Vintage 1950's Updos for Long Hair

Many people are fascinated with the style and ease of the 1950's. Thanks to shows like Mad Men, this fascination has increased dramatically.

Popular hairstyles for the 1950's typically involved short hair. However, some women back then did prefer to keep their hair long. Still, long hair just really wasn't that popular. Most women with long hair chose to pull it up in classy updos.

The woman of the 1950's didn't have a lot of time to spend trying to deal with long hairstyles. She usually kept her hair pulled back and created hairstyles that involved very little time. Her styling tools typically included: hairspray, mousse, picks, combs, bobby pins and Velcro rollers. If she couldn't afford hairspray, she would simply make her own by using sugar water in a spray bottle.

Thanks to several celebrities, the vintage updos have come back into style. These updos are great for any formal event, but they can also be designed for a dressy-casual look to pull off for around the house or outside in a casual setting.


French Pleat Tutorial

The French Pleat

The French Pleat, also known as the French Roll, has been around since the 50's and is still popular today. It is sort of a go-to hairstyle for formal events. Many celebrities are seen sporting this hairstyle at award ceremonies and opening nights for movies.

This is one of those hairstyles that looks like it takes hours to do. But in reality it will take you no more than 10 minutes to pull it off, and to pull it off well. Here is a very basic example of how to do a elegant French Pleat that will take you around 5-10 minutes.

  1. Comb out all the knots and tangles in your hair. This hairstyle will not work if your hair has any sort of knots in it.
  2. Comb mousse through your hair, but only use a minimal amount of product. Using too much could result in your hair looking overly greasy or "hard".
  3. Curl your bangs and the front part of your hair if your hair is thin and needs the extra volume. If not, simply comb your hair back and gather your hair.
  4. Gather your hair as you would for a pony tail, then twist it back onto itself. Tuck the hair into the tail as you go.
  5. Pin the twisted hair in place.
  6. Spray down your hair with hairspray to help keep it in place.

To recreate this look for a more casual setting, try pairing it with a cute pair of leggings and an oversize sweater. This would be a cute look during the winter for around the house or at a casual gather amongst friends.


The Beehive

The beehive was actually more popular in the 60's than the 50's, but it originally came out in the 50's. Popular during the Atomic Bomb rise, it was nicknamed the B52 after the nose of a bomber.

This hairstyle has become popular once again thanks to celebrities like Beyonce and Amy Winehouse. Although, Amy Winehouse's style was an extremely exaggerated beehive. This tutorial is to do your hair the way Beyonce typically sports it.

  1. First off, brush all of your back hair to one side and pin it with bobby pins.
  2. Pull the sides of your hair to the back.
  3. With the front part of your hair (excluding bangs), rat it out to as big as you want the poof of your hair to be.
  4. Fold the ratted hair and pin it into place.
  5. Spray the poof and back part of your hair to keep it in place.

It really is just that simple! This look is great for proms, weddings, parties, or even just around the house if you feel like it. You can pair this look with a simple tank top and a mid-length skirt to keep it dressy-casual.

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Mama Kim 8 profile image

Mama Kim 8 4 years ago

I've always loved the french pleat but never attempted it myself ^_^ once my hair get a little longer I'll have to give it a go. voted up and useful

Victoria Lynn profile image

Victoria Lynn 4 years ago from Arkansas, USA

I love these! My hair has always been long and probably always will be. Long hair can be really fun since there are so many options. I love these old-fashioned elegant styles!

Daniella Lopez profile image

Daniella Lopez 4 years ago from Arkansas Author

Thanks for the comments!

@Kim: The pleat has always looked like a scary feat to me. But since researching for this article, I think I may try to do it. =P

@Victoria: My hair has always been long as well. That's why I wrote this. I was tired of trying to find classy hairstyles that were all geared towards short hair. xD

profile image

inway 4 years ago

vintage long came back again :) I love it

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 4 years ago from the Ether

Beehive is 60s....but love this hub. Great job! And thanks for the links!

Daniella Lopez profile image

Daniella Lopez 4 years ago from Arkansas Author

@Kitty: Actually Kitty, from what I read, the Beehive actually came out in the late 50's. However, it wasn't popular until the 60's. Thanks for commenting!

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