Laser Hair Removal Systems Information

Laser Hair Removal Systems Information

Although almost all women and men in the world had already heard of laser hair removal and they know that this is one of the methods used in permanent hair removal in fact that there are many questions awaiting answer. There is much information on the subject in everything to male or female magazines, television, brochures and advertising on the Internet, but in most cases it seems that there is a lack of information. If there say so, another place says different, if there are needed x sessions, another place are needed y, and we became increasingly confused.

The answer to so much different information is due to various factors, which in general has to do with the techniques used (other than laser), appliances (which vary from one to another) and technological evolution ( are appearing all the new models more effective). The proof is that even until recently the laser could not be used in very dark or black people, but now there are already devices that have surpassed this obstacle.

How the laser works?

The laser emits a beam of light on skin transmitting a large amount of energy that acts on the follicle by removing it without damaging the surrounding tissue. This energy is captured by melanin, responsible for pigmentation, existing in your hair and this is why the laser does not act in white hair.

Is it painful?

The laser hair removal system is not painful and can cause only a mild sensation of heat. There are parts of the body that are more sensitive and feel where this can be a bit more intense as is the case with fluff, the area of the knees and ankles.
But in the evolution of laser technology has also been a great concern about the nuisance that this technique could cause and now are increasingly insignificant.

After the sessions how is the appearance of the skin?

You may get a look similar to a waxing or depilatory machine. But both the redness and the sensation of heat are minimized with the use of a moisturizing cream and fresh fluid.

The laser is indicated for what areas of the body?

All areas of body and face can be laser shaved with excellent results, although in some areas the results are more readily visible than in others.

How many sessions are needed to do?

On average it takes about 6 sessions to achieve the desired objectives, but the number of sessions may vary according to the characteristics of the hair and the metabolism of the person. Each session can destroy some of follicles, but some are just allowing the damaged hair re-born. Moreover, the laser reaches only the hair that are growing, and the hairs do not grow all at the same time, while some others are growing so inactive. For this reason, even people who have few hairs always need several sessions to achieve satisfactory results.

The laser hair removal sessions are performed how often?

Earlier sessions are held monthly (more or less) to catch the two phases of hair growth. But with the advance of the sessions and the results the sessions are increasingly spaced.

Can you have results in the first session?

Yes, in principle at the end of the first session the results are visible. These results may however vary from person to person due to several aspects.

Are there some precautions to take before and after each session?

Yes, there are some basic precautions that must be considered both in laser hair removal as in any other type of hair removal. The skin should not have any kind of injury such as sunburn or other sores, rashes, etc..
May be recommended to use a scrub a few days before each session and should be used whenever a soothing gel after each session. If the laser hair removal has been performed in more exposed areas of the body is also advisable to use a cream with sunscreen during the following days.

To the sessions, should i go shaved or not shaved?

Depends. It is best to ask at the clinic where you will do your laser hair removal. There are devices where you need the hair to have at least two "days of life" and the other in which have to be cut, but in any case is usually advised that the previous court sessions to be done with a razor blade or with depilatory methods since it only cut the hair without damaging its structure. Shaving with the other methods (plucking the hair) is not recommended within 4 weeks prior to treatment and during the course of it.

What is the best time to do laser hair removal?

For several reasons the best time is early autumn or winter.

  • The skin of summer has recovered and returned its normal tone.
  • Less sun exposure
  • The days are cooler, which minimizes some of the discomfort that may occur.
  • Next summer no longer have to worry more about the hair.

Is the laser dangerous?

Like any other device, if not properly used, the laser can be dangerous. It is for this reason that laser hair removal should be done in specialized local and credited by trained technicians.
If the intensity of the laser device is not properly calculated can occur burns. It is for this reason that before the first session should make an appointment to assess the type of skin and hair and what degree of intensity that should be used.

The laser may leave your skin blotchy?

Depends on which device is used, but in some cases there is the occurrence of spots when skin is exposed to the sun a few days after the session.
Yet already there are new devices that circumvent this problem are indicated also for the pelts or black brunettes more than before, due to their tone, were at risk of getting skin stained.

If there are several machines with different technologies, how to choose the right one?

The best is always contact some specialist clinics.
Through their websites can get some information about the method they use. You can also contact via email or telephone to get an answer to your question, furthermore most of the clinical practice counseling sessions are free.

Difference between laser hair removal and pulsed light hair removal?

Speaking in laser hair removal is not the same thing as speaking in pulsed light hair removal. Both techniques constitute what is known as permanent hair removal by photodepilation, and either one or the other using the same principle that is the destruction of the hair, but the method they use has some differences, each with its advantages.
The Pulsed Light has different technical specifications of the laser. It is softer and can be used on all skin tones and hair, however is slightly delayed in the results requiring two or three more sessions than the laser.

Safety First!

Before you think what technique you will use to make your permanent hair removal and get captivated by tempting offers, competitive prices and promises of amazing results must think first in your safety and make sure they will perform this procedure in an aesthetic clinical with recognized technology, whether laser or pulsed light.

There is a varied range of photodepilation equipment on the market, all with different specifications, different results and different levels of security. As such it is convenient to your permanent hair removal in a credible medical expertise and training in order to don't run unnecessary risks.

It is essential an evaluation by a specialist before you start the sessions themselves. With a good evaluation can be guaranteed good results.
It is also important to do a little test skin reaction to the laser.

For your safety should always inquire about the methods and procedures to clarify all your doubts. Before choosing a clinic do a search, talk with friendly people, ask for references, see the sites of the clinics, contact and request information.

Be suspicious if:

  • The place is not credible
  • It is not performed by skilled professionals
  • Feel unwillingness to respond to your questions.
  • Do not tell you which technique and equipment used
  • They say it is not necessary a prior consultation session

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