Liposuction Before and After Care

Liposuction is a medical procedure to remove excess fat under the skin. A doctor inserts a hollow tube called a cannula, under the skin and sucks out excess fat with a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Most patients are under local anesthesia, but there is more heavy sedation available only for patients who wish. For if the patient needs more than local anesthesia, an anesthesiologist is always present during the procedure. Even local anesthesia usually lasts several hours, so most patients do not need to go through more pain until they drive home.

What happens before surgery

The patient needs to hydrate in the day before surgery. He will be asked to drink a lot of sports drinks to keep fluids and prevent shifting of fluids during or after surgery. You'll take 500mg of vitamin C and a multivitamin twice a day for about a week before the procedure to help in future recovery.

Discontinue any medications, even natural, some weeks before surgery (unless your doctor recommends otherwise). Some substances can interfere with your immune system. Some doctors also recommend massaging the areas around the surgical incision site for 10 minutes twice a day to help prevent infection from the procedure.

Soon after surgery, you will probably be asked to wear Spandex or some similar material around the incision site four days after surgery. The constant use of compression garments help reduce swelling. It is very important to sit with your spine straight to keep the compression garment in place.

Start daily walks within a few days after surgery and be on alert for possible complications. If you feel shortness of breath, talk to your doctor. Be alert for excessive cramps, pain near the incision or delay healing. If it was a great amount of fat removed, these risks are greater, so be even more attentive. Do not hesitate to report any problems to your doctor.

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