Liposuction Results

Liposuction Results

Many people wonder what will be the results of liposuction before doing so. The results of liposuction will depend a lot on the reasons which led it to do liposuction. For example if you made a little liposuction to remove fat under the arms will not have the same results that a person who made the liposuction because he ate too much and was overweight. For this reason it is necessary to consider the results before doing surgery. Three other aspects that will influence the results will be the time that the surgery will last, sex and age of patient.

Improvement in the Appearance

The improvement in some areas of the body may be visible immediately after liposuction, but also may not be. The view differs significantly between plastic surgeons, since this factor is essentially determined by the patient and their physical condition, especially your skin elasticity. However, most surgeons agree that the maximum time to be noticing improvements is after six months.

As the fat is removed through liposuction, the space occupied by fat is free, which often leads to skin that's not settled soon and keep with more skin after surgery. The time that skin takes to adapt to the contours again will depend on the ability of skin elasticity.


The satisfaction after liposuction depends much on the expectations that the patient has created for the outcome of the surgery, so that can be satisfied or not. Patients who expect a significant weight loss or an improved level of cellulite after liposuction, you can be disappointed with the results. But patients who understand the limitations of the surgery and are just looking for a smooth contour to the body, probably will reach a great personal satisfaction.
People with a great irregularity in terms of skin tend to be more satisfied with the outcome, because most times the problem is solved with liposuction. Normally the appearance of skin is often a secondary problem that does not worry the patient substantially.

How long do the results last?

The results from liposuction are permanent. However, if you gain weight after liposuction, most times the fat will be distributed equally throughout the body. After you have liposuction you should have a healthy and varied diet, but always balanced. Physical exercise after liposuction should not be excused. A large weight gain may annul the results of liposuction. Some people turn to accumulate fat in areas that had already done a liposuction.
One benefit of liposuction is that once the person has done liposuction and has seen the results will have greater self esteem and is not going to gain weight and thus act as a trigger for self confidence, encouraging the person to improve their physical and psychological health.

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