Liposuction Areas

What areas can be liposuctioned?

Many of the questions that are asked, by both men and women when they go to a liposuction is which are the potential areas for liposuction. Areas that may be liposuctioned differ from men and women. It is very important to consider your health and your physical condition before doing this cosmetic surgery so you can obtain the best results from the liposuction.

Although, cosmetic medicine is quite evolved there are still some risks on going to a liposuction, such as infections and allergies, here is an article with a more detailed list on liposuction risks.

Areas that can be liposuctioned in women

Generally, the areas that can be liposuctioned on women are the abdomen, hip, neck, thighs, and often also the upper arms and back. Liposuction may or may not be made on the upper arms and back depending on the patient's health.
After liposuction, the inner thighs have a limited ability to withdraw. The hips and outer thighs have a great ability to shrink after surgery.

Areas that can be liposuctioned in men

Men generally have a greater predisposition to accumulate fat in places that can not be liposuctioned. These locations are, for example, neck and abdomen. The neck can not be liposuctioned because fat can be under a thin muscle in the neck. Already the abdomen, can not be sucked, because fat can be among the muscles or even inside the abdomen around the intestines, which could hurt if it were made liposuction.
So that after the liposuction the fat is distributed equally across the body of man, chest, abdomen and waist can be liposuctioned together. In women only the abdomen, hips and thighs can be liposuctioned together. Liposuction when done together (chest, abdomen etc.). Provides an aesthetic balance.
In relation to skin, man has the advantage of being thicker and more dense and therefore provide the guise for irregularities after liposuction. The thickness and density of the skin varies from person to person and also between different areas of the body.

Other areas that can be liposuctioned

Liposuction helps to create more pleasing contours of both knees, as in the armpits, ankles and around the chest.
Liposuction ankle is difficult to perform because it has irregular borders. However when liposuctioned can be reached excellent results.
Another area that can be liposuctioned is the back. Liposuction does not cause major changes in that area once the skin is very thick and loose. Many times the thickness of skin on the back is confused with excess fat in that area.
If you decide to do a liposuction you should consult a surgeon in order to see which areas could liposuction and whether this represents some risk to yourself.

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