jojoba oil

Jojoba oil - beauty miracle

Jojoba (pronounced ho-ho-ba) oil is an essential oil, 100% natural, easily found in health food stores, with an amazing effect on skin and hair. There are literally dozens of uses for jojoba oil, with amazing results. No need to buy several different expensive products promising to smooth frizzy hair, make your skin soft and get rid of spots. Jojoba oil will do all these things and is a completely natural product, unlike the commercial products which contain hundreds of chemicals.

In addition to this, jojoba oil is cheap, especially compared to commercial skin care products and will go a long way - most uses only require a few drops so a bottle will last you a very long time.

Jojoba oil is safe for use in pregnancy and can be used as a massge oil to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Jojoba oil uses

Jojoba oil is a cleanser – use it on a cotton ball to remove makeup and it’s gentle enough to be used as an eye makeup remover. Simply sweep it over your skin and remove the residue with another damp cotton ball.

Jojoba oil is a moisturizer – jojoba oil is the closest thing found in nature to the oil produced by human skin, making it a perfect moisturizer. It won’t irritate even sensitive skin and won’t aggravate spots. Even if you have oily skin, jojoba oil can be used to moisturize without aggravating the problem as it will discourage your skin from producing excess oil. Just massage into your skin sparingly – a few drops is enough for your face.

Jojoba oil is a conditioner – jojoba oil can do amazing things for your hair. Add it to your normal conditioner  or use a few drops smoothed over dry hair as a serum. For really dry hair, massage into damp hair, wrap with a towel and leave for a few hours or overnight before washing out.

Jojoba oil is a shaving oil – use a few drops before shaving  under your normal shaving cream to reduce razor burn and make your skin soft and smooth afterwards.

Jojoba oil is a massage oil – use it on its own or mix with a carrier oil such as almond or coconut oil for an effective massage oil.

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