contrasting color these warmers will not only keep your tootsies toasty, but they also add a feminine quality to these gutsy galoshes.

Get your Hunter Fleece Welly Socks here.

Playing in the mud in my Hunter Wellies

Kate Moss at Glastonbury in her omnipresent Hunter boots.
Kate Moss at Glastonbury in her omnipresent Hunter boots.

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James D. 7 years ago

I went to Bloomingdales on 59th and lex last year, and I purchased a pair of hunter boots. They had sold out on every color except burgundy. I bought them even thought I though they kind of look girlie, but my friends love them and the color.

Twister 5 years ago

I think they would look awesome on a guy,would love to see you in them.

philipandrews188 profile image

philipandrews188 5 years ago

Very useful.

nfl cheap nfl Bears 90#PEPPERS on sale 5 years ago

these rain boots looks nice,love it

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